Brown mascara versus black mascara

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What made me think about writing this post is brown mascara by Chanel in their fall collection 2015 – 80 Ecorces. I’m going to add photos and swatches of it to my post called Chanel Les Automnales collection fall 2015 swatched tomorrow. For now I’d like to talk about the following: is it even worth getting a brown mascara for hazel eyes? As much as I’m always for buying more makeup :-), even I have to honestly say – nope. I don’t think it’s worth it. It’s pretty much just like black mascara, only a little bit understated. I’ve had a bunch of brown mascara by different brands, and I just can’t see enough difference to talk myself into getting it and using it. You’ll ask why I’m getting Le Volume 80 Ecorces by Chanel? The answer is simple. I love this mascara formula. So, I’m getting it for the sake of its quality, not for its colour.


The same goes for Bordeaux mascara for brown eyes. It doesn’t do enough. Remember Chanel Inimitable intense mascara 40 Rouge Noir? I have the same impression of it as I have of brown mascara. They keep saying that brown and plum and Bordeax mascara is supposed to illuminate hazel eyes in some special sort of way, but I just don’t see that happening. Now, it could be different with green eyes, if you try Bordeaux mascara, that can give a very surprising and interesting result. For hazel eyes I’d say – stick to the good old black one. Or else, that’s what I’m doing 😉 There’s a reason why black mascara has been around for all this time. It works!


Well, and of course, everything said above doesn’t refer to colourful mascara – emerald, bright blue, bright violet and such. Those are nice and interesting, and I do try them and wear them. But brown mascara for hazel eyes just doesn’t really get you there.


P.S. If you’re looking for a good mascara, you can find out, which I consider to be the best, if you read my post called Best mascara – 5 of them.

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