Givenchy Vinyl collection fall/winter 2015 swatched

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Vinyl… Black and shiny… That’s the first thing that comes to mind, when I hear that. And that’s what Givenchy chose to call their collection this fall/winter season. I’m all ready to see what it’s all about. Are you? Yes? Well, let’s go then.


Givenchy Palette Metallic Reflection



A limited edition eyeshadow quad.



Actually, Givenchy has done some stunning limited edition design in the past, so I’m excited. The packaging is plastic, light in my hand, but… so beautiful.



It’s like Christmas is already here. It’s elegant, noble, holiday like. It’s special and everything I want from a limited edition eye palette. I love it.


And the silver button. O-oh.



Moving on to see what’s inside. Hopefully, it’s as good as the outside. By the way, I love this plastic lid like thing, that helps to keep your eyeshadow intact.



Four shades







The first one (top left in the palette and the very left in the swatch) is a complete letdown and a stark contrast to how I felt about the palette design. It’s this muddy violet shade. Now, there must be some fans of this shade out there, because this is not the first time this shade gets released by luxury make up brands. But I’m so far from being a fan. I love make up, I really do, but this is one of my least favourite shades period. Every time I see it, I go – why, oh, why are you doing it? Why release it? It must look terrible on most people. Like a black eye, sort of J Anyway, I can only hope that the rest of the palette is better than this. There are three shades left, so the chances are still good.


And you know what? They are better. Just look at these three beauties. Oh, and, Givenchy, I gladly forgive that first shade.


Top right corner of the palette and second on the left in the swatch is this beautiful and happy sparkly pink. It’s not a light pink and not a crazy fuchsia. It’s a life loving pink that still manages to be sophisticated. It might look bright, but unlike this first muddy violet, you don’t need to be afraid of it. It will look good on most of us. Trust me. I’ve tried this shade in all kind of variations. Oh, and it’s super sparkly. So, it’s bold and daring. And pretty. A good one.


Bottom left corner of the palette and third on the left in the swatch there’s a pretty grege. It’s not quite grey, not quite beige. Sparkly big time. Once again, this shade will become just everyone, whatever you eye or hair colour is. It’s nice, not too warm and not too cold, chic, the kind of shade that will match any outfit and any occasion. And the kind that can easily transform from an everyday office wear look to a startling I’m-going-out-and-I-bet-you-I-will-own-this-city/club/person/party-or-whatever-else-tonight kind of look.


Bottom right corner and the one on the very right in the swatch there’s this pearly light beige. Ephemeral and ethereal. Cute and nice. And pretty and pearly. Very pearly. But somehow, it’s not too much. Probably, because it’s so light. This shade will light up your fire, and by that I mean – your eyes will beam with this shade. Very complimenting, awesome. With this shade even those blondes and fair haired beauties, who generally stay away from bolder eye colour, will manage and appreciate it. And, no, in case you’re wondering, it doesn’t have any sparkle in it.


Breathtaking palette. It really is. I myself will forget all about the first shade and enjoy the other three as much as humanly possible.


To round up the eye look and to support its liquid eye liner relaunch Givenchy came up with Mascara top coat.



Mister Intense Black 1 Black Vinyl



Mascara top coat? You got me interested, Givenchy. Mascara base, yes, but top coat? I’m eager to try.


The concept of this top coat is a continuation of the whole Vinyl theme of the collection. It’s supposed to give your eye lashes this shiny black vinyl twist. Okaaay.


The package is as nice as the eye palette package and matches its design in a way.



When I see the brush though, I freak out. It’s like a small shovel. Flat on the sides



and wide



How on earth is it possible to use it on my eye lashes?


Well, you know what, it is. It’s not too much trouble, actually. The only thing I’d say, just as with any mascara, you should be careful, so as not too use too much of it, because excess of mascara and, obviously, mascara top coat too, causes we all know what – eye lashes sticking together in this disgusting way, ugh.


Other than that, when I saw this thing and the promise by Givenchy of this shiny black vinyl look, I thought – isn’t the shiny black what any mascara does? Well, it’s not. Or if it is, this top coat is even more shiny and black.



It does make the difference giving your eyes the expressiveness we usually only see in mascara promos on TV.



I love this top coat. It’s worth it all the way.


The blush. Blush Memoire de Forme



We’ve already seen this formula last year in a brighter shade. This formula is looser than what I’ve come to expect from a cream blush. But it doesn’t do it any harm. In fact, the application is easy and superb. It’s just why I love cream formula so much for eyes and cheeks, because it gives you such a natural finish without all the issues of dry eyeshadow and blush. So, this formula by Givenchy is a good one. I’m glad to see this blush back.


The shade of the blush this year is called 2 Rose Delicat.



It is delicate.



Very much so.



This is one of the best blush shades I’ve seen in my whole life.



It’s such a great balance between just… everything.



Whatever you complexion is, this will be a great way to show it off and illumine it.



This blush is the kind of blush that can work even for those who don’t like or don’t use blush that often.



Stunning shade. I’m impressed. And happy.


Lips. I’ve already mentioned in a separate post, that red lip seems to be the trend this fall. Or more specifically, red brick lip. Although, any red shade you wear will do. Well, Givenchy confirms my trend feel by releasing three lip products, each with a different degree of red in it.


This season we have by Givenchy:


Two shades of Le Rouge.





Le Rouge 318 Rouge Acajou



Surprise! It’s red brick.



Of course, it is 🙂 It’s the trend.



Texturewise Le Rouge is all intense shade, classic cream lipstick and full cover. I actually like the texture and feel a lot. This could be one of my favourite cream lipstick formula, if it were not for this kind of tropical scent. It’s just on the verge of being too much for me. The result is, I only get limited editions and can wear it only strategically, that is, not too often. So, if you’re scent sensitive, be careful.


Getting back to the shade. It’s a classic red brick shade. Red with a strong orange undertone, competing with red, in, fact for the leadership in the shade. Still the shade remains red, one of the classic reds, that have been proven by decades of us wearing it. Classy. Sophisticated. And dangerously sexy. I like it.


319 Rouge Intense



OH MY GOD! I don’t know, if you like red lip, but if you do, you’ll understand me. You know, how everyone has their own favourite red? Some people like darker reds. Some like a touch of purple in theirs. Others a touch of orange. Well, I have my perfect red lip shade too, the one I keep looking for buying all those lipstick shades, lip gloss shades and other lip products hoping to hit it. And I do manage it sometimes, but more often than not I fail and then resume looking. Well, this is it.



Givenchy nailed it this season.



I mean, they got me. This is one of those times, when it’s a perfect hit. Perfect. I’m in love. I love this red. I want it. It’s bright. Not too red, not too coral, not too dark. It’s mine. It’s the shade that makes me happy. All I want from red. Here it is.


Please, see the swatch. 318 Rouge Acajou is on the left here, 319 Rouge Intense is on the right.



And a little closer look.



Givenchy also thought about those girls, who can’t walk around with super bright red lips, but still want to be trendy. Thinking red lip gloss, huh? You’re close. Not just lip gloss. Gloss Revelateur Intense.



And the name of the shade is so fun: Pinkish Red.



When you apply it, you go – where’s the red part?



But don’t forget, that it’s Gloss Revelateur, so the shade you get up front is not the shade you’ll get on your lips eventually. Red will come through in a little while, depends on you and your lips, how long it will take exactly, but I’d say five minutes is average. In five minutes you’ll see, why they call it Pinkish Red.


See here the evolution of this shade from the point of application and within roughly five minutes.









Another great shade. You’ll finally be able to try out this vampy look, even if you’ve never worn it before. This shade is a combo of pink and red, reminds me of some exotic fruit. They do come in this pinkish red colour sometimes. If the whole red brick seasonal swoop puzzles you, and you don’t like it, try this shade by Givenchy. I think, you’ll like it. There’s a sweet scent to this gloss, that doesn’t bother me, unlike Le Rouge scent. Feels good on the lips. Soft.


What do we need to round up the whole Givenchy fall/winter 2015 look? Right. Nail polish.



Now guess what shade it is. C’mon, you can do it. Yes. Red brick. Easy, wasn’t it?



28 Rouge Acajou



In case you’re wondering, why you need so many red brick nail polish shades this season, I’ll tell you, that this here is quite different from the red brick Chanel released this fall to support all the red lip shades in their collection 🙂 (you can read about Chanel collection and see all the shades and new releases in my separate post about Chanel Les Automnales collection fall 2015). 671 Ecorce Sanguine by Chanel is more red, even if brick red. 28 Rouge Acajou by Givenchy has a big time orange undertone. It looks almost coral in certain lighting, actually. See here in the swatch 28 Rouge Acajou by Givechy on the left and 671 Ecorce Sanguine by Chanel on the right.







What can I say about 28 Rouge Acajou by Givenchy? It’s red brick. If you like reds, this might be a good addition to your collection. If you don’t like corals, this can be a good alternative to have for the times, when coral gets hot. Well, and, of course, one colour for lips and nails is as elegant as ever, so you might want to pick it up, if you’re planning on getting any of those reds or red brick shades for your lips this season. Le Vernis by Givenchy is quite good in terms of quality, might be just a little too thick for me, but it’s workable.


I love this collection! I really do. It’s such a relief after Chanel Les Automnales. Givenchy Vinyl is marvelous. Beautiful. Chic. Exciting. A gorgeous make up collection. I haven’t been that impressed by Givenchy for a while. Oh, and that red lip shade is really something…


  1. Gusone Sophie says

    Hi !!

    Very nice collection from Givenchy….I love this brand !
    Can you add her or send me pictures of their ingredient list please ?



  2. Gusone Sophie says

    Hi !!

    Very nice collection from Givenchy….I love this brand !
    Can you add here or send me pictures of their ingredient list please ?



    • Hi, Sophie! I agree – I think this collection by Givenchy is one of the best this fall 🙂 Will send you the ingredient lists pictures shortly


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