Armani Runway spring/summer 2015 makeup collection swatched

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Are there any nude makeup fans? Elegant and sophisticated beatuies out there? Well, there’s something for you. It’s a mini collection by Armani – their runway spring/summer 2015 collection. I’m not even that keen on nudes, but I admire this collection so much on all levels – creativity, quality and shades.


This collection is inspired by natural fabric and natural shades. It’s a hymn to true beauty. That’s what it is. Its design is spectacular. There are only three products in the collection. But they can go all the way and get you this stunning look in any situation and on any occasion. Seriously, I can’t imagine an occasion where this face and eye palette, sheer lipstick and nail polish won’t work.


It’s the kind of classy style that’s has no bounds to it. Charming and easy.


The boxing is all light beige as opposed to usual Armani black. And each piece is additionally packed in a linen bag. So cute. So simple. Amazing.


Armani Runway spring – summer 2015 face powder & eyeshadows trio palette



If you use Armani makeup, you know that this palette form is their common limited edition style. But… it comes in this beige bag I told you about.



And the lid here is decorated with the same beautiful patterned beige fabric.



Cool. Love it. Inside… it’s like a magic box. Lush face powder.



So soft and easy to the touch. I admire Armani makeup textures. This powder is Armani at its best. The tone of the powder is rather fair. So, those who have darker complexion, beware, it might not be your cup of tea. Or else, you can choose to use it as a highlighter or concealer. Your choice.


The lower level of this box contains three gorgeous eye shades.



I mean, if you’re gonna do nude, you might as well do it right and with certain sophistication. And that’s exactly the case here.


The three shades are left to right (the first in the swatch is the powder):



a magnificent metallic beige with ever so fine golden sparkle to it.


an incredible sandy lighter brown, no sparkle, no shine, just an elegant muted golden touch to it. This can be eye liner. Or it can be used to create the hottest smoky eyes in history. Or… so many choices.


a pearly light silver with sparkle that will give a mysterious twist to your makeup and your eyes, bring our their shine, make you the star of any special occasion.


And should these three shades come together in one makeup… you’ll be able to get anything you want. Just anything.



You’ll be surprised. It’s powerhouse in a small round box.


To round up your look there’s something for your lips and nails too.


Rouge d’Armani Sheers spring – summer 2015



The beige bag is still here 🙂



And then there’s Armani sleek black lipstick case.



It’s a sheer beige golden shade that will look great on blondes, brunettes, redheads and just anyone, for that matter.



This shade is so well balanced and so well done. There’s some colour but not too much, some sparkle but not too much, some pearl but not too much.



This is the way to do golden or beige lipstick for it to really work on people, for once. You always wear nudes? Try this, you have no idea how much of the effect this shade will have.



So much for boring golden lipstick shades like Guerlain Yellow It-Stick from this year summer collection. Now we have the right kind of gold for our lips.



The lipstick is sheer, which means you can layer it heavily or lightly depending on your preference and situation.


Finally, there’s nail polish.



The beige bag… I mean, isn’t this great?



And if you think by the look of it it’s just a metallic brown with golden pearl, you know little about Armani makeup.



Once applied, it gets dry super fast and its texture changed completely turning into warm and not too dark chocolate leather like soft coat on your nails.



I’m impressed. And that doesn’t really express my emotions fully.



It’s nude look taken to a whole new level.



I love this texture. I love this nail polish. I love this collection. This is the most impressive bunch of makeup I’ve seen in a long time.


New elegance? New chic? New natural beauty? It’s all here. This is the kind of natural look that’s so hot that even vamps will enjoy it. I’m telling you, there’s something about it. Something special. Something beyond what makeup usually is. Armani definitely did it this time around. Thank you, guys.

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