Guerlain Terracota Terre d’Ete bronzer swatched

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Every summer we get these beautiful Guerlain Terracota limited edition bronzers. This years it’s called Guerlain Terracota Terre d’Ete.






White plastic box.



C’mon now, luxury brands, why are you doing it?



This white plastic looks so ghastly in packaging. It really does. Cheap. It’s the opposite of luxury.


The design of the bronzer itself is stunning though.



It’s your personal sun in a box. Beautiful. Warm and summery. Amazing pattern. I wish the package was designed as well.


The thing to know about this bronzer is that it’s very gold. See all the shine and sparkle in it?



I mean, when I hear bronzer, the word itself kind of presupposes bronze shade. This here is more like gold with bronze undertones than the other way around.



Maybe, it’s due to all the golden design pattern on top, and once it’s gone, it will be different. On the other hand, it’s so pretty, I don’t even like to think about it being gone.



Another thing you really need to know about this bronzer is it’s super heavily scented. A strong perfume like tropical scent is full on. This scent will be too much to bear for anyone scent sensitive. If you are, be careful. Also, the scent is kind of deceptive. You don’t feel it right away, when you open the box. But once you apply the bronzer anywhere, even on your wrist to try it out, the scent comes out big time.


To me this scent almost means I can’t wear this bronzer on my face. Only on my arms and legs, maybe.


Guerlain Terracota Terre d’Ete is so beautiful and good in terms of quality, why or why should it be so scented? I mean, everything is good only to a certain degree. Well, everything but makeup. There can never be too much of it 🙂


P.S. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – golden, orange and bronze shades don’t look good on everyone. One should be careful with them, to achieve this glamorous look bronzers always promise us, just a touch of them is usually enough. It’s more of a highlighter thing than an all over thing for most people out there.

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