Feeling tired? No one will know!

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Tired? Didn’t get enough sleep? It happens. Partied last night? Couldn’t sleep and sheep counting didn’t do it? Stayed up late to meet that deadline and finish that report? Succeeded? Of course, you did 🙂 Now whatever you’ve been doing – working, having fun or brooding – no one other than you needs to know that. Here’s a quick and easy trick to look well rested and vigorous when you aren’t.


How do I know it works? Because I’ve been there myself 🙂


The simple truth is, appearances matter both in business and personal life. Looks matter. So, if you’re exhausted, you don’t have to show it. At the same time in the morning you just don’t have strength or time to go into all lengths with make up to cover it up. What do you do at this point? I’ll tell you what. Apply white eye shadow. Preferably with a little bit of shine or sparkle in it. I can’t really tell you how, but it works. Trust me, having spent more than half of the night finishing the work that just had to be done by the morning, I would get comments like: ‘oh, you look so fresh today’. Grinning to myself at the obvious private joke of mine at that point, I could elegantly say ‘thank you’ in reply and move on.


Just pick your favourite eye shadow texture – classic shiny white, cream shiny white or whatever else it might be. Oh, and a lot of quads and eye shadow sets do have this shiny white shade intended as a base shade or to be used under your eyebrow. You just never paid much attention to it before 🙂 , because it’s the kind of shade where you look at it and go – now and what on earth am I supposed to do with this one here? And then you go at other nice shades in the palette 🙂


Even if you don’t generally use shiny eye shadow, you can pull this look. It doesn’t have to be super shiny and sparkly, it can just be a nice touch of white glow or sheen on your lids. That will do the trick.


The shade I’m talking about is something along the lines of:

белые тени


The one I have here specifically is Dior 001 Lune cream eye shadow, but once again, it doesn’t have to be that. You just need this kind of shade.


So, on the mornings when you’re tired but have to go on and look pulled together and good, get a wash of this shiny white eye shadow over your lids. And pair it up with a light enough pink lip gloss (lip gloss works better than lipstick in this case, if you don’t like lip gloss, make it a sheer lipstick 🙂 ) of your liking. A touch or corrector and mascara and you’re pretty much ready to go 🙂


The effect is amazing. It really is. Look gorgeous no matter what and try to be always well rested – I know, I know, you don’t need to tell me, it doesn’t always happen 🙂

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