Gucci makeup swatched

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Gucci makeup? Yes, please!


Gucci is one of the last oldest luxury brands to launch their own make up line. Well, I’m always excited to see new make up, especially by such a big respectable brand.


Let’s try it out: eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, nail polish… I have it all here and ready to go. Is your mouth watering yet?


Eye shadow


Gucci Eye

Magnetic Color Shadow Quad

080 Aquamarine Dream



There’s also mono eye shadow in Gucci make up line, but I went for the quad, of course 🙂


I love this design with Gucci logo – this iconic logo – etched on the box. It’s chich and rather unusual. Every time I think – there’s just no way to come up with anything new here – and every time I see this new, I’m amazed. It’s great. Creativity is such an awesome thing. I’m all for it. So, black packaging with golden letters and Gucci logo print. Good job.


Velvet cover with Gucci logo all over it. O-oh. I like it.



Black laquer box with big Golden Gucci logo.



This might be too much for me. Just not really my taste. Still I think it’s nice. It’s just not what I personally enjoy.


Typical brushes.



Four shades with Gucci pattern. That’s what I call brand management really promoting their brand 🙂



These are great shades at the first glance. So well balanced.


The eye shadow is a great quality. Not too soft, not too firm, just right to feel great to the touch and on your eye lids and at the same time not to fall apart all over the place and stain the whole area around the eyes. The texture is so good you can easily use any shade as an eye liner. For once I’m happy with pigmentation in all four shades. Almost never happens.





First we have a pearly white – on the left in the top row in the palette and on the very left in the swatch – it’s so pretty it can be used as a separate shade, and not just as a base shade.


Pale blue. Right under the white in the palette and second on the left in the swatch. This shade is stunning. But usually what happens, when a shade is so light, is that it almost has no colour to it. So, you wind up getting an off-white shade as opposed to the shade you were so eager to have. Well, this here is not the case. This shade is blue. Pale blue, but the colour is all there. It’s pearly and absolutely splendid.


Silvery green. Another great one. It’s a calm and complimentary green. Not aqua, not too bright. Elegant. Subdued. Green at its best.


Grey blue. Superb. It’s an eye liner like shade with some blue sparkle in it. It’s quite unusual, steaming hot, sultry. Smoky eyes with this shade will be a killer.


I love this palette. Everything about it. Its quality. Texture. Shades. Don’t be thrown off by the fact that it’s so green and blue. These shades will look good not only on those who have green or blue eyes. They are picked smartly, so that they’ll also look good on grey eyed and, yes, even hazel eyed beauties.


Well, this palette got me all excited. If all Gucci make up is of the same quality, I’m going to love it.


Let’s get going here. I can’t wait.


Gucci Eye

Opulent Volume Mascara

040 Iconic Ottanio



Gucci pattern on the paper box.



And all over the plastic mascara case too!



Once again, it might be too much for me, but it’s good. The case is very light in my hand, lighter than what I come to expect from a mascara.


Another logo on top of the cap.



Let’s see what’s inside now.


Oops. I don’t like this kind of brush.



And I don’t think this kind of brush can get you any volume. But let’s not jump on conclusuions here. You know what this brush reminds me of? Chanel Inimitable Waterproof mascara. Remember back in summer 2013? L’ete Papillon de Chanel collection. With a bunch of neon colour mascara? That’s what the brush is like.



Well, to my mind, that mascara stunk, so I don’t like the analogy here. But let’s give it a chance.


The shade is a bright aqua shade, still well balanced enough to be wearable.



There are more classic shades in the line, I just went for the most unusual one 🙂


Unfortunately, all my suspicions and apprehensions here are not wasted. This kind of silicone hedhehog like brushes never give any volume. What they do is create clumps on my eye lashes. This one is no esclusion to the rule. It does make eye lashes longer and, maybe, a little thicker and more pronounced. But those clumps on my lashes… ugh. Hate that. This mascara is a no go for me, unfortunately. Although I do love the shade.


Okay, moving on to the most favourite make up product in the world, probably. Lipstick.


There are two in Gucci make up line.


First is a classic cream and mostly matt lipstick.


Gucci Lip

Audacious Color Intense Lipstick



110 Fever




Black shiny round case with a golden line on the bottom. Nice.



The shade is a nice coral.



Medium coral with a pink undertone.





Ugh. Ugh. And ugh again. The smell. Tropical flower like strong and sweet and completely overpowering. I’m rather scent sensitive, but it’s so much that I have a feeling, even for those who aren’t, it’s going to be a big flaw. If you’re scent sensitive, be careful and sure to smell this and try it out before you buy it. This is bad, I’m telling you.


The texture is yet another disappointment. Why oh why is it so hard to do a classic cream colour lipstick? They’ve been making it for decades, and still most can’t pull it. God forbid your lips aren’t perectly smooth, which normal human lips never are. Any dent or crack or anything will be emphasized by this texture big time. Almost more than any classic lipstick texture I’ve ever seen. It’s too soft to the touch, so that I’m afraid to break it when applying it, you know. And at the same time it’s surprisingly firm coverage on the lips, which makes it bring out all those minor imperfections, and not even imperfections, but natural lip condition. I mean, this is outrageous, really. Good that I can’t wear it anyway because of that strongest possible tropical flower smell 🙂


By the way, can you tell me, why call your lipstick ‘audacious’, when the only thing I hear in ‘audacious lipstick’ is Nars.Nars.NARS? Can’t they really come up with a different name for it?


The first lipstick was so bad I’m scared to even try the second one, but I’m a brave girl, so I brace myself and do it anyway.


Gucci Lip

Luxurious Moisture Rich Lipstick



380 Rush



Damned tropical flower smell is still there, but guess what? It’s weaker. Thank God. I could probably wear this with some practice.

The case is exactly the same as in Audacious lisptick. I don’t like that. It means, if you have both out of the box and, say, in your purse, you can’t tell one from the other.



Now tell me, when you hear ‘moisture rich’, what do you expect? I, for one, expect a sheer shiny lipstick. Well, it’s not. It’s another classic lipstick texture.



Only is Audacious is matt, this one is a full coverage cream lipstick with some shine to it.



It’s puzzling to me. Why make both in your line? Anyway, this one does feel good on the lips. And soothing and moisturizing. And the shade is a nice red with an orange undertone, but not much of it.




Still, the scent bothers me, even if it’s weaker than in Audacious lipstick. If I could wear it at all, it will only be rarely. And if you’re scent sensitive, the chances are you won’t be able to wear it any more than Audacious.


Well, maybe, Gucci lip gloss will be better than lipstick? See how optimistic I am?


Gucci Lip

Vibrant Demi-Glaze Lip Lacquer



170 Fiery Fuchsia



Ugh. The overpowering tropical flower scent of Audacious lipstick is back full time here. Again, wearing this is completely out of the question for me. And if you’re anywhere near being scent sensitive, it probably won’t work for you either. For all lip colour by Gucci I’d say it’s obligatory to try it and SMELL it before you buy. Well, this here is not a transparent lip gloss texture. It’s pretty full coverage. I’d say it’s more like liquid lipstick with shine to it. The shade is fuchsia indeed with a lot of purple in it. A lot.



The brush is a sponge, quite generic for a lip gloss brush.




It feels nice on the lips. Soothing. The texture is good. Only I, personally, prefer more sheer texture, when it comes to lip gloss. But, just as in the case of Audacious lipstick by Gucci, this I can’t wear for the life of me anyway because… well, you know, the SMELL.


Here’s lip colour swatch. Left to right here I have:

Gucci Lip. Audacious Color Intense Lipstick. 110 Fever

Gucci Lip. Luxurious Moisture Rich Lipstick. 380 Rush

Gucci Lip. Vibrant Demi-Glaze Lip Lacquer. 170 Fiery Fuchsia




An even closer look at the shades.



To round up Gucci make up line and look there’s nail polish. The colour range is wide. There’s nudes, reds, pinks and two or three artsier shades. I got a blue shade, which proved even more interesting when swatched.


Gucci Nail

Bold High-Gloss Lacquer



210 Prussian Blue



The cap has Gucci logo in gold on top and  Gucci print on it.



I like this touch. The shade is beautiful, more than I expected. A deep blue. But not too dark.



No one has this shade in their permanent range in luxury make up world for sure. You’ve always wanted to try blue but didn’t know where to start? Start right here.



This shade will look good on anyone. It’s so well done. Blue with grey undertones.



You can easily wear it to the office. Black, grey, white, blue, beige clothes – Prussian Blue will be a stunning match for all of them. It has a touch of metallic to it, but not too much.



Vamps might like it and go for it at times instead of navy blue. The quality is great too. The brush is not too thin, not too thick. The texture is good. It’s easy to apply. It lasts. Shines. It gives you everything you want from your nail polish. Love it. Want more shades. Will get them.


Oh, Gucci, I wish it were better. I mean, the eye shadow and nail polish is great. Now, I could live with mascara not being good, but lip colour… I’m devastated. I’m sad. I can’t believe it doesn’t work. But it doesn’t. For some reason the big brands that come up with makeup later rather than sooner don’t seem to do that well. Dolce&Gabbana, Gucci, I’m not a hundred percent sure about Tom Ford yet, but I suspect, it’s in the same category. It seems, if you have a later start, it gives you a chance to study other people’s experience and do it well. But somehow the best in the makeup world in terms of quality is still Chanel, Dior, Guerlain – the oldest makeup lines out there. Is it that we can’t learn from other people’s mistakes, and we just have to make our own, and only then we get it? I don’t know. Maybe, that’s it. And maybe, it trascends makeup and applies to life in general.

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