Tom Ford Midnight Sea eye shadow summer 2015 swatched

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Tom Ford doesn’t have eye shadow in their permanent make up range. Which makes it really interesting to try out their limited edition eye shadow from Soleil summer 2015 collection. Especially as it’s an eye shadow duo, and it comes in two different textures – cream and classic eye shadow texture, or powder and cream, as Tom Ford make up team puts it. Although, I actually have questions about this combination… But let’s as usual start at the beginning here.


Golden paper square box with white lettering on it.



Not my personal favourite, but it’s Ok.



White plastic package.



Ugh. I hate white plastic package in luxury make up market. I mean, I really do. There’s just no way to make it look nice. In fact, it always looks cheap. It just doesn’t work. Not sophisticated enough. As we know, in luxury product universe packaging is part of the deal, initial part of the experience, and white plastic undermines this experience big time. It’s like luxury brand clothes made of pure polyester. Ugh. And ugh again.



So, I open the white plastic – white plastic, c’mon, Tom Ford! It even feels weird in my hand, because it’s so lightweight as opposed to glass cream eye shadow jars by other luxury brands – box lid and see pearly aqua classic powder texture eye shadow.



The shade is pretty, bright, medium aqua, not too dark and not too light, with pearl and sparkle to it. There’s nothing special about the shade, really. We’ve seen it million of times. But… the texture. It’s soft, velvety, it’s awesome. I mean, it’s the kind of eye shadow texture, where I go – I have to go and get all the other shades available right now. Now! I love it. It feels great.


Well, this box is a double decker, so next I unscrew the white plastic top – have I mentioned I hate this white plastic thing? – so, I unscrew it and find marshy dark green, khaki green cream eye shadow.



Well, first of all, the texture of this eye shadow is different from what you generally expect it to be. It’s definitely different than any other luxury brand cream eye shadow texture. It’s looser. It’s like foundation, basically. You know how cream eye shadow is rather firm to the touch even if it proves to be soft and nice afterwards. Well, this one isn’t. It’s most like Dolce&Gabbana foundation in square glass jars. If you have it, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. It‘s almost like your typical hand cream in texture. The result is I got on my finger at the very first touch so much more eye shadow than I needed. A huge amount of eye shadow. Enough to do eye make up on several people. Now, I can’t say it hinders application. It’s just different, so it takes practice and time to get used to it.


Well, what can I saw about the shade? It’s dark marshy like khaki. Does it sound appealing to you? Nope. And it’s not really, to my mind. It doesn’t sound or look appealing. It’s very dark, so it can only work as an eye liner or for smoky eye look. And I doubt big time that this khaki like shade in smoky eye form will compliment many people’s looks. This shade is not pretty. Not universal. Not… It’s just not.


Here’s a swatch, aqua is obviously on the left, khaki is on the right.



See what I mean here with these two shades?



Which brings me back to the beginning and to my question: how are these two shades and two eye shadow textures – powder and cream – are supposed to work together? They do come in one jar, so they must be designed to be matched up in one eye look. But how on earth is that possible? Do you see darkest possibly marshy like khaki paired up with aqua on your lids or around them? Well, I don’t either. Maybe, they go together in midnight sea, but not on my eyes, they don’t. Khaki goes well with brown and beige. Aqua goes well with silver.


Wait, I’m not done here with questions on combination of the two. Here’s another one. How does cream and classic powder eye shadow texture is a good match? You can’t mix them up and layer them, as it’s going to create one big mess on your lids. Creamy textures and powder textures don’t favour each other and don’t like to be too close. So, why do these two textures come together? The only answer I can think of is that cream eye shadow is to be used as an eye liner, but… There’s more of it in the jar than aqua, which seems to indicate the opposite. And the texture, once again, is too loose to use it as an eye liner. You could do it with classic cream eye shadow texture, but not with this. My conclusion is: aqua and khaki don’t go together as much as cream and powder. Too bad.


But the silver lining to this big cloud for me is this powder eye shadow texture. It’s really something! If Tom Ford comes up with more shades of just classic eye shadow, I’m on. But man oh man, the rest is just so not working – design, packaging, shades…


All in all, this limited eye shadow edition by Tom Ford is kind of a disappointment to me. Pity. And better luck next time.

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