Burberry nail polish – all shades swatched

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Burberry nail polish and makeup is a middle of the road thing for me in luxury market. It’s not the best out there, but it’s solid enough in terms of quality, where I can turn to it time after time and be quite satisfied with the result I get. Also, I think Burberry has done a really good job in terms of translating their brand DNA into their makeup range. Their permanent nail polish range consists of eighteen shades, that I’m going to talk about here. And, definitely, in the colour range here we can see that it’s Burberry. And that’s something I really like. Something special, something that’s different from all the other brands and ranges out there.


Burberry nail polish dries fast enough, lasts long enough. As I’ve already said, it’s not the best, not the worst, it’s quite good, its quality is consistent. It’s not damaging to nails. Application to me is a big catch. It’s one of those nail polishes – Dolce&Gabbana like, although it’s better than D&G – where a little amount of polish takes you a long way. You know, when you apply it on your nails, and it just keeps spreading and spreading and spreading… It’s good from the point of view of saving money, but I have to tell you, I’m no fan of this kind of nail polish formula. Why? I want to fully control the application. I don’t need nail polish to take over. When it does, there’s no way my manicure can come out as smooth as I’d like it to be. And it just shouldn’t be the case. Especially in the luxury makeup market. Although this effect in nail polish must have a lot of fans, because several brands have something of the kind. So, if that’s what you like, go for it. Burberry nail polish is right up your alley.


Oh, and I really appreciate their nail polish bottle design. So British. So Burberry. I mean, just look at this cap with checkered pattern. And at the beige textured box. Nice.



I’ll start from the beginning here. And as we all know, at the beginning of nail polish palette we usually have pale or light shades. This holds true in Burberry range.


100 Nude Beige



The name of the shade pretty much says it. It’s this really pale beige shade. Naked manicure, French manicure shade. Well groomed nails kind of look without much colour to it.



I’m no big fan of such manicure, but this shade is well done, I think. And there are a lot of fans of this nail look out there. Two coats will give you this a little see through kind of real naked look. Three coats – as I have it here – will get you full coverage.



It’s the kind of shade for those who don’t like to draw much attention to their manicure. Or if you don’t like to go through the motions of changing your nail colour too often, this is perfect, because it will match just anything. Any clothes, any style, and look, any makeup, any occasion.



For the same kind of reason this shade is good for pedicure, if you can’t stand the bright red toe nails, but want them to look well taken care of and posh.


Moving on.

101 Nude Pink



Another pale shade. I have to say, I, personally, like it better than Nude Beige. It’s interesting. It’s not what most pale pink nail shades are.



Somehow most pale pink nail shades tend to be on the warmer side. This seems to be on the cooler side of things. Depending on the light, it sometimes even looks like it has just a touch of lilac about it. And, maybe, beige.



It has fuller coverage capacity than Nude Beige. Two coats will give you uncompromising full on coverage. So, if you’re looking for a transparent pink on your nails, this isn’t probably it.



I think it’s a nice shade. It’s pale enough, so everything I said about nude well groomed nail look, matching just anything, applies to it as much as it does to Nude Beige. All in all, I’d say, this shade is more unique than Nude Beige, and, hence, more interesting.


102 English Rose



Amazing. Another pale pink and again cold pink J It’s not full coverage. Two coats will get you kind of showing through feel. French manicure like. Three coats though will provide full coverage for those who prefer it. I’m wearing three coats in the swatch to show the shade better.



The shade is a super tender whitish kind of pink. Elegant and sophisticated. The third shade in the range for a well groomed and manicured or pedicured kind of feel and look. So, French and nude nail fans should get all over this nail colour range 🙂



Once again, it’s the kind of shade that will work with just anything and anywhere too. Office. Beach. Party. Wedding 🙂



Very nice. Very classy. I kind of like it, even though such shades are not my cup of tea usually. But seeing it on my nails makes me want to wear it.


103 Ash Rose



I have to say, the name of the shade completely threw me off. I was sure it’s a pink shade. When I saw it in the bottle, I was even more stunned, because it looks grey. There are three other grey shades in the range – we’ll get to them a little bit later. So, I was like – what? – the fourth grey?



But what it really is, is grege. A very delicate grege. Maybe, there’s just a little more grey in it than beige, still it’s definitely in between the two. How noble 🙂



I like grege. I will enjoy wearing this one. Two coats will get you to a not transparent look.



This shade is a little bit brighter than the three ever so light shades above, still it’s subdued. For some reason it makes me want to wear it with jeans or pants and a sports coat. But it will definitely look good with an evening gown too.



Actually, this shade will look awesome with any beige and grey clothes.


104 Stone



Another grege. Wow.



It’s darker than Ash Rose. Natural, chic and easy. Any time and any place this will work. Sporty girls might like it. Businesswear and officewear will definitely welcome this shade. It’s understated and nice.



Like any grege, it looks more grey or more beige in different situations, depending on the light.



Like any grege, it looks more grey or more beige in different situations, depending on the lighting.



It’s not special, but it’s classy. And very Burberry.


105 Mink



Believe it or not, it’s grege. Well, this one is a darker grege. It’s probably what you imagine, actually, when you hear ‘grege’.



This is a bolder nude shade, that can look interesting with brown clothes. It’s for those who like natural colours in manicure, but want to go a little bit outside of their comfort zone and try something new.



I like grege, but… three of those? Really? I don’t know about that. It’s in tune with Burberry DNA though, I’ll give them that. I think, those who like to paint their nails grey, might want to pay attention to these three and try them. You can find a new whole grege territory here. And it’s always exciting to find something new.



I’d say, in general, all of the above shades are don’t-stand-out-too-much kind of shades. If you like this kind of manicure, you’ll love this range. If you don’t, this part of it might seem pretty boring to you. It depends.


106 Dark Trench



Dark? Where is dark here? Another misleading name. It’s a light grey shade. No sparkle or pearl as in most of Burberry shades.



If you like grey nail shades, you’ll be happy with Burberry range for sure. For the longest possible time I couldn’t understand, why people use grey nail polish. But I’ve come on terms with it big time, and now I kind of like it and use it from time to time.



If you want to know more about my relationship with grey nail polish – and this relationship is not an easy one – and see a bunch of grey nail polish shades, read my post called Fifty shades of grey… nail polish.



By the way, since the time I wrote I, I found three more cool grey nail shades, and I’m going to add them in that post soon. Anyway, Dark Trench is a great alternative to beige for those who see all bright and funky nail shades as a no go zone.



This light grey is noble. It’s a good thing to have on your nails, when you’re wearing white, black and grey clothes. All in all, this light grey is pretty.


108 Honey



Here we go again with the names. Where’s honey?



I’ve had honey more than once. It’s yellow or brown. This is a medium beige with, maybe, just a tiny little touch of yellow. Not enough to make it honey though.



Another nude shade, but not an off white beige, it’s somewhere in the middle in the beige family. A nice sporty or natural look shade. I’m-fed-up-with-repainting-my-nails-all-the-time kind of shade.



Another shade that reminds us of all Burberry coats and trenches and scarves and, well, you know…


109 Camel



Well, camel is such a famous shade in fashion world, we all pretty much know what it means. In this shade Burberry got back on track with naming, and camel it is.



We’ve all had a camel coat at least once in out lives, if we life in the climate, where coats apply.



Famous and classic. Beige or light brown with a strong yellow undertone.



A warm shade. Light enough to be nude. A good alternative to bronze, if bronze nail shades don’t look that good on your hands, or if it’s the season when bronze becomes crazy popular – and we all know what this season is, summer – and you don’t want to wear bronze. Camel will look as good as bronze on tanned hands.



I like this shade. It’s warm and cozy and fuzzy. Reminds me of all the coats and scarves I’ve worn in my life, especially, when I was a little girl. Makes me think of a fireplace, fall, winter and… Christmas.


200 Steel Grey



Oh, so the names are off again, huh? Tell me, when you hear Steel Grey, what do you picture? I picture metallic. And when I look at the bottle, there does seem to be some pearl or sparkle in this darker grey, although this pearl or sparkle is somehow… gold.



Anyway, whatever it is, it doesn’t really show on the nails. It’s a pretty dark grey shade. A medium grey, actually, if we take Dark Trench as the light extreme and almost black grey shades as the dark one. Although it might be just a little bit closer to the darker side.



If you like grey nail polish, I think you’ll love this. It’s such a well rounded grey shade. It’s not too light, not too dark, sultry and sexy kind of nail shade with an artsy twist to it, well, because it’s grey 🙂



This shade can definitely shake up your beige nails office routine and make it a little bit more interesting. Or you can wear it with a silver evening gown. Or… well, if you love grey nails, you know, how versatile this shade is.


201 Graphite



Very much like Steel Grey. Only remember I told you, that when I looked at Steel Grey in the bottle, I saw that golden kind of pearl or sparkle, that didn’t show on the nails? Well, as much as it didn’t show, it balanced it with a sort of yellow subtone. While Graphite is as dark or a little lighter, only it has a blue undertone to it.



If you love grey nail shades, you’ll love it. It’s truly a beauty in grey nail polish world. It’s so well done.



Bright enough and elegant. And everything you want from grey. It’s the kind of grey that’s truly universal.



It will look awesome with blue clothes, because then its blue undertone will show up in its full swing.



And if you hate black manicure, this could be a way to go. It’s a darker nail shade, but not black and you can wear it instead of it and be artsy without being Gothic.


202 Metallic Khaki



Metallic Khaki it is. Or else it’s a golden Khaki. Almost brown gold.



Remember limited edition Peridot by Chanel back from fall 2011? Well, this here is kind of in the family, only darker and has more gold in it. Unlike Peridot, which is ever so hard to apply and crazy streaky, this is almost not streaky at all. Would be a perfect pearly shade, if it were not for the whole a little-gets-you-an-ever-so-long-way-and-spreads-all around-nail-thing. Well, you know 🙂



Anyway, finally, here’s an artsy shade in Burberry range. I have to admit I have a natural inclination to artsy nail shades, athough I love nail polish so much and change it so often, I do use all kind of shades 🙂 This shade is pretty unique. I don’t think any luxury brand has this kind of nail colour in their permanent range. It’s still elegant though. Because of this golden subtone and because it’s a darker shade. I like it a lot.



If you like brown, gold or darker khaki on your nails, you’ll probably like it. It’s a good special occasion shade too. Sophisticated and elegant and opulent and, oh, so gorgeous.



It’s also a good way to try khaki for those who’ve never had, because they can’t picture themselves walking around with green nails. If you’re looking for green nail polish shades though – as I, for one, always am – this one here is not quite green, it’s diluted with gold big time, although it’s called khaki, so that it looks almost brown in certain lighting. There’s something for you in this range though, green nail polish fans, so bear with me 🙂


203 Storm Grey



Another grey! Another one! Really! Well, it’s kind of like Graphite, medium grey, without an even stronger blue undertone. So, wearing it with blue clothes is a good idea.



It’s a nice grey, not too light, not too dark. Very complimenting and pretty. You’ll probably like it, if you like grey shades.



Everything said about other grey shades applies here. Works with all kind of styles and clothes, can be a good substitute for black. I mean, if grey is your favourite manicure colour, this range is all you need.



But how many people are out there, who love grey to this point? Probably, not much. Although all those greys are very Burberry. Well, who knows, if this range gets all grey nail colour fans, maybe, it will be enough to keep their sales up 🙂



If you’ve never tried grey on your nails and want to try it, I’d say, start with Dark Trench, then go for this one. And you’re likely to hit it right with grey manicure. And if you come to love it, Burberry nail polish is right there for you. Because this nail polish range is some sort of a grey kingdom 🙂


204 Khaki



Love green nails? Remember I told you there’s something for you in this range? Well, this one here is truly khaki.



It’s green, I mean, it’s this subdued and classy green, but khaki it is, that is, in the end, green. It’s not dark enough to look brown or something. On the other hand, khaki is elegant, so this shade is a good chance to try green manicure, if you’ve never tried it before.



Seriously, it’s so sophisticated and nice, you can easily wear it to work, to the office, anywhere. Try wearing this shade with beige, brown, camel outfits, it will look awesome.



Obviously, Burberry has done a lot of khaki in their clothes collections, so they really know how to do it. This is one of the best khaki shades I’ve seen.



If you like nudes and beiges on your nails, this could be a good shade to throw in your rotation and go to sometimes.


299 Poppy Black



It’s black, and that says it all. A classically black shade. No trimmings.



It’s a choice. I’ve been at the point in my life, where I just couldn’t wear black on my nails.



Then my curiosity and desire to explore new makeup planes made me try it and even come to kind of like it. It’ll never be my favourite, but I wear it, even if not too often.



And I admit all the benefit of black manicure. It matches almost anything. So, instead of going for nude nails to last you a while without having to change the colour, you can go for black nails with the same effect.



It’s artsy, an emphatic kind of accent and a good way to round up the look. I think though, black looks better on short nails, but, maybe, it’s just me.


300 Military Red



A darker red. Blood red waving hello to raspberry.



It’s not my kind of red, but it’s a timeless classic that has a lot of fans out there.



As long as this is Burberry, the name of the shade – Military Red – gives a hint of what this shade is to anyone who saw British Guards in those black furry hats. Yes, those guys. Their uniform jackets are this deep red colour.



I think, it’s a good red to have in permanent nail polish range. I do turn to this kind of red sometimes.



It looks good when used for pedicure. And if you like red lipstick, it’s a great match for it.


301 Poppy Red



Cute name 🙂 This shade is closer to what I like in red, although it’s not quite it. It’s a lighter and brighter red, not dark.



It’s kind of sheer in texture a little bit, so that even two coats, as you can see in the swatches, don’t give you a hundred percent full coverage. Although it’s almost full, and the bright colour makes it looks almost like it’s full and dead on red.



It’s a nice bright happy red. Vampy red.



I know, I know, darker red is thought to be vampy, but this red used the right way, paired up with the right outfit and the right lip colour, is a very dangerous weapon.



Dating kind of red. Not the first date though, you don’t need crowds of guys following you around 🙂


302 Lacquer Red



Cherry red.



If Military Red has something of a raspberry to it, this is definitely cherry.



Hot. Sultry. Sexy. Womanly. Timeless classic. It’s full coverage. And has a great mirror shine to it even without top coat.



This red is good for high end special occasions. Or office, if you like darker nail shades in general. It’s elegant and universal. And that’s a great thing about it.



You could also play around it with your look to make it vampy. This shade is perfect, if Poppy Red is too light for you, and Oxblood is too dark, but you still want red on your nails.


303 Oxblood



A dark purple red shade. Another vampy one, only in a different way. Sultry. Hot. Burgundy like.



Depending on the lighting, it sometimes looks more purple, sometimes looks Bordeaux. I’d says, it looks more purple in the bottle than it proves to be on the nails.



Oxblood is another very British name. This shade is another good red to have in permanent nail colour range. Almost all of us do wear this super dark red from time to time.



Those who like it, hear me, please, there is purple in this shade. Because among dark red nail fans there are those who can’t stand any deal of purple in their reds.



Anyway, this dark purple red is good for clubbing, special occasions, TV and fashion shoots. It’s sexy. Establishing authority, so executives of all sorts might like it. And if you just have an important event coming, this shade can give you some of the assurance you need. This red is another classic that can be worn with most of your wardrobe and to most places.


That’s it. Burberry nail polish range. Eighteen shades. My personal favourite is Metallic Khaki. And just Khaki 🙂 What can I say about the range as a whole? Good natural shades side. If you like nudes and naturals, you’re welcome here. An incredible amount of grey shades. And three – three! – grege shades. There must be beauties out there who love grey nail colours and grege, they gonna love this range. Three reds, which I think is a good way to introduce classics. Two khaki shades and black represent the artsy side of it. All in all, the range is sophisticated and calm, not crude in any way. Not too artsy. Although Burberry has done some really bright yellow and green shades in their limited editions, so they have this artsy part covered. This is a good range with a strong mission, that is Burberry DNA, hidden in its heart. Actually, a look at this range is a good way to understands Burberry as a brand better.


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  3. Amy says

    Thanks for the review, found your review quite helpful. I am thinking about going through with buying No.100, 101,and 102. : )

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Amy 🙂 I’m so glad you found my review helpful. I think, it’s always better to see the shades in real life pics. Gives you a much better idea of what they actually look than promo photos, that are inevitably processed. My goal – since I started blogging – has always been to show full ranges or full seasonal collections, if possible, so everyone can pick, what they like, because tastes differ, you know. You’ve gone for such tender shades in Burberry range. I think, Burberry does them best. You’ve got good taste) I hope you’ll enjoy No.100, 101,and 102)) You can also follow me here or on Instagram, if you want. It’s @veilfairy. On Instagram I post pics of me wearing all kind of lip colour shades. I’ll be posting more makeup reviews and some style and fashion reviews – it’s my new thing) here. And I post on Instagram like every day now. Currently talking there about L’oreal Paris x Balmain Color Riche collection. Anyway, thank you for your input. I appreciate it. I’m always interested to know, who likes what in makeup world)


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