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As I was writing my post about the last one of the three collections in permanent Michael Kors nail polish range yesterday, I realized how rare a really good nail polish formula is even in the luxury market. Perfection in nail polish quality is obviously as unattainable as anywhere else in life 🙂


And it’s surprising. I mean, with modern science and technology, it seems, all brands would have a great quality nail polish by now. But, no, they don’t 🙂


Also, I don’t know about you, but to me nail polish quality really matters. I love painting my nails, do it often, match it up to my clothes, and I really need my nail polish not to damage my nails, be easy to apply, last at least for a couple of days and look good. Oh, also dry reasonably fast 🙂 Now, I think that some of it can be achieved by using base and top coat. I have a separate post about that, you can read it if you want.

Still nail polish itself should be good too. So, here are four best ones, in my opinion.



Oh, Chanel! I always keep coming back to you, or so it seems. This formula is just so good. The application is easy, lasting power is good, it doesn’t damage my nails, dries not super fast, but fast enough, which works for me. Chanel nail polish lasts and stays on for several days. And it looks good. And the shades… ah, the shades 🙂 It’s really and truly one of the best. My only complaint is pearly shades. Heavily metallic shades. It seems, even Chanel can’t quite nail this kind of formula as of yet. The shades of the kind even by Chanel are harder to apply evenly without all the streakiness. And they take longer to dry. I’m sure there’s a way around it. There must be a way to adjust the formula to make it feel just like cream nail polish formula. Still waiting and hoping 🙂


I’m afraid I have to say here, that everything said above refers to Chanel nail colour formula before it went gel. Now that it’s gel it’s one of the biggest disappointments in my personal nail colour history. I mean, if their classic nail colour formula was truly one of the best, their gel formula is something I don’t like at all. At all. Please, see what I think about it in detail here Chanel L.A. Sunrise collection spring 2016 swatched


Deborah Lippmann

It’s great! It has all that Chanel has. It’s not harsh on the nails, I can rely on it to stay on the nails for several days, it dries fast enough for me. And here’s the best part… metallic or pearly shades by Deborah Lippmann are easier to apply than Chanel! I mean, it’s not altogether easy, it’s more difficult than applying cream nail polish shades, takes a little bit more work to do it, but it’s the easiest application in metallic and pearly nail polish shades world 🙂 I’m generally suspicious of professional nail polish formulas, because consumer nail polish and professional nail polish are quite different things, but Deborah Lippmann nail polish definitely rocks! 🙂 Oh, and it has the longest hold of all my list. It will stay on your nails in good condition easily for a week.

I have to tell you though, all said above applies to full size bottles of Deborah Lippmann nail polish. Once it’s in those smaller size bottles – well, you know, the ones they call fashion size – it doesn’t go nearly as smooth. I don’t know what it is. The nail polish is the same, it just gets poured in smaller or bigger bottles accordingly. It must be the brush, which is too small. But whatever it is, it hinders the application big time. So, keep that in mind about Deborah Lippmann.



This is my latest find. It’s awesome. Works so wonderfully. Application is as much of a breeze as in case of Chanel and Deborah Lippmann. It lasts quite long. It’s not damaging to nails. You don’t have to wait forever for it to dry. The shade range is ever so big. Metallic and pearly shades don’t take too much work. Actually, it’s yet another case, when professional nail polish range does work for consumers. And the best part about this nail polish is the price. It’s cheap compared to all the others on my list here. Well, and the big colour range means you can find almost any shade you want at any point, because those shades are permanent and not limited editions 🙂 This is the second professional nail polish that’s so-o good, so, maybe, I will get on better terms with professional nail polish, after all. We’ll see.


The last one on my list. Dior.

Of the four on my list, their formula is good, but just not quite as good as the other three. Application is quite easy. Metallic and pearly shades will take some effort. It lasts on the nails a little bit less than the other three nail polish formulas. It won’t damage your nails. In this respect it’s as good as the other three. What’s different in Dior? It’s a gel formula. A newer trend in nail polish world. Not too new 🙂 What does it do? It makes application a little bit easier and gives us a shiny mirror like finish. Well, these two benefits are definitely there for Dior 🙂


The first three formulas are spectacular, Dior formula is really good. I do use all four of these from time to time and enjoy doing it 🙂 Changing nail polish shades to me is the easiest way to get a change, get inspiration, get a boost of energy, get… it’s a whole world, that’s so close. Romantic, sexy, elegant, rock’n’roll, natural, chic… you name it. Or else, I will name it for me, and you name it for yourselves 🙂 It’s your call.


P.S. Also, I hate it, when nail polish is too thin or too thick. Don’t you just hate it? Well, I do 🙂 Both extremes hinder application big time for me. I’m happy to tell you, that all four nail polish formulae on my list above are winners, when it comes to that. They are not too thick, not too thin, just right. Yeah, baby 🙂

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