Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick Pink Sparkle swatched

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I love cream eyeshadow in pots. And I love cream eyeshadow in sticks. Especially when I need to quickly make up and get going, these two textures are the best. Bobbi Brown cream shadow stick formula is really good. It’s soft and easy to apply. Don’t you just hate it, when you’re applying an eyeshadow in a stick form or any form, and it’s so hard and harsh, that it hurts your lid? I hate that. Well, you won’t have this issue with Cream Shadow Stick by Bobbi Brown. It lasts and stays on too. Which is a good thing, when you are on the run all day long. It means, you don’t have to fix it in the course of the day and can be sure that it looks perfect. Sounds good?


The shade I’d like to talk about today is Pink Sparkle. It’s a pearly light pink shade with some sparkle in it.



Actually, there’s a reason why I picked this shade to discuss now. But we’ll get to it a little bit later. First let’s talk more about the shade.



Are you afraid of pink on your lids? Don’t be. It’s a very light flattering pink. It’s pearly in texture and has some sparkle in it, which is honestly and truly stated in the name of the shade.



I’ve seen some negative reviews online with complaints about grainy kind of texture of this particular shade. Well, there is a little bit of that, but that’s what sparkle is. Sparkle adds a textured feel to any products. So, if you don’t like it, don’t go for sparkle, go for just pearly eyeshadow texture. It’s more sleek.



I, personally, don’t mind sparkle in general and like this shade. Getting back to my initial goal here. Why Pink Sparkle? Why now? Well, as I’ve already said more than once in my posts, red brick for lips and nails is ever so hot this fall. That brings us to a question of – what eye shades can we wear red brick lip with? I’m not too keen on luxury brands suggestions so far. In fall makeup collections brands seem to suggest pairing up red brick lip mostly with grey, copper and orange eye shades. Ugh. I don’t like this idea.



How about this instead? Why not match red brick lip or red lip in general with… pink? Yes, pink. Light pink, of course. I know, when we think red lip, our mind automatically goes to beige or nude eyelids, but it’s boring to do it all the time. Why pink? It just looks so great with red lip. It does. To tell you the truth, I got this idea from makeup on a TV show, where the star used to wear a lot of red on her lips, and oftentimes had bright pink eyeshadow on at the same time. Well, we are not in a TV show and don’t have a studio light around us and on us all the time, so of course, I wouldn’t go for bright pink eyeshadow with red lips. But this nice pale pink – like Pink Sparkle by Bobbie Brown – looks stunning with red lips. Matt or pearly, shiny or sparkle, any kind of texture you like in pale pink will work. It doesn’t even look pink on the lids, it just makes your eyes shine.



And as we are bound to get all the red brick lip shades this fall, I can’t help thinking – what is red brick? A mixture of red and orange. Most eyeshadow choices in seasonal collections seem to suggest eye shades that will bring out the orange side of red brick. I suggest going the other way. Or else, that’s what I’ll be doing myself 🙂 I’ll go for bringing out the red in red brick lip shades. And wearing red brick lipstick or lip gloss with pale pink eyeshadow is one of the ways to do it. Also, it’s just so beautiful. And not too overdone. Especially if you’re dark eyed and dark haired, it’s a way to go. So, hello, fall, and hello, red brick lip and pale pink eyelids.

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