Chanel Les Automnales collection fall 2015 swatched

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Chanel fall collection is out, and I’d say it requires a close look and some careful thinking before you can rush and buy any items. Let’s see what’s in it, how it works together and how it works period. Especially as along as together with this year fall collection Chanel releaunches some of their acclaimed manicure products and has one new addition to their permanent manicure line.


Chanel’s concept or inspiration for this fall make up collection Les Automnales is the colour, or else, colours of autumn leaves. Is that enough of an inspiration? We’ll see.


We’ll start with what we see in the promo and what tends to attract our immediate attention.


Chanel Entrelacs eyeshadow palette fall 2015







The design is gorgeous. So elegant and chic and so Chanel. But…




I have to say though, as consistently good Chanel make up is, these five colour eyeshadow palettes are almost the only part of the whole Chanel make up range, where quality is ever so shaky. I mean, they always look good, but in terms of shades and quality almost never come up to my expectations.


This year Entrelacs is a true beauty, the print on it is nice and all. But what’s in it? And how is it?




The eyeshadow in the palette is the way I’m used to expect it to be. It’s nice and soft. If anything, to me it’s almost too soft to be great quality. When eyeshadow is too soft, in my world, it means it’s hard to control it. Application is hindered, it goes all over the place and smudges easily. And this is kind of what happens here. I know, there are people out there who love soft eyeshadow, but to me balance is everything. Too hard is bad, too soft is no good either. This here is too soft.


Now let’s get to the shades and see what they are like.


The general look of the palette is very mild and nude and neutral.


Again, the print is marvelous.


Left to right in Entrelacs we have:







A pearly and super light yellow. It’s like with softness of this eyeshadow, you know, which is too soft, I love light yellow, but this is too light. Almost white. There’s almost no shade. It’s almost a base shade. And it’s a pity. And a waste, in my opinion. It’s just a wash of shine on your lids, nothing more.


Next – second on the left – is a matt beige. Once again, it’s very generic. Only huge fans of nude make up can get excited on seeing this shade. I’m not a huge fan, so I’m not. I’d prefer something more of a milk-and-coffee shade. That would be a good nude shade 🙂


Number three on the left. This is the only shade in the palette that I find interesting and like. It’s like dark beige or light brown kind of stepping into the bronze territory, but not quite getting there. It dips its toe in bronze and then just shuns right away. Has a touch of pearly shine to it and some golden sparkle, but just a little. This warm shade will look good on almost everyone. Very nice.


Moving on to an eyeliner shade. It’s matt. Looks black, but is dark grey, in fact. I’m bored to death just looking at it, to tell you the truth.


The last one – the one on the very right – is just like the pale yellow on the very left to me. And that is, it’s so devastating. It looks like it can be so pretty, a sort of pink beige, which is a great shade for everyone to wear and is so complimentary… but it proves to be the lightest possible pearly beige. The one you almost can’t see on the lid. Just like pale yellow, it’s a wash of shine on your eyelids. That’s all it can achieve.

I can’t believe it. Chanel did it yet again. Year after year of amazing design of these five colour eyeshadow – and year after year total lack of content. Really, I can’t believe even nude make up fans can be impressed by this. Why such concept? Why such shades? I have no answer. I simply don’t know. It’s a pity. And I’ll just hope that Chanel will improve these and once, having bought this five colour eye palette, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. This year I’m definitely not. Pity.


There’s another eyeshadow palette in the collection that’s not as conspicuous, but it worth a look at. It’s a limited edition eyeshadow quad 254 Tisse d’Automne.







The first look at the palette doesn’t give you the kind of excitement you feel on seeing its Entrelacs counterpart.







These shades look kind of boring to me. But…




When swatched, this palette reveals a whole new level of potential.


Man, these shades are pretty. Here they are:

IMG_6136 2





The top left corner of the palette and the very left in the swatch. A pretty medium khaki with a touch of golden sparkle. This khaki is not light or pearly, it’s quite sultry, in fact. So warm and nice. I love this khaki. It’s a whole new smoky eye world kind of shade. Bold and modern, yet classy and elegant. Will look good both in the office and at a party, which is always a good thing to have in one shade.


The top right corner of the palette and second on the left in the swatch. A cute light pink with a handful of finest golden and silver sparkle. Fairy like shade. Cute and yet dangerous, if paired up with that first khaki. It will look good in fall, but there’s still some summer left, when it will look just awesome and allow you have that easy and not overmade up summer look. Oh, and your summer dresses will welcome this shade for sure.


Bottom left corner of the palette and third on the left in the swatch. A warm amber like brown shade with golden sparkle. Cat’s eyes. That’s what it’s like. Cozy. Sweaters and jeans will, finally, look sexy with this shade. A touch of sunset on your eyes that will light up you look and give you some elegance and feline grace without much effort on your part.


Bottom right corner of the palette and the one on the very right in the swatch. Dark khaki eyeliner. Nothing special here. But it’s a good match for the khaki and amber shades.


Having swatched this palette, I have to say, I love it. Green eyed and hazel eyed beauties will look stunning with any of these shades combination. Others can benefit from having this palette too. Trust me, this palette will come in handy this fall.


There’s something in the collection for those who like cream eyeshadow texture too. I do like it, so I’m interested, especially as one of the two new shades is called ‘matte’ eyeshadow. Here it is… 106 Fleur de Pierre.







Looks like charcoal.






Ugh, if it’s a flat matt charcoal shade, then it’s no fun at all, but this whole ‘matte’ thing proves to be misleading, which in this case is actually good. It might be a dark matt grey, but there’s a strong blue undertone to it and a generous share of silver sparkle. Beautiful. And Chanel cream eyeshadow is one of the best in terms of quality, so, it’s great.


The second limited edition shade is 116 Rouge-Gorge.







When I saw that it’s orange, I was like – here we go again, right after all the summer coral frenzy is over. Seriously, there’s so many coral shades in summer collections – almost every year – that I’d hold off orange releases till winter, at least, but Chanel obviously does not agree with me.




The result is this bright orange with golden and silver sparkle is so completely not something I’d want this fall. It’s not that it’s bad, although orange is not my favourite make up shade, especially in eyeshadow territory, it’s just that I’m honestly and truly fed up with it. I have to warn you, by the way, even if you adore corals, this is a VERY BRIGHT orange shade, so, maybe, try it out first.


Please, see the swatch, 106 Fleur de Pierre is on the left, 116 Rouge-Gorge is on the right here.




See what I was talking about above?




The third shade is a shade we’ve already seen in Chanel Nuit Infinie Christmas 2013 collection. 97 New Moon is back.







The shade is nice.




Light brown with a touch of copper and a lot of silver and golden sparkle – but of course, it’s a Christmas release 🙂

IMG_6303 2



The thing is, this shade is not new, I have it already, and I’ve already been happy once, when I got it, so I can’t be as happy again. And I think this much sparkle in an eyeshadow makes more sense on Christmas than in fall.


All three cream eyeshadow for this fall by Chanel swatched (left to right: New Moon, Fleur de Pierre, Rouge-Gorge):




To round up Chanel eye wardrobe for fall 2015 there are four shades of their stylo eyeliner. One of the shades is a limited edition. But I’d advise paying attention not to the limited edition one. Let’s go through them one by one though first.


921 Pomme de Pin is a shade that looks charcoal grey, but there’s some brown in it.



It’s a dark grey and dark brown mix.



This dark brown shows up in the swatch only.



It’s humanly impossible to spot it by looking at the stylo itself.



A nice shade for those who have hazel eyes and grey eyes. Can you live without it, if you have a just brown or just grey eyeliner? Sure, you can.

IMG_6367 2



914 Feuilles is that charcoal grey you initially thought Pomme de Pin to be.



It’s dark grey. Period.



Once again, I’m bored.



It looks black, by the way, but don’t get deceived, it’s not.



It’s a shade of grey, it’s just on the darker side of the spectre.

IMG_6372 2



919 Erable



Here it is, my favourite.



It’s a beautiful golden beige shade.



Any eye colour, any hair colour – it will work for all of us.



And it can give your look all the expressiveness you want without dragging you back in the sixties or even further back to Cleopatra’s times with a black arrowy kind of thing. Seriously, this shade is just marvelous.

IMG_6373 2



918 Ardent is a limited edition golden sparkly dark copper shade.



I don’t think in any world it’s worth rushing to the counters and grabbing.



Erable is so much more complimentary and so much nicer than this one.



It will naturally bring out all the beauty of your eye colour. While one should be careful with copper Ardent, it won’t become everyone.



And Erable is not a limited edition, so there’s no rush – for once 🙂

IMG_6378 2


Here we go, left to right here we’ve got 921 Pomme de Pin, 914 Feuilles, 919 Erable and 918 Ardent.



Up close



Oh, there’s also Le Volume mascara in brown 80 Ecorces.



I love Le Volume. I think it’s one of the best on the market. I talked about it already in my post Best mascara – 5 of them.



I’ve already mentioned, how I mostly want length from mascara, but somehow volume mascara is what does it for me. I don’t know why. Well, Chanel Le Volume works great.



At the same time, Chanel Inimitable Intense mascara is ever so bad. Just as Le Volume is one of the best, Inimitable Intense is definitely one of the worst, as far as I am concerned. Oh well, one can’t always win 🙂


The shade of this fall by Chanel is brown.



I couldn’t even wait to write this post to tell you how I feel about brown mascara, so I wrote a separate post yesterday called Brown mascara versus black mascara for hazel eyes. You can read it to get more detail, but shortly, I just don’t think brown mascara is worth it. I think, black mascara works better. Still, Le Volume is awesome, so I got it anyway, even in 80 Ecorces.



That’s all for the eyes. Before we move onto the lips though, there’s also 260 Alezane blush shade, it’s not a limited edition and is a kind of darker beige. I can’t stand too much scent in Chanel blush, so I only get it, if the shade is wonderful and great. This one is not. It didn’t get me excited enough.


Ok, moving on to the lips.


Rouge Allure Velvet 51 la Bouleversante



As much as I’m not a fan of matt lipstick, Rouge Allure Velvet by Chanel is a great way to make it.



It’s not just flat matt, it’s satin in texture and finish and even has some delicate shine to it.



The shade Chanel prepared for this fall is red brick.



Red brick for lips is a very trendy shade this fall. We’ll see it in more than one make up collection, so, maybe, you’d want to think about getting something in this area. Chanel did it well.



It’s a nice brick red with some orange in it, not too much, some sparkle too.



This is a good alternative to classic red lip for fall 2015.



Rouge Allure 162 Pensive



The shade is very pensive indeed



It’s beige with a delicate golden sheen.



It’s a pretty nude shade with a fall twist. If you like nudes, this shade is right up your alley.



I can’t say I’m ecstatic about nudes, this shade is nice though, but not unique.



We’ve seen something like this in different forms and by different brands more than once.



If you’re in favour of sheer lipstick, here are two shades of Rouge Coco shine for you.


112 Temeraire



is Bordeaux



It’s red leaning towards brown and purple.



Personally, I prefer red brick. It will look good on just everyone. This shade is a tough one to pull.



Dark haired beauties have more chances to make it work.



Blue eyed blondes will be better off taking a pass on this one.


Rouge Coco Shine 99 Melancolie



The name expresses precisely what I felt looking at this shade. Kind of sad and kind of bored. But once I applied it, I loved it. It looks good on me due to this golden touch.



It’s not quite bronze. Not orange. It’s beige with a touch of gold. I wanna use it paired up with Erable eyeliner for my eyes. It will look fabulous.



A nude shade.



Have I just said that already somewhere above? Yes, I have, about Rouge Allure 162 Pensive. If you like the shade, but prefer sheer texture, this is your destination.


Here in the swatch 112 Temeraire is on the left, 99 Melancolie is on the right.



Let’s see it in detail



Why release two shades that are this close in one collection, and both in lipstick form? I couldn’t really tell you.


Don’t forget about a pretty strong rosy scent there is to Rouge Coco Shine range. If you don’t like scented lipstick, it might be too much for you.


Unfortunately, there’s only one shade of lip gloss this fall – if lipgloss is the only form of lip colour you wear.



But the shade is quite good.



It’s red brick goes fiery and shows up in the form of Levres Scintillantes 212 Chene Rouge.



Bold and bright. Red with orange. Shiny. I like it.



Might be too bright and shiny, if bright lips is not your favourite in make up world. By the way, all this red brick kind of thing means that redheads this fall can look their best. I mean, they look great as it is, but these red brick lip shades are a killer, when redheads use them 🙂


Here are all the lip shades by Chanel for this fall, and if you can answer, why so many similar shades, good for you, because it puzzles me big time.


Left to right here there’s: Rouge Allure Velvet 51 la Bouleversante, Rouge Allure 162 Pensive, Rouge Coco shine 112 Temeraire, Rouge Coco Shine 99 Melancolie, Levres Scintillantes 212 Chene Rouge.



Here we are done with eyes and lips and on to nails. Before we get to nail shades, let’s talk about those manicure line relaunches and launches.


There used to be two bases in Chanel manicure line – Protective and Smoothing. Both were good. Now it’s combined in one nail base which does both things.



I’m not sure I like this.



I generally used Chanel Protective base, because I don’t need the smoothing part. I mean, I did use Base LIssante (the smoothing one) from time to time, but now I don’t have this option or choice. Now I have to have this smoothing element in my base every time I use it. Why is that? I don’t know. It’s just there. I have to tell you, it will make me go and look for a purely protective nail base to alternate with Chanel new 2 in 1 base.



Why? Because if you don’t need to smooth out your nails, better not use nail products with this function too often. Or else you can upset your nails natural balance. It’s a golden rule in any kind of make up or care products in general. Say, if you don’t need hydration, don’t buy products with hydration stated as their function. Too much of everything can be bad. By the way, this new base smells kind of fruity – peachy, maybe – which I like. The two bases Chanel had in its place before didn’t have this delicate scent. Qualitywise, the base is still good, luckily.


Also, Chanel relaunched their Extreme Shine Nail Lacquer top coat.



It’s still good. Shiny.



It seemed to me it takes a beat longer for it to dry.



Even if it doesn’t, I wish in their relaunch Chanel made it dry faster. But they didn’t. Ugh.


A new top coat gets launched this fall, which will be permanent now in Chanel manicure range. Le Top Coat Velvet.



It’s a matt top coat. It will give any nail polish this flat matt kind of texture.



I’m not too keen on this effect, but if you are, this top coat is a good thing for you to have.



We’ll talk more about this top coat, when we talk about nail shades from this collection. I’ve got swatches for you to see the difference between Extreme Shine Nail Lacquer and Le Top Coat Velvet.


So, nail shades. There are three.


669 Chataigne



It’s brown



Dark chocolate brown



It’s nice, but so not special.



We’ve seen shades like this done by everyone out in the luxury market, including Chanel itself.



I mean, if you like dark browns on your nails, this is a beauty.



But I can’t imagine even those who only use dark nail shades get too excited over this release.


671 Ecorce Sanguine



It was bound to happen.



With all red brick lip shades this red brick nail shade just had to be released.



A bright fiery red with some orange looming in the background.



It’s a nice red, but once again, I can see it as a permanent range shade, while as a part of a seasonal collection, it’s too common, to my taste.



But I got it under the category of ‘lips and nails painted one colour is a classy thing to have’.



Finally, here it is, a limited edition nail shade for this fall, the one from the promo, 679 Vert Obscur.



Vert. Green. I love green on my nails.



But this looks too dark.



It’s more of an off black shade than a green shade. Maybe, in the swatch it will prove lighter?



Nope. One coat is quite green and blue, but it’s not even enough to wear it on its own. Two coats kill all kind of green and blue and almost look black.



It’s such a disappointment. A huge one for me.



I was hoping to get at least one item in this collection I would truly love, but no.


Now let’s see how Extreme Shine top coat and Matt top coat are different though.


Chanel nail polish formula is great, so it has enough shine of its own, but Extreme Shine top coat not only adds mirror shine to any nail colour, it also helps it stay on your nails for a longer time. Well, it still does the trick. So, relaunch didn’t hurt it. Matt top coat does make nail colour matt and flat, kills the shine. Here’s the thing though, as almost all top coats of the kind it does it by adding a kind of blurred foggy layer on top of nail colour. I know it’s the way all such top coats work. But I’m not sure I like this one in particular. It seems, it’s too blurred and too foggy. I think, a matt top coat can be better than this. So, I’m not impressed.


To show you the difference between the two top coats, I’ve used both on Vert Obscur here. On the left it’s covered with  Extreme Shine Nail Lacquer, on the right it’s covered with Le Top Coat Velvet.







There’s also 260 Alezane blush shade, it’s not a limited edition and is a kind of darker beige. I can’t stand too much scent in Chanel blush, so I only get it, if the shade is wonderful and great. This one is not. It didn’t get me excited enough. And there’s Le Volume mascara in brown 80 Ecorces.


And now to the biggest disappointment of this fall by Chanel. They relaunched their nail polish remover.



It was so good, one of the best. Well, it’s gone now. I mean, it still works and handles nail polish removing well, but… it stinks. Literally. The smell is terrible and, in my opinion, simply unbearable. While Chanel nail polish remover used to have an almost pleasant flowery scent to it. I mean, who in luxury make up world decides – instead of keeping this signature nail polish remover scent in our relaunch we’ll have this terrible stink instead? I can’t believe they did it. I mean I thought Dior nail polish remover is awful in terms of the way it smells… but Chanel beat it. Their nail polish remover now smells like bad and cheap nail polish remover stuff. I’m so happy I found Zoya nail polish remover, while waiting for Chanel relaunch. I’m dropping Chanel completely and switching to Zoya until Chanel relaunches theirs yet again, and that only if they decide to fix the smell issue. It’s such a pity to lose the only nail polish remover in the luxury make up world, that was good. But it’s done. It really is. Pity, it looks so cute and pink, even better than the older version.


This is the whole Chanel Les Automnales collection. I’d say, in general, it’s not much of a success. In fact, I don’t remember seeing that weak Chanel make up collection for a while already. Oh. And oh again. Speaking about it, how does Vert Obscure even fit in with the rest of the shades? 🙂 I think, it doesn’t. Well, I’ll be waiting for other fall make up collections and can only hope they will be better than this one.

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