Guerlain Bloom of Rose collection fall 2015 swatched

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Summer is still here, and we have a whole month of warmth, fun, rest, sunshine and parties to enjoy, but fall collections already start showing up in stores. The first one I got this year is Bloom of Rose by Guerlain.


I like the name – Bloom of Rose. Nice and sweet. Let’s see what’s in it and get a good feel for fall makeup which is going to step in place of colorful summer collections. No, it’s not sad, c’mon. It’s the world changing around us, it’s vivid and exciting. Variety is the spice of it all, as we know, at least, when it comes to makeup.


First and foremost, we have 6 colour eye palette Beaugrenelle.



At the first look, it’s stunning. Design and everything about it.



It’s five eyeshadow shades + one eyeliner shade.



The quality of all of those is good, Guerlain like.



Let’s go through shades here. One by one.





The eyeliner is navy blue (on the very right in the palette itself and on the very left in the swatch).


In the eyeshadow part we have:


Second on the left in the swatch and on the very left in the palette there’s the shade which looks like light coral in the palette, but is actually a beige base like shade, as you can see in the swatch. Not much colour there 🙂


Next on the very top in the palette and third on the left in the swatch there’s the shade that looks light grey and that actually shows some silver sparkle in the swatch. It’s light grey with a little bit of silver in it. Not all the way grey, not all the way silver, somewhere in between.


In the small square in the very middle in the palette and in the very middle in the swatch there’s a very pretty blue with some grey undertone to it. It’s an elegant blue, not too bright, with some shine to it, but not too much.


On the right in the palette next to the navy blue eyeliner and one but last on the right in the swatch there’s a darker grey shade. It’s not too dark though. It’s matt grey. Medium grey.


On the bottom in the palette and on the very right in the swatch there’s blue that looks darker in the swatch than it does in the palette. It looks like medium blue in the palette, but when swatched, it proves to be a darker matt blue shade, closer to navy blue, in fact.


Well, this palette looks gorgeous, but… There’s a big but. Who is it intended for? Who can actually wear it? The simple answer is – blue eyed beauties. And, maybe, grey eyed too. But what are we supposed to do – those who aren’t blue eyed? Why haven’t Guerlain team thought of sneaking at least one shade in here that we can use? I don’t know. This palette is so not for everyone. Even grey eyed beauties will be better off using only those two grey shades, and that’s it. The only shade in the palette that’s more or less universal is the blue in the tiny square in the middle 🙂 It seems to me, if you are going to release only one limited edition eye palette in your collection, you want a more universal shades combination. So, this thing looks good, but isn’t that practical at all. Pity.


I guess, Guerlain kind of felt that their Beaugrenelle palette is not in any world going to look good on everyone out there, so they threw in another eye palette, and although it’s not nearly as stunning in terms of design, much more people can wear it. The eyeshadow in this quad is nice and soft.



4 colour eyeshadow 19 Les Cendres for this fall by Guerlain is pretty much darker beige, a sophisticated nude palette.



Not the kind of nude that looks so natural one doesn’t look made up at all. It’s the kind of nude that looks chic but hot.



The shades will suit everyone. Which is a good thing compared to the 6 colour palette.



Let’s take a look at the shades here.





On the very left in the palette and on the very left in the swatch there’s a dark grege shade. Smoky eye with this shade will be a winner. A clever smoky eye.


On top in the palette and second on the left in the swatch there’s a dark beige with a strong rose undertone to it. It’s like the opposite of grege. If the first shade is a super cool beige, this is a super warm beige.


On the bottom in the palette and second on the right in the swatch there’s a matt charcoal grey. Looks to me like an eyeliner shade. Once again, the thought of smoky eyes keeps coming back to me the more I look at this eye quad.


On the very right in the palette there’s a very light beige. It’s kind of pearly, a little bit. This is not just a base shade. It can be used as an independent shade for a swipe of colour on your lids when you have to do something quickly, you know like make up and go kind of thing.


Now, this palette is beautiful. It goes a long way. You can wear it to work, to the office, if you go light about the shades, and you’ll look extremely womanly even in your most business kind of wear. And you can also wear these shades to the beach, a party, night club, if you go a little heavier on  this eye shadow, match it and layer it and create a stronger, smoking hot, ever so sexy look. This is a true magic wand like thing, in any situation it can help you look awesome. I love it.


This fall Guerlain launches several new products, one of them is a new powder blush.



Rose aux Joues



There are six pretty classical shades in the range that are going to be permanent.



My personal relationship with blush is difficult, so I got the lightest, most natural pink shade. It smells like violets. Big time. Like Meteorites, you know, that signature Guerlain scent. Might be too much for those who are very sensitive. It doesn’t bother me, as sensitive as I am.



The blush is soft and great in terms of texture, you can layer it and go from little to much in no time. And this shade I got is so pretty.



01 Morning Rose.



It is like rose petals, indeed. Healthy rosy touch on the cheeks. That’s what it is. Great.



Moving on to lip products here. We have all kind of them for this fall in Guernail collection. Also there’s a new launch. But let’s start at the beginning here and see it all up close and personal.


There are the two shades of KissKiss shaping lipstick.



The lipstick is quite good, I can’t say it’s the best lip colour and care product out there or my favourite one, but I can wear it.



We have 345 Orange Fizz



A hot coral shade.



Bright. You have to be brave to wear it.



It’s kind of boring, in my opinion, after all the summer coral shades we’ve seen.


and 370 Lady Pink



A light pink shade.



Not too light. Not white and pearly like. It will show some pink on your lips, as it is a creme lipstick.



A great shade. It will become everyone. And if you pair it up with that Morning Rose blush I got… divine. Angelic. Natural. Sophisticated. Elegant.


In the swatch here Orange Fizz is on the left, Lady Pink is on the right.



If creme lipstick or shaping lipstick is not your kind of thing, Guerlain has something else for you. Two shades of Gloss d’Enfer.



442 Nahema Smack



We’ve already seen this shade last summer. It’s a light enough coral.



Once again, it’s a little boring to me because of the abundance of coral we’ve just seen in summer collections. Still this shade is light, so if your own lip colour comes through, you get a pretty much unique shade, which I, personally, like.


Just as KissKiss lipstick is not my favourite lipstick, Gloss d’Enfer is not my favourite gloss – and I love lip gloss so much – but it’s quite good.


Both KissKiss lipstick and Gloss d’Enfer have a powdery flowery scent to them, not quite the same. It’s not intrusive though in any way, the kind of scent that goes away once you’ve applied your lip product, pretty much.


The second shade of Gloss d’enfer 472 Candy Hop is more interesting to me.



It’s a light pink. Nude kind of pink.



Oftentimes when it comes to light pink shades, especially in lip gloss form, on the lips pink shade disappears completely, and you only get gloss and pearl. Here there is some light pink, and it stays on, which I like a lot. Nice.


In the swatch here Nahema Smack is on the left, Candy Hop is on the right.



What I love about these four lip products is that they can be paired up. See how they are made?



Orange Fizz can be topped with Nahema Smack, and Lady Pink can be topped with Candy Hop for a more vibrant, shiny, sophisticated, party mode look. Great.


Also, if we look at the eye shades and lip shades here, it definitely looks like the six colour eye palette will go well with lighter pinks for lips. While the darker nude palette will look good with both corals and pinks. As for the big blue grey eye palette being paired up with corals, especially the bright KissKiss lipstick, I’m not so sure at all about that.


That’s not all. Here’s yet another new release by Guerlain that will be part of their permanent makeup line, and guess what, it’s another colour and care lip product. Told you already, it’s the trend in makeup world.


KissKiss Rose Lip is a balmy sheer lipstick. It’s lip balm combined with lip colour. There are six shades in the range. I have three here. The three shades I didn’t get are plum (R374 Violet Wonder), beige (R371 Chic Pink) and coral (R346 Peach Party).



Now let’s see what this new kind of animal is like.



White packaging. Hm… I usually don’t like white packaging in luxury makeup, but this one I don’t mind. It’s well done. White and shiny and all. I was surprised though to see that it’s the same size as KissKiss lipstick. I expected something longer and thinner. But once I opened it, it turned out, it is thinner, just not longer 🙂 You know, like Burberry lip balm from their Summer Showers collection from last summer. Well, here, I’ll show you.

R329 Crazy Bouquet



It’s red.



Not orange red. Really red. But remeber that it’s balmy lipstick, so it’s sheer and won’t show full colour on the lips.



Still this is a bright shade. See how the lipstick package is the same size as KissKiss lipstick, only white. Shall we play chess? Glamorous chess 🙂



But it’s thinner inside. The stem is thinner and the lipstick proper. Which is what I’m used to seeing in lip balm and sheer lipstick world, so I’m happy.


Next shade. R371 Morning Rose



Oh, so, this one will go well with my Morning Rose blush too, huh? It’s lip balm proper.



Colour reviving thing. The kind that emphasizes your own lip colour without giving it much shade.



So, I was right, this and the blush will be a great touch up and natural glow kind of thing. The kind of stuff I like much better than just beige nude shades. Although beige nudes do work sometimes, even for me 🙂


The third shade. R373 Pink Me Up



Yes, do, please. Do pink me up. This pink looks bright in the stick. But remember what I told you about the balmy texture?



So, on the lips and in the swatch it’s not that bright. It’s mild pink.



It can work for natural look, actually, for certain complexions. A nice well balanced shade.


In the swatch here I have R329 Crazy Bouquet on the left, R371 Morning Rose in the middle and R373 Pink Me Up on the right.



See how shiny and sheer this balmy lipstick gets once in the brighter light?



Now let’s talk about the balmy part of this lipstick. Have I already mentioned how hard it is to pull this lip colour and care in one kind of thing? What’s the goal of this kind of product? To my mind, it’s being able to skip the lip primer step. Now, does KissKiss Rose Lip feel nice and soothing and balmy on the lips? Yes. Do I feel lip balm like texture and care when wearing it for several hours? Yes. Does it mean I can skip lip primer and go for lip colour right away, and it will magically fix and heal all minor cracks and whatever else on my lips? No. No, it won’t. It’s nice, but it’s not magic. So, I’d say, it feels good on the lips and soothing. Still that lip balm of mine is going on my lips before I apply KissKiss Rose Lip.


There you go, it’s the whole collection with two new permanent line releases of blush and balmy lipstick. The collection is nice, in general. And Guerlain quality is great as usual. As the first one in the long line of fall collections we’ll still see in makeup luxury market, I’d say, this one here is good, but not breathtaking. The level of creativity here definitely hasn’t gone through the roof, although there are some nice things in the collection.

P.S. Oh, there’s also a bright coral lip liner in this collection, obviously it is meant to go with two coral lip shades, but lip liners are so not my kind of thing I didn’t get it.

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