Fall 2015 make up trends

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What’s hot this fall in makeup world?

Well, for starters, red brick lip shades. And red brick nail shades to go with them. We’ve seen those in collections by Chanel and Givenchy.

Well, and red lip in general.  Guerlain did some of that. Bright orange lip shades are on two. Naturally, because red brick pretty much is a mixture of red and orange. So, if you can’t wear red brick, any bright red and orange lip shades pretty much fly this fall season.


Those bright lip shades – red brick, red, orange – are paired up with nude eyeshadow, which makes sense.  That’s that.


There’s another trend clearly out there that’s as strong as red brick for lips and nails. And that’s bright or brighter blue eyeshadow. Dior and Chanel did very bright. Guerlain did brighter, but not too bright. Giorgio Armani and Bobbi Brown did quite bright and dark. But it’s definitely there, usually paired up with nude lip. So, blue eyed beauties can exalt. The question is, what do the rest of us do, whose eyes aren’t blue?


I’ll tell you. If you’re brave enough, you can just go right ahead. Defy all rules and just do it. Bright blue eyeshadow with not blue eyes might be an artsy way about makeup, but guess what, they’ve been artsy about makeup for a while now, so, why not? If you’re used to sticking to a more classical pattern in makeup, here’s a tip. The good old principle of match up your makeup and… clothes still holds true. If you wear a blue shirt or dress, you’ll be surprised at how much more smooth the transition will be to your bright blue eyeshadow, even if your eyes aren’t blue.


All in all, I can say that bright blue does work not just on blue eyed beauties. Although it depends. If you’ve never thought of wearing it before on you lids, this fall is the time to do it. If you could never even dream of walking around with bright blue eyeshadow, but you want to have some of that trend in your makeup, go for the blue, but not so blue. That is, lighter, paler, more subdued blue shades. This way you’ll be trendy and classy at the same time. And feel comfortable in your own skin and makeup, which is the most important thing.


A matching trend for this whole bright blue eyes thing for this fall is bright blue nails. Dior has a bright blue nail polish in their Cosmopolite fall collection. Chanel even released a separate mini collection called Blue Rhythm with two bright blue nail polish shades and bright blue eyeshadow. Just like blue eyes, this trend is not something every one of us can wear, but if you’re eager to try blue manicure, now is the time to do it. And, of course, bright eyeshadow paired up with bright blue nail polish in one look is a very sophisticated thing to do.


One more fall 2015 makeup trend is coming really big. Purple eyeshadow. Dior, Lancome, YSL, Clarins have released purple eyeshadow in their fall collections. Unfortunately, the kind of purple that’s trendy right now is the one I like least. It’s this muddy blurry kind of purple. So unflattering to most people. My advice is, if you like plum and wear it, go for plum instead of this shade. Plum is in the family of this trendy colour, but it’s so much more becoming and nice.  Or wear purple or lilac eyeshadow for that matter 🙂


P.S. You can see swatches and specific shades for all the trends I’m talking about here in my separate makeup collections related posts.

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