Nars Michiyo lipstick and Schiap nail polish and fuchsia summer trend

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What lip shade do we see in summer make up collections by luxury brands every year? Anyone? Not coral, although that’s a really good guess. Who said that? Fuchsia. That’s it. Good job 🙂 Every summer there’s just no escape from fuchsia in lip colour territory. Lipstick and lip gloss and any other kind of lip colour products keep coming our way in fuchsia. This summer we have fuchsia for our lips by Dior, Givenchy, Guerlain.


By the amount of luxury brand releases it would seem that fuchsia is a universal lip shade, that will become everyone and is great across the board. But is it? I’m not so sure. I mean, is it part of modern day make up world? Of course. Do I wear fuchsia? I do from time to time, and not only in summer. Is fuchsia a nice bright summer shade? Yep.


But does everyone look good with a Barbie like fuchsia pout? I don’t think so. By the way, I’m unfair to Barbie here. But we’ll talk about it a little bit later after I show you this more sparing and pleasing bright summer lip and nail shade. The ones I have here are by Nars, but you can find the shade in other brands too. And in other textures, if that’s what you prefer.


Take a look. Audacious lipstick by Nars. Michiyo.



A black velvety package that has N-A-R-S letters embossed on each side of it.



This shade is in the fuchsia family, but it’s not quite fuchsia.



It has more lilac or mauve in it than fuchsia usually does.



Audacious by Nars is a classic creamy lipstick texture. But you can find this shade in lip gloss and sheer lipstick world too 🙂 Audacious lipstick by Nars is a good quality. It’s soft and feels great on the lips. But there’s a catch in application. It’s… too soft. Yes, too soft. As in all other spheres of life, in make up balance is everything. When lipstick is too firm, it’s unpleasant and hard to apply. Well, this one is a little bit, not radically, too soft. And that hinders application too. Bits and pieces of it snap off, and it takes effort to get them off and make the cover smooth and even. But once you get it on 🙂 , it does feel good.


It has no scent, just a tiny little chemical whiff at the very first moment of application. Oh, and apart from being too soft, there’s another downside to the formula. The pigment in it gets into the lips so much it’s almost impossible to get it off even with the help of make up removal stuff. I hate it when lip colour does it. That brings me back to the difference of professional and consumer make up. We think professional is good, but professional make up is designed for studio and outside shoots, which is not just the same as everyday life make up wear. So, it’s not that its bad, it’s just meant for other stuff. Do remember that.


Also, every time I take Audacious lipstick by Nars in my hand, I can’t help asking myself – who thought it’s Ok, if every time you pick up your lipstick, the packaging has these fingerprints on it that are not easy to wipe off? I mean, c’mon 🙂 I understand, that what they were really thinking of is making a packaging, that will have the texture that will prevent is from sliding out of your hand. And it’s all good. Although obviously this thinking is more relevant to professional make up artist, who need to do a lot of make up and looks in a limited amount of time. And Nars is a professional brand. But looks matter, don’t they? Well, packaging looks also matter.


Back to the shade.



This touch of lilac in a hot bright pink that generally makes fuchsia makes it much more universal, easier to wear. It makes it a better match for more complexions and eye colour.



This shade is summery and nice. It’s a great combination of vampy and romantic 🙂 It’s like you take romance and then pull it up to the extreme. In summer weather and with summer clothes this shade is a winner at the parties. It will brighten up almost any look. And as in its essence it’s a romantic lilac pink, even those who don’t usually wear bright shades, can try it. This shade is made for summer with all its glory. It’s hot without being trampy. And with this little twist here on fuchsia you’ll always look exquisite and beautiful, whenever next fuchsia craze wave hits us. And trust me, it will. Now back to Barbie 🙂 If you take a closer look, you’ll see that Barbie is wearing not fuchsia proper, but more of a shade I’m talking about here. With a touch of lilac in it. So, she knows what she’s doing 🙂 Smart.


Ok, so I do love yellow, blue and green nail polish, but at the same time I strongly believe in the classic lips and nails painted one colour formula. Why? Because it works. There’s something truly classy and sexy too about painting your nails and lips the same colour. How can you modernize this formula? I’ll tell you. Shades. Each colour has so many shades in it, and while your lips and nails can be the same colour, they don’t have to be the same shade. This will bring some variety and mystery in your look and make it up-to-date. For this very reason I’d suggest pairing up Michiyo lipstick with Schiap nail polish shade by Nars.



The shade is in the same family, but not quite the same. It’s pink with lilac too.



It’s bright and nice and girly and womanly at the same time. It’s a great pink. Check it out.





So summery. So great. Can be worn to the office and when going out. With jeans or a flowery dress. Just anything. And with this lipstick… man, we’re going to make this fuchsia look work as it’s never worked before 🙂 This is summer full on. Without compromise.



Nars nail polish is good quality. It’s not the best on the market. The brush is a little bit too wide to my taste, but nail polish itself is quite good. Easy to apply – if it were not for that brush 🙂 – and it lasts long enough on the nails without doing any damage to them.


Schiap is a stunning bright pink nail shade for summer. It’s a happy pink. And what can be sexier than happy?


These two shades for lips and nails are awesome. I can’t wait wearing them 🙂 Tomorrow, maybe…


P.S. Oh, and when someone promises to give you a mirror kind of shine that I have in the swatches here in a nail polish… don’t believe it. It’s top coat that does it 🙂


P.P.S. By the way, if your style is way too romantic or sporty to wear this bright a colour on both lips and nails, try to pair up this nail shade with a lighter pink lip gloss. It will look so cute 🙂

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