Rouge d’Armani Sheers Lipstick – 6 new summer 2015 shades

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I love sheer lipstick. It’s my favourite lip texture. I like the shine of lipgloss and the comfort of a soft lipstick combined all in one. There are several sheer lipstick formulas I love. And Rouge d’Armani Sheers is definitely one of them. Armani in general does a great job in terms of makeup quality and lipstick quality in particular. The only exclusion to this rule is Rouge Ecstasy, unfortunately.


Anyway, there’s still some summer left to go, and with all the heat and dryness or humidity, depending on the climate, light sheer lipstick soothing texture is just the right coverage and feel for this time of the year.


Also, there’s one shade that is an awesome bright summer shade in this new release, and Armani beauty team managed to predict the fall trend and in their summer collection released couple of shades, that are going to be ever so hot this fall. So, these six shades or some of them will take you a long way.


Let’s take a look.


By the way, as much as I love this lipstick and other Armani makeup products, it drives me crazy that they don’t have names for some of their ranges, just numbers, I mean I can’t remember numbers, if I had a name for each shade, it would be ever so easier to operate Armani makeup world. Alas…


In this new release there are 6 shades, three reds and three pinks.



We’ll start with the reds.


Rouge d’Armani Sheers 403



Red brick – of course, it’s a big trend this fall, so Armani was ahead of everyone else getting this shade out in summer.



This red brick has quite a bit of orange in it, so coral fans might be interested.



And if red brick has never been on your mind before, sheer texture is a good way to try it, as opposed to plunging into full on cream coverage red brick lip products.



Rouge d’Armani Sheers 404



Cherry red. A classy darker red shade.



Vampy. Hot. Forever kind of red.



Comes in handy from time to time. Makes you stand out and feel womanly and elegant.



Can turn casual jeans or an office dress into a special occasion outfit. Has red carpet and black tie written all over it. Dark haired beauties should be especially interested in this one, I think.


Rouge d’Armani Sheers 405



Another red brick.



Can you believe Armani doing it in summer before all those fall collection showed up full of red brick lipstick and nail polish?



This shade has more red in it than 403.



If you don’t like coral, but want to do red brick, this is what you need. On the one hand, red brick is so overpowering this fall season, it feels like there’s too much of it. On the other hand, red brick for lips and nails is a classic, and if you’ve never worn it before, fall 2015 is just the right time to start.


That said, 403 and 405 are close enough, where you probably don’t need both. Just remember, if you want more orange in it, go for 403. If you want more red, go for 405.


Moving on to the pinks. I’m sure, some of you have been thinking all this while – red brick? Cherry? There’s no chance in the world I’m wearing that! So, here’s something you might like.


Although, I have to say, two shades out of three in this batch kind of puzzle me, as I, personally, wouldn’t really categorize them as pinks, but let’s begin at the beginning.


3 pinks:


Rouge d’Armani Sheers 510



Pink? What pink? This is plum.



A nice medium plum with a lot of purple in it.



This shade is purple, really, not pink. Sultry. And dangerously sexy. Another classic.



This is also cherry, just like one of those reds, only it’s black cherry. This shade worn with a black dress is… is… wow.


Rouge d’Armani Sheers 511



A happy fuchsia shade with a good deal of purple in it.



This could be defined as either pink or purple, I guess, so, okay, fine, here I kind of understand, why Armani people call it ‘pink’.



Fun summer still lingers and lasts, so this bright fuchsia still can get you through some of the parties. And resorts. And small little cafes, where you go with your friends.



Well, and when fall comes, why not shake up the red brick world with this vibrant shade?


Rouge d’Armani Sheers 512



Plum with more violet and brown in it and more golden sheen than in 510.



If 510 is hot, this is hot-goes-burning-hot-and-wears-a-bikini-and-stiletto-heel kind of hot.



Once again, why it’s one of the ‘pinks’, I don’t know. But this shade is a beautiful full makeup and really dressed up kind of plum.



Or you can collide it with a very businesslike and elegant outfit and see the ‘wow’ effect you’ll get. You’ve never thought that grey jacket can be sexy, huh? Well, it can, with this lip shade.


510 and 512 are quite close, so you can probably pick the one that suits you best as opposed to going for both.


Please, see the swatch with left to right: Rouge d’Armani Sheers 403, 404, 405, 510, 511, 512.



Here you go, all 6 new shades of Rouge d’Armani. They are nice. Beautiful. Summer and fall like. And all year round like shades in great texture and quality. I love that.


If you want to see and feel the rest of the shades in the range, please, see here Rouge d’Armani Sheers – all shades swatched


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