YSL 62 Jaune Babouche

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Yellow slipper 🙂 That’s what YSL has prepared for us this summer, huh? Okaay. This summer collection by YSL left me pretty much indifferent. I just can’t have any more pink shades for lips. I’ve had enough of them, to say the least 🙂 Also, I don’t like the quality of some YSL make up products. So, the only item in their summer 2015 make up collection that caught my attention is this ever so happy yellow nail polish.





Here’s what I like about it. It’s not as simple as it seems. But let’s not rush and go step by step here. Nail polish is one of the few items in YSL make up range that I find quite good. So, I’m happy with application, lasting power and look. Also, YSL seems to be one of the few of luxury make up brands, who managed to nail the brush – not too thin, not too thick, just right. Good job 🙂


The shade now. Yellow is definitely summery. There’s no argument here. And this yellow specifically is more wearable than yellow in general. Why? I’ll tell you 🙂





It’s bright. It is. But… it’s a little bit darker than yellow is generally in nail polish world, which gives it that sophistication than yellow nail polishes usually lack. And although it’s darker, it doesn’t go off the cliff and into the mustard territory, which darker yellow does so often. It manages to balance on the edge of yellow getting on the way to mustard, maybe, but definitely not there. So, this your chance to brace yourself and, finally, try yellow on your nails, if you’ve been afraid to do it up till now.


Seriously, there’s something special about this shade by YSL. I love yellow nail polish – I know, I know, it’s crazy 🙂 – but I do, and I’ve tried all kind of it, and I’ve never seen quite such a shade as of yet. Also, generally speaking, I like pale yellow, lighter yellow on my nails, so the fact that I like this one, really tells you something 🙂


I compared it here to Givenchy 24 Jaune Expression.





It’s a limited edition from their spring 2015 collection. And it’s matt. I’m no big fan of matt nail polish texture, but I enjoy the way it works in this shade. Gives it such a silky finish. Nice 🙂

YSL is on the left here in the swatches, Givenchy is on the right.



See how much darker YSL shade is? Told ya 🙂



Anyway, as much as the rest of YSL summer collection is one big miss for me, this nail polish I love. Yellow slippers? I don’t think so. More like Yellow sandals 🙂 Paired up with a yellow bikini.


This shade is so optimistic, so bright and sunny. It’s the kind that jerks your mood right up in a second. And we all need that sometimes.


By the way, what if I pair it up with a brown bikini as opposed to a yellow one? Hm… 🙂

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