Bobbi Brown Telluride collection summer 2015 swatched

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Bobbi Brown has already released one collection this summer – Sandy Nudes. I have a separate post about it, so if you’re interested, read on. By the end of summer though another collection by Bobbi Brown showed up called Telluride. Well, great, let’s see this one too 🙂


Telluride is as hot as summer itself. It’s all these warm glowy colours and textures. A lot of nudes as usual, of course. Although… but let’s talk about it a little bit later, once we’ve seen the collection. And a couple of pleasant surprises in terms of quality and shades.


The eyeshadow palette is called Telluride like the collection itself. Typical Bobbi Brown design of the box.





The lettering on the palette itself if gold, which is in line with the main idea of this collection.



There are darker shades in the palette, sexy nudes, going out like nudes. The eyeshadow is soft and nice and easy to use.


There are seven shades is Telluride eye palette. We’ll go left to right:





An off white matt base like shade called Cream – the name pretty much says all you need to know.


Second on the left there’s this beige shade kind of leaning to grege. Called Woodrose. Cooler beige. It’s matt and beautiful. I like it a lot. Elegant. I can’t say there’s any rose in it though, despite its name.


Third on the left. Velvet Plum. Yet again the name is deceiving. Where’s the plum? In the ve-e-ery background, maybe. It’s a light brown pearly metallic shade with fine golden sparkle. A very hot shade. Dangerously hot.


Next is Blazing star. All sparkle. Light beige and light gold sparkle. This shade will be a good addition to almost any shade. It will create a wash of pretty sparkle on top of colour.


Heather Rose. This one here should be called plum. It’s a medium dark plum shade with micro golden sparks. Another sultry shade. Mix it up with Velvet Plum in any kind of combination, and you’re all good for your going out night.


One but last on the right. Antique Rose. This shade looks boring enough in the palette. But it’s beautiful. Awesome. A warm matt pink. So great. So complimentary. Will go well with any eye colour, yes, even green 🙂


On the very right there’s Smokey Brown. Looks almost black in the palette, but it’s not. It’s the darkest possible chocolate brown. Eyeliner shade. Or smokey eye shade, when smokey eye is taken to the point, where I, personally, don’t dare go generally. But, maybe, you do.


Shimmer Brick Compact in Sunset Pink









I’m no big fan of bronzers, as I don’t think, that they look good on everyone, but this shade here is splendid.



It’s not brown, not orange, not bronze. It’s pink gold. And that’s the shade that does look good on everyone and that gets released rarely in bronzer world.



So, this one here is a grab-it-fast kind of thing for me.



It’s so warm and glowy.



And, by the way – like most bronzers – it will look its best used as a blush or highlighter and not powder, an accent kind of stuff rather than an all-over kind of stuff. Well, and, of course, neck and shoulders are a good area to apply bronzer.


Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks comes in two limited edition shades in this collection.



I’ve been waiting to try it thinking to myself – I’ll wait for a limited edition within a collection, and here it is. And I’m sorry I waited. Usually those multi use products, that professional make up artists love for obvious reasons – convenience – just don’t work that well. It’s like, if it’s good for lips, it’s not so good for cheeks and vice versa. If it’s colour and care, then there’s either one or the other. I mean, really, there’s a reason, why these functions have been separated in different products for decades J But this thing here works. The texture is soft and nice and great for both lips and cheeks. I’m impressed. I want more shades of this. And I’m going to get them.


The pot is small.



In terms of shades we have two in this collection.


35 Telluride is a plum beige.



Not too dark, which is a good thing for me.



It’s a nice element of the collection and will work well with the rest of it to create this warm summery feel, which is a good thing to have on some days in any season.



36 Maui was described somewhere as coral pink, and I was going – oh, no, not coral again, please.



Well, it’s not. I’m sorry, coral fans, but it’s better that you’re forewarned.



It’s a warm pink. A girly pink.



There might be some coral in it, but it’s definitely playing the second fiddle to pink.


In the swatch Telluride is on the left, Maui is on the right.



And a little closer.



Finally, there are three Lip Trios – sets for lips with lip pencil, sheer lipstick and lip gloss. All in all, in my opinion, these sets are a good idea. As much as I like the classical lips and nails painted one colour, the same way I like the elegance of a whole lip wardrobe in one box. More often than not we don’t have time nowadays to do make up properly and with all the trimmings. Well, these sets might actually make me take time to properly colour my lips. The result of such thorough make up is a sophisticated and womanly look, which I happen to like.


So, three sets.


Twilight Glow Lip Trio



As much as I like the concept of these lip trios, the shades in this one are not my cup of tea. They are nude, but darker nude, which is something I don’t enjoy.





Lip pencil in Bobbi is dark beige.



Soft and nice. I just hate it when a lip liner is not soft enough, don’t you?





There’s a pencil sharpener in each lip trio, which is great, because I don’t have to go and look for my pencil sharpeners every time I use it.



Lip gloss in Twilight.



Darker beige, but this lip gloss is the most wearable for me of the whole trio due to its obviously sheer texture. And I really like that small mint tingle all Bobbi Brown lip glosses have.


Oh, and its brush is so small.







So, like an artist you’ll be able to add as much lip gloss as you want and exactly where you want it. Say, only in the centre of your lower lip after you’ve done your pencil and lipstick routine.


Sheer lipstick in Bobbi.



I love sheer lipstick. Unfortunately, Bobbi Brown sheer lipstick is not my favourite one. Its formula is not sheer and shiny enough for me. Yet again, the shade is darker beige.



Here’s a swatch. Left to right: lip pencil, lip gloss, sheer lip color.



Sunset Pink Lip Trio





It’s not fuchsia and not coral – for once 🙂 – it’s classically pink. Warm. I love it. Sexy in a natural way.



Lip pencil. Pink Guava.



A warm pink, rather bright.





Lip gloss. Sunset.



A milder pink, a little cooler than the rest of the set in terms of its shade.


Sheer lipstick. Sunset Pink.



A warmer pink with some coral just lingering in the background to say hello but never approaching, and a handful of fine sparkle.



Here’s a swatch. Left to right: lip pencil, lip gloss, sheer lip color.



A nice set. Pink is so much of a classic for lips that it’s a good thing to have, because it comes in handy once in a while.


Pink Dusk Lip Trio





Mauve. Done nicely. Not going to where it gets way too dark. It’s a nude kind of mauve that will look natural and go well with beige and brown clothes.



Lip Pencil. Sandwash Tulle.



Mauve. Very much so. Pink with lilac in an almost even proportion but lilac winning eventually.





Pair it up with Telluride lip and cheek colour and with that bronzer and – wow!


Lip gloss. Pink Seashell.



An odd man out in the set. Very light and pearly cool pink. Not really mauve. Smart. This gives you a chance to personalize the other two shades. Add some of the lip gloss on top or a good deal of it – and you’ll get different shades.


Sheer lip color. Natural pink.



A nice mauve with pink that’s definitely there and present.



Some very fine golden sparkle makes this shade even hotter.


Here’s a swatch. Left to right: lip pencil, lip gloss, sheer lip color.



This mauve set is classy.


Here’s a swatch of all three sets side by side. Left to right:

Twilight Glow Lip Trio, Sunset Pink Lip Trio, Pink Dusk Lip Trio.



That’s the collection, which I think is good. It’s for those who love nudes but want to take a step into the vampy territory without losing their style. Well, with these shades they can do it. All the others will enjoy the warmth of these shades that will match everything from a sweater to an evening gown.


And that Pot Rouge and Shimmer Brick bronzer are marvelous.

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