Louboutin nail polish Salonu and True Blue

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Louboutin decided to try and step into make up market. Their addition to their famous shoes is a new nail polish range. The colour palette is pretty wide. They have dark shades, nudes and bright colors. There’s everything from reds to beiges and to some artsy shades like yellow.

Let’s take a look and see what it’s all about.



The look. Wow. And wow again. And again. Louboutin designers obviously know what they are doing. Luxury? Yes, this here is truly luxurious.


This nail polish is like Louboutin shoes.


And, yes, this cap is as long as it seems to be. See how much bigger this thing is than Chanel nail polish?



So, not only it’s luxury from design point of view, but from storage point of view too. You’ll need a lot of space.


But in luxury market design has to be paired up with really good quality. Because that’s what customers expect. So, let’s see how this pretty thing works on the nails.


So, this cap.



It’s heavy! Very heavy. Much heavier than what you’re used to generally. It’s metal, as opposed to plastic, which pretty much what the rest of high end nail polish caps are. Is it a cool design? Yes. Is it comfortable? No. It’s not.


Next. The stem of the brush is too short. And if I could live with the cap being so heavy in my hand and gets used to it, this here is really a problem.



I understand that it’s so short due to the cap itself being so long, but it’s really hard to use it this way. It hinders application, and I wish Louboutin thought about it.



The brush stem has to be longer for me to be able to easily apply nail polish.



Next problem on the list is the brush itself.



It’s just too small. Tiny. Which might be an advantage for those who have very small little nails. Or for pedicure. Or for nail art. But for just applying it on your nails it’s not good or comfortable. It’s bad when nail polish brush is too big, but the same is true the other way around, when it’s too small. There must be a balance here. And it’s just not there for Louboutin nail polish.


Now to the nail polish itself and its formula. It’s Ok, but just not good enough. It takes forever to dry. Forever. Be careful so as not to smudge it. The first coat of the white nail polish was super streaky, I mean, so streaky I got scared. The second coat did fix it and evened it out, but still…


A little amount of nail polish does get you a long way though. So, the fact that the bottle is small is not so much of a problem.


As much as formula and quality is a disappointment, let’s talk about the shades. They are from a spring set and might be limited editions, but in the permanent range there are close enough shades, so, if you like any of them, you’ll be able to find something close enough.


They are beautiful, special, gorgeous.


Salonu is white at the first glance.



But it’s not quite white.



I have to tell you, I just don’t really like white nail polish. One of the few shades of nail polish I don’t like. It just doesn’t seem to work or look as good as colour nail polish. But this shade can just make me turn around and come to love white on my nails.



Salonu has a touch or yellow and, maybe, beige in it, and it works perfectly on my nails and hands, providing this elegant, nude, well-groomed kind of look.



I love this and I’m stunned that something out there made me love white nail polish. Also, I’m surprised, which doesn’t happen often and makes my love for make up grow even stronger.


True Blue is a bright enough linen blue shade.



But it’s not too bright, not crude. It’s definitely more artsy than Salonu, but it’s still elegant.



My situation with blue nail polish is the opposite to that with white. I love blue nail polish, and I’ve tried all kinds of it, all possible shades, but this is really something.



It’s just so pretty and it will work for everyone, that is, for everyone who dares wear it, because obviously blue nails are not everyone’s cup of tea.



This shade is ever so complimentary. And if a blue eyed beauty wears it with blue smoky eyes… forget it. Pity, my eyes aren’t blue.


The shades are awesome, really, they know what they are doing here, but it makes me even sadder that quality is not up to the mark. I mean, I’m not saying I won’t try again. I will. There’s green and yellow and blue in the range, and I always go for those shades. And I’ll try limited editions. But Louboutin in its present state can never be my favourite nail polish.


P.S. Oh, and the price is almost double what luxury market nail polish usually is. $50. Ouch. With a price tag like that quality just has to be better.

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