2 beautiful Dior cream eyeshadow colours for summer, fall and…

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Don’t you just love make up products that are fast, easy and universal? Well, I do. And if you do too, I’ve got something special for you here.


This spring Dior released two cream eyeshadow colours that are spectacular and can give us countless opportunities and help create countless looks this summer or any other season of the year.



I love cream eyeshadow texture in general. Its application is a breeze and it’s delicate to our lids, and as our lids are one of the most tender parts of the face, so we do want to go easy on them. And Dior has one of the best cream eyeshadow formulas. I have a separate post about best cream eyeshadow out there, so, if you want to know more about it, you can always look it up. The post is called ‘Best cream eye shadow – 3 of them’.


Anyway, these two shades are made for day and night, everyday stuff and going out, work and leisure. They are like Yin and Yang, you know. Two opposites.


Have I intrigued you enough? If so, let’s get going.


531 Myriade





Cute jar 🙂



It’s golden beige.



It’s one of those shades, where you go – wow, now we’re talking. Any eye colour, any complexion, any style – this shade will match any of those. Sporty, sexy, elegant, whatever you are.



If you just swipe it over your lid, you’ll get a natural chic and well groomed look. If you layer it – which luckily you can do easily with cream eyeshadow texture – you’re ready to go to a ball… or a date… or a night club. Well, you know. A sophisticated golden shine and sparkle on your lids will get all the attention possible focused on your eyes. And what those eyes will express at that point – well, it’s up to you.


The other – darker one – shade is 871 Olympe.





Dark purple.



Not too dark, I don’t like it, when it’s too dark. Sparkly. Sultry. Vampy. This eyeshadow is as hot as hell. Smoky eyes with this are going to be so much more interesting than with just black.



Cream eyeshadow texture allows you to use it as an eyeliner or just layer it very thinly, then you can go to the office wearing this. Well, and if you go heavier on this colour, you know… it’s going to be dangerously luring and attractive. Don’t be afraid of purple, just like golden beige, it’s pretty much universal. Blue eyes, green eyes, hazel eyes, any colour, this will work.


Here’s a swatch. Myriade is on the left, obviously, Olympe is on the right.



Well, and me being me, of course, I can’t resist having an even more creative idea looking at these two beauties side by side. Combine the two in one look. Yes, I really mean this. Well, for starters, mysterious sparkly violet used as an eyeliner matched up with golden beige all over your lid and, maybe, under your brow too, will look great. But also, have you ever thought about this? You can apply violet eyeshadow on your lids and then top it with a little bit of golden beige to add depth to your look and give your eye makeup a touch of golden sparkle. Awesome 🙂



Super texture. Super shades. It’s all here. In these two. C’mon, you probably have these two shades. Let’s not forget about them. Pull them out and use them from time to time, they are worth it.

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