Sarah Smile by Deborah Lippmann swatched

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Sarah Smile is one of celebrity collaborations by Deborah Lippmann. This shade is created together with – as you might have guessed already – Sarah Jessica Parker. Well, what can be more glamorous that a nail shade created with ‘Sex and the City’ star?



Do you like nudes? Well-groomed nail look without much colour and your nails looking painted? Then this shade will appeal to you. It’s labeled as pale pink on Deborah Lippmann website. There might be a touch of pink it, but there’s also a touch of beige and, maybe, orange or yellow. To me, rather than pale pink, this shade looks an off white shade with really just an echo of the colours I’ve already mentioned.



It’s a very classy manicure shade. No shimmer. No pearl. No sparkle. This shade will go well with just everything. Elegance and sophistication mixed in a bottle.



Sarah Smile is the shade that can easily get you from the office to a meeting and into a night club in the evening and look awesome in all those settings. It’s a good manicure idea, if you’re going on vacation or for a weekend retreat and can’t change your nail colour often or at all. Noble and subdued.



It’s a great pedicure shade, because it works with any clothes, styles and any nail colour on your hands. So, if you don’t like to change colour on your toe nails too often, you can just stick to it for a while and play with nail shades on your hands. Unless you’re used to following tips&toes shoud always be painted one colour/shade principle.


Really good quality, as it’s always the case, when it’s Deborah Lippmann. This nail polish is not damaging to nails, easy to apply and lasts a while. The shade I’m talking about here in particular is not full coverage. So, it might look a little different from person to person depending on your own nail coloring. Or you can actually achieve full coverage by applying three coats of this shade.



Sarah Smile is a good celebrity shade for those who like natural look, nude look, well-groomed look without anything too bright, when it comes to manicure. And a good shade to have in your stash, because it’s one of those timeless classic like shades, that we all turn to now and again. Nice.

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