Michael Kors Sexy nail polish collection swatched

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Ok, so here’s the second part of Michael Kors nail polish range. Sexy. The name clearly tells you something 🙂 These are obviously supposed to be steaming hot shades. Vampy.


By the way, looking into this second batch of nail polish by Michael Kors, which is called Sexy collection, although it’s part of their permanent nail colour range, I encountered a problem. Simply put, it’s ever so hard to understand what the nail polish range actually is. Even on Michael Kors website there’s no comprehensible colour guide separated into their three collections: Sporty, Sexy, Glam. In different countries and on different websites there are different batches of shades, and it’s hard to get a clear picture of a full range. I have to say, that’s really bad. You don’t want your customers being lost as to what your product range is, which of your products are permanent, and which are limited editions, etc. You want you customers to easily purchase and repurchase stuff they like 🙂


Anyway, having done my research that took more pains that usual 🙂 , I’ve come out with full ranges in all three collections, I think. I’d just like to warn you that you might find it hard to navigate Michael Kors beauty world.


Now let’s get back to Sexy nail polish range. Typical white Michael Kors boxes with golden letters on them.



Eight shades, just as in other two ranges or collections. Here they are.



Looking at the range in general, there are some shades, where I go – you bet it’s sexy, and then some shades where I go – what? Sexy? But let’s go one by one here.





There’s a reason why I put it first. It’s bloody red.



Now this shade is definitely sexy. Hot. Vampy. It’s ever so red. Bright red. Classic and elegant red. Womanly. It’s an outburst of colour. This is the kind of shade I keep going back to. Love it.





A great way to go about red. A great shade for Sexy collection. Little black dress and stiletto heels are written all over this shade 🙂





I don’t know. Passion? It’s a bright vibrant orange.



Would I call this shade passion? Definitely not. As much as we’re using coral now, and as much as it’s part of classics already, it’s more of at artsy and glamorous shade to me than sexy.





Maybe, there’s something about bright orange I don’t know? Dear vamps 🙂 , if you can shed some light on it, I’d appreciate. Nonetheless, bright orange it is.





Hm… Again I’m puzzled. It’s a medium bright pink creme shade.



Even the name ‘sweet’ to me contradicts the concept of ‘sexy’. Wouldn’t you agree? To me this shade looks romantic if anything. It is pretty though. Not too bright not too light, just nicely in the middle.





This shade is sweet. Cute dresses, light coloured clothes, frills and all will be a great match for it.





Now this is sexy. It’s a raspberry, but not just raspberry. It’s a modern take on raspberry. It’s very shining and leaning a little bit towards magenta.



This is what I call modern chic. The shade would brighten up any kind of outfit and occasion.





Also the great thing about it, it can be both everyday, if you treat it as a classic raspberry, or going out, party shade due to this interesting metallic touch. Don’t you just love shades that have office and clubbing combined in them? I do 🙂





Yet another orange shade. Yet again I have little idea what it has to do with ‘sexy’ theme of this range.



Still. It’s a lighter orange than Passion. A medium orange. No shine or sparkle. To me it’s rather modern and artsy than sexy, actually.





I have to tell you, I’m not a big fan of this kind of orange, but for those who like orange nail shades, it will work well, I’m sure.





Can someone, please, tell me, why this range is called ‘sexy’? C’mon. What does this shade have to do with ‘sexy’? It’s romantic. Light lilac. Girly. Pretty. Pale.



I like it though. It’s interesting. It’s the kind of lilac that can even be worn to work. And you can try it, if you don’t generally like lilac or purple shades.





It’s subdued. There’s a certain understatement in it and elegance. By the way, it would look awesome with grey clothes. I bet it would 🙂





I give up on trying to understand the bigger ‘sexy’ concept of this collection 🙂 It’s a bright enough blue.



This shade is not too common, which makes me love it. It’s the colour of blue flowers.





Another romantic shade, if only you don’t consider it too bright to be romantic. I don’t 🙂 To me this shade is optimistic. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Summery. It will be a great addition to blue and grey outfits.





It’s green. A quite bright green. It’s summer and spring personified. Love it. Nice.



This shade is truly charming. Also kind of romantic, if not too bright to your taste.





It is a great substitute for aqua, in case you don’t like aqua or are fed up with it to the point of no return 🙂 It’s not like this shade is unique, but it’s definitely well done and well balanced. I want a dress of the same colour 🙂 And eyeshadow… and… and…


All in all, Sexy nail polish range by Michael Kors is quite exciting. I like red Sensation and raspberry Scandal. And I love pink Sweet, lilac Whisper, blue Fantasy and green Charmed. The bottom line is there are some great shades here 🙂


Nail polish is Michael Kors like quality. Not the best, but quite good. For some shades you might need a speed dry top coat, as they might take a while to get dry. But they are all workable.


Once again, this Sexy nail polish collection by Michael Kors – which is part of their permanent nail colour range – is quite good, but why sexy? I mean, there are so many dark red and bright sultry shades in the world, that are truly hot. What do most of the shades here have to do with the main concept? I don’t know 🙂


But I’m ready to forgive it, as I can already see a manicure with Sweet, Whisper, Fantasy and Charmed – yes, all of them in one manicure 🙂


P.S. By the way, in case you haven’t red my post about Sporty nail polish collection by Michael Kors, please, don’t be mislead by colour squares. You can’t rely on them to get an idea of what the shade is like. Nail polish in the bottle is more like it. You can see here, how different it is oftentimes from colour squares on the boxes. Well, and of course, nail swatches show the shades most truthfully 🙂

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