Modern nudes that you can really make your own

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Nude makeup and manicure became a classic. It’s ever so popular. It’s comfortable, elegant, it brings out the best in us, as opposed to trying to force a certain image on our personality and looks. And as any truly classic thing, it stays popular and fashionable and has a lot of fans all over the world.


Well, what do I personally like and appreciate about nudes? The fact that nude shades don’t make us all look the same. Rather, they make us all look different, because they let us look what we are.


Further on, my personal taste doesn’t lie in the beige nudes territory. Although I do use beige nude shades on my eyelids, lips and nails from time to time. I mean, when we think nudes, we think beige, but is it really so? Pale pink and pale mauve on lips and nails are nudes too. And pale coral. And white.


Even if nude makeup and manicure is your thing, there are ways to personalize your nudes and have them your way.


Two best products that allow me (and you) to do it and that I have in my collection is an eyeshadow and lip gloss from this year spring collection by Dior. But of course, it doesn’t have to be these two necessarily. I’m just talking shades, colours and general direction here. There are a lot of products out there that are close enough to these two shades. And, after all, we’re all different, so each and every one of us will find a shade or shades that are just right for us, and that no one else wears the same way.


So, as opposed to going all beige, as we do a lot of times, and as some of us do most of the time, I suggest doing this. Look here.


045 Fairy Grey eyeshadow by Dior





It’s a limited edition, it’s holographic, yes, it is, but what’s important here is that it’s a very light silver.



That’s a modern version of nude. It also can be a shiny white. I’ve already mentioned in one of my posts how shiny white on your eyelids can make all the difference when you’re tired, and make you look fresh nonetheless. If you want to know more about it, please, check out my post called Feeling tired? No one will know! Getting back to nudes.



Shiny white or shiny silver on your lids will bring out you eye colour and hair colour and complexion and make your eyes beam. It’s such a flattering shade. It’s really special. And it’s good for work, going out and just anything. Any time any place kind of thing. Beautiful. And different. Yours.


The same goes for lips. Instead of using beige I like using this thing here. Lip gloss from the same Dior spring 2015 collection. But once again, it’s not the point here, it doesn’t have to be Dior, it can be anything in the same family.


Here’s mine though 🙂


Dior Addict 004 Tiara






A transparent gloss with holographic sparkle.




Depending on your taste, it can be pearly white, transparent shiny or pink sparkle instead of holographic sparkle or whatever else you like. But again, this kind of gloss is not just beige, it’s not blocking you, your lip colour, lip shape, not blocking what makes you different from everyone else. Fresh and nice. Very nude. But modern. Sophisticated. Natural. Everything I like 🙂


Here’s a swatch – eyeshadow on top, lip gloss on the bottom.



Up close



You are not going to believe, how these shades on your eyelids and lips can brighten up your look. It’s nude at its best. So clean and clear and awesome. So up-to-date. It’s a way to go nude and retain your own style at the same time. Personalized makeup. My favorite 🙂

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