YSL Rock Resille swatched

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A mini collection by YSL – Rock Resille – includes only two products but these products are so spectacular they are worth mentioning and taking a closer look at.



First and foremost, their design. Oh. So French. Makes me want to wear stockings with this kind of pattern, a little black dress with a kind of flared skirt. Perfect. Seriously, I am going to wear those after seeing this collection. Speaking about it. Remember what I said? Two products.


Touche Eclat Collector Radiant Touch



It has this awesome pattern on it – a fancy stocking like pattern I was telling you about. Love this.



Now, I have to tell you I generally use concealers in a stick. Like YSL Anti-Cernes. Because they give me better coverage than Touche Eclat Radiant Touch like correctors, that are kind of liquid. But… Touche Eclat Collector Radiant Touch actually proved to have better coverage than I expected from this texture. It’s not quite up to what a concealer in a stick will provide, but it’s almost there, quite good. And the texture is awesome. So soft and nice and spreads so easily.


This limited edition concealer comes in shade 2, which makes sense – there are three shades in YSL permanent range, and this is a medium one, so it should work for most people out there, not too light, not too dark.



Initially, the shade struck me as pretty light for number 2 which must be somewhere in the middle. But then, once it settled, it changed a little.



It’s fair enough still – probably, too fair to be universal – but a strong pink undertone showed up. Which is what I like. I very much prefer pink beige to orange beige and just beige in base and concealer. So, it’s just right for me.



Other than not enough coverage, my complaint about this kind of illuminating concealers, is this terrible twist-the-bottom-and-get-concealer-on-a-brush technology. I hate it. I hate it so much. It’s one of the most uncomfortable things out there on the market. So, instead of having this stuff, YSL has a button on the bottom that you just hit several times to get the concealer to appear on the brush. What a relief. It works so much better. Thank you, YSL.


Moving on to the second item in this collection.


YSL Rock Resille Edition 5 color ready-to-wear palette





Oh, it’s beautiful. I generally don’t like this fluffy kind of plastic boxing design, but this is marvelous.



This pattern saves the day. So elegant and chic and everything. Those stockings and dress are coming out of my wardrobe soon, I’m telling you.

The eyeshadow in this palette is good quality. Easy to use. And the shades are amazing. Better than I expected.



In the promos this palette looks much more pink than it actually is. In real life it looks super coral. But when you swatch it or use it, it’s pink but there’s a strong orange undertone going on there.



Luckily, it doesn’t go off the cliff to full on coral, it’s like a perfect balance of pink and orange, just the right amount of each. And it’s a very rare kind of thing. Usually, when it comes to such shades, there’s either too much orange or too much pink, and then it’s boring. While YSL here managed to pull it off and get the right proportion in their palette. These shades will look awesome on most people. Whatever you complexion, eye colour and hair colour is. Good job.


Let’s go through the shades. They are worth it.

IMG_5958 2




Top left corner of the palette and the very left in the swatch there’s a great in between pink and orange pearly shade with a good deal of sparkle. Very sophisticated. Love this shade. Whatever you wear, this will always come in handy, make you look well groomed and classy.


Top right corner of the palette and second on the left in the swatch we have a pearly sparkly white shade. Usually such shades are base shades without much colour to them. But this is really white. So, you can use it as an actual eyeshadow as opposed to just a base shade.


In the small square in the middle in the palette and in the middle (third on the left) in the swatch there’s a matt charcoal grey eyeliner shade. Well, it’s up to you, if you use it at all, but if you do, it will probably add depth to your eye makeup with this palette. I, for one, am too distracted by those gorgeous pink orange shades to even care about this matt charcoal at the moment.


Bottom left corner of the palette and second on the right in the swatch there’s a matt light grey shade. I can see, why it’s in the palette. It can be a good addition to those pearly pink and orange shades. These grey shades in the palette give it that Parisian elegance that is concentrated in the packaging design pattern.


Bottom right corner of the palette and on the very right in the swatch there’s a…yes another splendid in between pink and orange shade, only brighter than the first one. Pearly. No sparkle. Amazing.


All these shades used separately or together or in any combinations you might want to use them in create a kind of artsy natural look. You know, not beige eyeshadow with black eyeliner, but pink and orange eyeshadow with grey eyeliner. Smart. And interesting.


YSL Rock Resille mini collection is the case when less is more. I mean, it’s better, when you have two great products, than when you have twenty products, and only one, maybe, is really good and exciting. In this collection everything is special: design, shades, texture, a true limited edition. And that pattern is something, as it made me think about all those clothes and styles and looks and…

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