Deborah Lippmann: 3 bold summer nudes, natural and sexy

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I have three nail polish shades here today by Deboran Lippmann – which means great quality – that are nudes taken to a completely new level. Bolder nudes. Natural shades. And when I say ‘natural’ here, I mean, these are the shades that we see in nature. The shades that are pleasant to the eye because they are real. The shades that will give you that understated elegance you’ve always been wondering how to achieve.


These three shades are not aggressive, crude and calling out loud. They are sexy on a much deeper primitive level. Forget about reds on your nails, they are nothing compared to these shades, that look different and special on each girl and state that the girl is so obviously beautiful she doesn’t need anything artificial to show it. Doesn’t need to prove anything, she’s just real, which is the sexiest thing on Earth.


These shades will look great in summer, fall, winter or spring. Let’s take a look.


The Climb





It’s light brown.



It’s warm and nice and pleasing like that favourite sweater of yours that you like to wear in the forest or out on a walk in the city or when you’re home alone. It’s like that cup of coffee that keeps you warm on a chilly day.



It’s comfortable and soothing. And it gives you all the assurance you need of your roots and your personality, everything you need to remember that you’re the only one.


Putty in your Hands





A nice grey. Really nice. Not too dark, not too light. It’s a natural grey, it’s what it was before asphalt was invented.



It’s like your favourite warm tights with that awesome pattern or like that scarf you love so much.



It’s easy and soft. And elegant.



It’s you and what you are. It’s like when you sit down with your favourite book or laptop at home to read or see something interesting, something you like.


Terra Nova





It’s a warm darker yellowy shade.



It’s like wet sand on the beach in bad weather, heavy with rain that’s just fallen on it. The way it is on the coast, when you come out of your country house in early fall, and the weather is still nice, and although it’s colder, you can still enjoy it.



It’s the colour of that favourite teddy bear of yours you had when you were a kid or, maybe, still have and hide from everyone.



These shades rock. They are something. In any situation and any outfit you’ll have these to help you be irresistible and cozy at the same time. To feel at home in any situation. To be what you are. And feel good.

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