3 super tender nail shades by Deborah Lippmann for summer 2015

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Summer is bright and hot. The same is true about summer manicure and make up shades. But summer can be tender. And romantic. And soft. These three nail polish colours here are like a breath of fresh air after all the bright shades we see in summer collections. They are wedding like shades. Speaking about weddings that don’t happen that often, unless you have a ton of lady friends who keep getting married and asking you to be their bridesmaid, who wears cute and gorgeous white dresses every day? Not only on their wedding day, but all the time? Princesses. I know, I know, they don’t really. Since the British Queen started wearing colour in the nineties, women in royal families all over the world followed her lead. I apologize to reality though and will keep spending time in my own world, where princesses do wear those fluffy kind of skirts that are all pastel coloured, pink and blue and beige and white and mint green and….


Anyway, here they are. Three of them.



Summer or no summer, princesses or no princesses, romantic beauties and those who prefer nudes need to survive in this sea of colour. Also, it’s the most practical thing, because these shades will match just anything, whatever you choose to wear. And they work for all kind of occasions, from beach parties to board of directors.


And what are you supposed to do, if you happen to fall in love in summer and get all romantic about it and everything? These are the shades you turn to.


All three are from spring 2015 collection by Deborah Lippmann called Whisper. But they are all still available, so you can get them easily, or something like them.


Chantilly Lace



Such a cute name.



And the shade is great too. It’s lilac with just a touch of pink and beige in it.



A great nude shade. But not beige nude. And not quite pink nude. Not boring. It’s really special. A cool lilac nude shade.



By the way, lilac keeps coming back almost every summer in one way or another. And if you can’t stand wearing those bright purple shades, this here is a great alternative.


I love this shade. I really do. It’s so noble. Elegant. Womanly.


Like Dreamers Do



Greyish with some beige and even lilac coming through depending on the lighting.



Nice shade. You get grey and beige all in one here.



Tender. Will bring out the best in silver cocktail dresses as much as in grey business jackets, skirts and pants.



Like Dreamers Do is a good match for just about anything. Delicate.



And a great way to be introduced to grey on your nails, if you want to come to like it and be able to wear it or if you just feel adventurous and want to try something new this summer.


A Fine Romance



White with a touch of pink.



All these shades are sheer to a certain degree. But this one here is the  sheerest of all.



I, personally, don’t like classic French manicure, but if you do and don’t have time to go through all the steps of it or get to a nail salon, this is a great alternative.



Your nails will look well groomed. They will look like you got a French manicure, and it will take you five minutes. Wherever you go and whatever you do, this manicure will work, and it will last, as it’s Deborah Lippmann, that is, great quality.


Elegant and easy, that’s what we want for summer. And that’s what we get with these three shades full of romantic flavour. They are princess like. Well, isn’t there a princess deep down somewhere in every girl? She will like these. And you will too.

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