Michael Kors Glam nail polish collection swatched

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This is the third and final part – or collection – of Michael Kors nail polish range. I’ve already written about Sporty and Sexy ranges in separate posts.


When I hear ‘Glam’, I think – posh, modern and kind of artsy. Let’s take a look at the range and see, whether my concept of ‘glam’ is close to that of Michael Kors make up people 🙂



From the look of the range, it seems to me, according to Michael Kors, ‘glam’ is a bunch of purple and blue with a touch of green, grey and brown 🙂 I don’t know about you, I’m not sure it’s a hundred percent ‘glam’ 🙂 But let’s take a closer look at each nail polish shade in the range first and then decide.


Before we get to it I’d like to remind you the two things I’ve already mentioned, when talking about Sporty and Sexy nail polish collections by Michael Kors.


First and foremost, it’s ever so hard to tell what shades are actually in each collection, because even on Michael Kors website proper I couldn’t get a comprehensive description of each range with all the shades in it. Pity. To me it’s obviously a flaw.


Secondly, the colour squares on nail polish boxes by Michael Kors are a good idea, but they do not render the shades precisely. You can get an idea of what the shade is like, but you have to look at the bottle with the nail polish itself to know what the shade actually is, or even better, look at the swatch 🙂


Qualitywise Michael Kors nail polish is Ok, not great, but not bad. It’s somewhere in the middle in terms of what a luxury brand nail polish is usually like. Some shades, especially metallic pearly ones take a while to dry, so you might want to use a speed dry top coat with them. Or drops intended to speed up the drying process.


The nail polish packaging is like the rest of Michael Kors make up – white with gold letters.



Anyway, let’s get going with the shades here 🙂





It’s a metallic purple. Or else metallic plum. It’s pretty dark, but not too dark.



It’s very pearly, so all said above about long drying time definitely applies here. The shade is pretty, sultry, dark, artsy in a way. Vampy.





It’s like, if you generally wear dark reds and browns, but want to go a little bit outside your usual plane, this is exactly the shade to try. By the way, wearing this shade with brown clothes is a good idea. Actually, Cabaret is a beautiful take on a purple nail shade.





It’s green. Emerald green.



And metallic. Pearly. Very much so. Once again, get ready to wait for it to dry or prepare that speed dry top coat 🙂





This shade is bright enough to scare some people away. If you’ve never tried green on your nails, you might not want to start with this one.



I, for one, like green nail shades, so I don’t mind it. But it’s in no way unique. I’ve seen this shade in limited editions of luxury brands more than once. Say, Chanel had something like it a couple of years ago in their summer collection. And Armani has the shade that’s like it in their permanent nail polish range. I mean, this shade is nice, but am I thrilled? No, I’m not.





A dark metallic grey. Well balanced.



Not silvery, but pearly. Actually, it’s a pretty grey shade.





If you like darker nail polished shades, but can’t bring yourself to try silver 🙂 , try this one. If you like grey clothes, this shade is a nice addition to your nail wardrobe. Seduction is an elegant kind of grey. Not too long ago I wouldn’t have liked this shade, but now that I’ve come on terms with grey nail polish shades 🙂 , I find it very nice. If you want to know more about my relationships with grey nail shades, please, see my ‘Fifty shades of grey… nail polish’ post 🙂





Do you notice how ‘Seduction’ and ‘Desire’ shade names seem to belong more in ‘Sexy’ nail polish collection than in ‘Glam’ collection? I definitely do 🙂 Still, Desire is brown.



Not metallic, it’s just a dark chocolate creamy brown.





Once again, we’ve seen this shade in a number of other luxury brand nail polish lines. This shade is now used a lot by vamps, when they get tired of reds 🙂 Brown shade like this is a good alternative to black, if you think black manicure is too gothic.





A pretty bright metallic purple. Yet another shade, that we’ve seen before and that other luxury brands do or did have.



It’s nice, sultry without being too dark, hot enough without being boring.





A good way to try purple, if romantic lilac is just not you. Almost every summer those romantic lilac shades show up in limited edition nail polish collections. And this could be a good substitute, if you can never imagine painting your nails girly romantic lilac, but this kind of lilac is all of a sudden all the fashion.



You can wear this shade to work even, it’s dark enough. It will brighten up Bordeaux and plum elegant office outfits.





A dark blue with a touch of grey in it. Once again, this shade can be found in other luxury brands nail ranges.



It’s like if you don’t like navy blue on your nails, but want to try a darker blue, this is the shade to do.





It’s dark enough to wear to work. Also, you can use this instead of black, if you don’t wear black on your nails. This shade will go well with grey clothes. Might also look quite interesting with white outfits.


Femme Fatale



Now this is navy blue proper.



Femme Fatale? I’m not sure. Or else it’s a very modern kind of femme fatale.






But, yes, this shade is vampy. And you can wear it to work, even if you think you can’t wear black. It’s one of those black substitute shades. The good thing about it is that it can be a good match for a whole bunch of colours in clothes – black, white, grey, blue, black. So, this shade will work for you, if you just hate having to change nail polish often. You can just do a nice manicure with it, and it will last you a whole week 🙂





Isn’t envy supposed to have green eyes? 🙂 Not purple, right? Or have I missed something? Anyway, it’s a medium purple.



Once again, I’ve seen this shade somewhere already. Say, in Dior nail polish range 🙂 It’s quite bright. Too bright, probably, to be proper for wearing in the office.





Another good way to get around wearing romantic lilac and still be trendy, if lilac is the colour of the season 🙂 If you want to try a brighter purple, but don’t want to go all the way, you can try Envy. To get a little bit off the beaten track, try wearing it with brown clothes. Yes, brown 🙂


All in all, Glam nail polish collection to me is the most boring of the three nail colour collections in Michael Kors permanent range. The shades are Ok, they are quite nice, but there’s not a single one shade that’s different. It’s like this range is completely devoid of any creative effort. My overpowering emotion about this collection is simple – I’m bored 🙂 I understand that it’s permanent, so the shades should be something that a lot of people like and often use, but, c’mon, really, nothing? Not a single shade that stands out and has the brand DNA written all over it? 🙂 I don’t know. I definitely don’t feel any ‘glamour’ here. Maybe, you do 🙂

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