Dior Cosmopolite fall 2015 swatched

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I’ve been pretty much disappointed by Chanel Les Automnales this fall and by Guerlain Bloolm of Rose. I quite liked Givenchy fall winter Vinyl collection though. But it’s the only collection I liked this season so far. You can read reviews and see swatches of all these three in separate posts. But as much as I was not too excited by the collections that I was seeing this fall, I’ve been anticipating Dior going – c’mon, Dior, give me a good collection. C’mon! Well, I have the collection now and I’d like to talk about each item separately before I get to the conclusion of what this collection is like and how I find it.


We’ve got a lot of stuff here.


First, there’s cream blush in a stick. Diorblush Cheek Stick. Well, after Chanel released cream blush in a stick in their Les Beiges collection this summer, we were bound to get the same kind of product from Dior 🙂 So, here it is. It’s soft, surprisingly matt, no glow to it to speak of. Which seemed weird to me, as somehow cream texture in a stick in a blush to me means glowy. I don’t know why. It not scented. All in all, I’d say, it’s Ok but nothing special. My problem with Chanel version of this was bits and pieces snapping off it in the course of application hindering its smoothness, obviously. Well, this isn’t the case with Dior. The texture is good. The blush itself is very small though. There’s little product there, less than what I’ve come to expect to get of cream blush in a stick.


Moving onto the shades here.

There are three of them.


675 Cosmopolite coral







Coral it is.



You can layer it and go from light to bright quite easily.



765 Cosmopolite Rosewood





Rosewood, huh? Nope, it’s not rosewood.



It’s pink.



A kind of warm classical pink shade.



845 Cosmopolite Pink





Oh, that’s why they called the other one Rosewood. Because they wanted to call this one pink 🙂



It’s a lighter cool pink.



But not too light.



These are the three shades. Let me repeat what I said up front. I don’t think this blush is in any way special, so unless you love cream blush in a stick, I’m not sure there’s a reason enough to get it.


Here’s a swatch. Left to right: 675 Cosmopolite coral, 765 Cosmopolite Rosewood, 845 Cosmopolite Pink.



Also for face we have here a limited edition illuminating powder.

Diorskin Nude Cosmopolite 001 Illuminating face powder



It’s nice and soft to the touch. I can’t say I’ve detected much illumination here, if any, it’s very delicate, so, if you’re looking for illumination, you can find something else to suit your need. Say, a beautiful new highlighter by Guerlain, see my post called Guerlain Poudre de Soie swatched 🙂



The powder box is very thin.





I love minimalistic design of this powder with Dior scattered lettering.



It’s clean, modern and chic.



The shade is light beige, might be too light for me, personally, but quite universal, actually.



Although, if you’ve got that gorgeous summer tan, then this powder is definitely too light. Dior somehow hasn’t taken tan into account when releasing this powder in fall 🙂


Let’s talk about the quality now. Unfortunately, Dior powders – or base and tone in general – are just not great, in my opinion. I don’t really use them, only got this one here, because it’s a limited edition. As much as I like Dior and Chanel, I don’t think their tone products are the best out there. Guerlain is great, when it comes to base and powder and Armani.


For eyes this fall season we have two eyeshadow palettes by Dior and a launch of their new liquid eyeshadow. We’ll start with the two palettes.


Let me say up front, that I don’t think the quality of Dior eyeshadow 5 Coleurs after it got relaunched last fall, is good. I think it’s hard to apply it, it goes all over the place on the lid. In fact, if anything, qualitywise, this eyeshadow got worse after it was relaunched, unfortunately. But that’s me, maybe, you like it, so here we go.


Dior 5 Coleurs Cosmopolite 766 Exuberante





Exuberant? I’m all for exuberant! This name gets me all hopeful and excited. And the shades look good in the box, but…





In the top left corner of the palette and on the very left in the swatch we have a matt grege shade. I love grege, but this shade looks blurry and kind of not pure. I don’t like it, and I don’t think it’s an appealing shade. I don’t think it will look good on many people. Pity. Still hopeful though 🙂


Then in the top right corner in the palette and second on the left in the swatch there’s what looks to be cute pink. Great, I love pale pinks, they become a lot of people. Well, it’s not that though, it’s pale off white kind of beige, if anything. Matt, Ugh… Not pretty at all.


In the middle in the diamond in the palette and in the very middle in the swatch there’s a kind of sparkly light gold. I’m used to be tentative, when it comes to shades in these diamonds in Dior eye palettes. They are usually not full body shades, but highlight or sparkle shades. Well, this one is not, luckily. It’s an independent eye shade. It’s not too gold. Not too sparkly. Good one. It will make almost any eyes of any colour shine and beam.


In the bottom left corner in the palette and one but last on the right in the swatch there’s an ink like bright blue shade. Matt. Goes all over the place, even when I try to swatch it, gets even worse, when applied on the lids. Ugh. It’s an eyeliner shade, that can’t be used as an eyeliner because… well, because it goes all over the place. How do you like that in an eyeliner? Pity, because it could look nice, especially on blue eyed beauties.


In the bottom right corner and on the very right in the swatch there’s another grege shade, only darker than the first one. Once again, I love grege, but this I don’t like at all. I’m stunned. But it look blurry and not pure sort of. Not appealing.


Terrible. That’s my impression of this palette. Can someone, please, tell me, by the way, how blue, pink, gold and grege are supposed to go together in one look, because that’s what palettes are for, right? Any ideas? I have none. Next, please.


Dior 5 Coleurs Cosmopolite 866 Eclectic





Well, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one.





Top left corner of the palette and very left in the swatch. Blurry purple. Ugh So unflattering on probably just anyone. This is not the right way to do purple, I’m sorry. Are you sitting down? Believe it or not, but there’s a nail shade to match this eye shade in the collection. But we’ll get to it in due time.


Top right corner of the palette and second on the left in the swatch. Surprisingly enough this pale beige proves to be a winner. It’s so nice and satiny and pretty. Easy. Elegant. And pleasant. I like it. There’s, maybe, just a lingering touch of grey in it in the background, but not too much.


Middle diamond in the palette and the very middle in the swatch, another good shade, although it’s the diamond, and you know how I feel about those shades in diamonds in Dior palettes 🙂 Sparkly light silver. Once again, it’s not too shiny, not over the top sparkly. Ok, I admit, it’s nice. This silver and gold in the other palette are a good way for those who didn’t dare wear those shades before to try them.


Bottom left corner of the palette and one but last on the right in the swatch. Marshy dark green eyeliner shade, which goes all over the place as much as the bright blue eyeliner shade from the other palette does. Not the most complimenting shade out there. Ugh of a shade, actually. And ugh in terms of quality. Shaking my head devastated.


Bottom right corner of the palette and on the very right in the swatch we have a matt ink purple shade. If the other purple is not flattering, then it gets worse with this purple here. It actually can easily look like a black eye. I’m so staying away from it.


I mean, what’s going on with Dior this fall season? Two palettes, ten shades, and most of it is amiss. By the way, how do you like the combination of darker purple, green, silver and beige in one look? They just don’t go together that well.


I’m so tired of getting upset over stuff in this collection 🙂 I’m taking a little break to tell you about a new launch of the season which came together with the collection.


Dior Addict Fluid Shadow. It’s a liquid eyeshadow. Luxury brands have been releasing liquid eyeshadow across the board of late, so, of course, Dior has to do it too. I think, liquid eyeshadow is a good idea to quickly make up and go. Also, it’s more sparing to our delicate eyelids than classical eyeshadow texture.


There are six shades in the range.

025 Magnetic – light silver

275 Cosmic – purple, or else, lilac

545 Phenix – gold

655 Univers – lighter brown

825 Aurora – light pink

875 Burgundy – Bordeaux


I got 275 Cosmic to try it and see, if I want the rest of the shades.  As much as I love liquid eyeshadow formula, there’s a reason, why I like cream eyeshadow formula better, and that is – application can be a real drag in liquid eyeshadow.


Silver packaging.



It’s rather small, actually. When I saw the brush, which looks like Dior Addict lip gloss brush, I was like – o-oh, trouble.



But it’s not. The brush looks kind of the same as Dior Addict, but it’s not as soft, so its shape stays intact. The application is easy, I could even draw arrows with it, and I’m incredibly clumsy this way usually.



There’s a tiny chemical whiff up front and no scent to speak of, really. This eyeshadow has to be distributed on the lid thinly though, or else it can get clumpy.


The shade I got – 275 Cosmic – looks plum in the tube, but it’s actually a beautiful bright vibrant lilac, and I like that :-), but be forewarned, if you’re looking for plum.



The eyeshadow looks kind of shiny in the tube, but once it settles on the lids, it’s more satiny without much glow to it. It stays on and lasts well. If you rub your eye though a couple of times during the day, it will all be gone. So, don’t rub your eyes, when wearing it 🙂


I like this formula enough to get more shades, or maybe, even all of them. This eyeshadow is good. Not the best liquid eyeshadow, but a good one.


Ok, now that I – and you – have had a little bit of a break and of positive emotions, we’re back to Cosmopolite fall 2015 🙂


I have lip colour and nail colour left to tell you about.


Lip colour. Eight shades. It’s a lot!


It’s a fall collection, so you probably can guess, what textures we’ll see here. If in summer we usually get glossy, shiny and transparent stuff, in fall and winter we tend to see creamy and fuller coverage textures. So, it makes sense, that Dior released 4 shades of Dior Fluid Stick and 4 shades of Rouge Dior.


We’ll start with Dior Fluid Stick. This is a good tint product. The brush is easy to use.



The tint has just a little bit of chemical scent once you open it and start applying it, enough to make my stomach kind of churn from time to time, but I’m very sensitive, if you’re not, you won’t feel it. Even I though can get through it and then once it’s on the lips, it’s fine. It feels nice and soothing and comforting on the lips. Velvety. But… I just can’t get past the sensation, that tints are the most chemical lip product I’ve ever come across. I can just feel that more chemical elements have to go into making tints than in other lip colour stuff. It makes me suspicious, not too comfortable. And that is exactly why tints can never be my favourite lip products. If you like tints though, I think Dior is quite good, but YSL is better 🙂


Let’s see the shades.


289 Versatile



…is a mild pink.



It’s like this universal pink, not too bright, not too pale, the one which is classical and that you can wear anywhere.



Nice but boring, I’d say 🙂 By the way, I don’t like this plastic thingie at the end with a fake lipstick tip in it. It doesn’t render the shade truthfully and looks cheap on top of it.


455 Metamorphose



…is coral pink.



The name of the shade is right on the money. There’s almost an even proportion of pink and coral in it, so, it’s hard to say which one it is, exactly.



It will look sometimes coral, sometimes pink throughout the day and night.


499 Avant-garde



…is beige.



Nude shade. Not too light.



There’s something about beiges by Dior in this particular collection, that I don’t appreciate. I think, you could find a much nicer beige out there, if you like nude lip.


784 Chic



…is rosewood.



A purple and pink combo, where purple wins.



It’s Ok, but nothing to be ecstatic about.


Here they are, left to right: 289 Versatile, 455 Metamorphose, 499 Avant-garde, 784 Chic.



Rouge Dior



Classical cream lipstick. Full coverage. Mild makeup like powdery scent. Not too much of a scent, but it’s there and hangs in. Rouge Dior is not my favourite classical creamy lipstick formula, but it’s Ok. On to the shades now.


416 Voyageuse



…is nice and light beige with a golden sheen to it.



It’s a very flattering shade, to my eye, it’s much more flattering than what we’re used to call nude lip.



It’s very much like Rouge Allure 162 Pensive from Chanel Les Automnales fall 2015 collection, you can see this one swatched in my post about Chanel Les Automnales and decide, which you like best. Or, actually, you can easily go in this case – I like this formula better – Chanel or Dior – and just go ahead and get the lipstick 🙂


542 Nouvelle Femme



…is a medium pink that coral said hello to and then left it on its own.



It’s Ok for those who like pinks and have a bunch of them and want to have another one.



753 Continental



…is a medium mauve that you can layer and get to quite purple.



If you like purple lips shades, you might like this one.



956 Unique



…is a very dark vampy purple.



Not for everyone out there. A lot of people will consider it too dark and not like it. And even if one does like it, one should really know how to wear it and what to match it with to make it work.



I prefer dark red shades to dark plum. But if you want to do this vampy dark purple lip look, the key to such makeup, I’d say, is lips are the highlight. The rest should be neutral. Bare paler skin, mascara, no eyeshadow or nude eyeshadow. Then it works.


In the swatch here, please, see left to right: 416 Voyageuse, 542 Nouvelle Femme, 753 Continental, 956 Unique.



These are the lip shades. They are fine, but not inspiring. We’ve seen all of these shades somewhere already. And I’m not quite sure, how most of them are supposed to correspond with eye shades from this collection.


So far there’s not a single product or shade in Cosmopolite, that I truly love, so nail shades from this collection is my last chance. And it’s a good one, because there are five nail polish shades Dior prepared for this fall.


785 Cosmopolite



It’s dusty mauve or dusty purple. Remember that one eye shade? I told you there is a match for it in nail polish territory. Well, here it is.



This shade is not unique. I’ve seen it many times. And every time I do I keep asking myself, why luxury brands keep releasing it.



It just doesn’t look good on most hands. It’s not quite red, not quite purple, not quite pure colour, not quite anything. If you think this purple will look sultry on the nails, it won’t, you’d need a darker shade for this effect.



It’s not a nice shade. And I can’t get it. I really and truly can’t. Something is not right. Maybe, this shade needs more purple in it, more red or something.



As it is, it looks different in the promo, it looks more red, so, when I got it and saw it, I was disappointed, I was like – here we go again with this blurry purple shade. Please, be careful with it.


791 Darling Blue



I missed that one during Vogue Fashion’s Night Out once, and I was hoping this beauty will come back. It’s gorgeous. A bright clear blue, but not too bright. Noble.



I actually think, ‘darling’ in the name is quite misleading. It makes you think about something cute, but this is not what this shade is. It’s elegant and stunning. Sophisticated and beautiful. Not cute.



I’d say, if you’ve never tried blue on your nails, this shade might be too bright to start with.



Start with navy blue, it always goes down easier. But if you’ve tried navy blue already and like it, and you’d like to try something bolder, this shade is perfect to help you make friends with blue manicure.



Darling Blue is actually the first product in the collection that impressed me. It’s great.


701 Metropolis



I thought I could never say that about green nail polish – which I love – but… it’s boring.



So subdued, almost doesn’t look green.



Which makes it perfect for those who didn’t dare try green on their nails before. This is your chance.



There’s something kind of military about this shade in a glamorous way, although it’s not really khaki.



It’s green. Reserved green. Green claiming its place in classical nail shades range almost.


001 Mirror



Silver nail polish.



I like silver nails. And I can’t find my perfect silver nail polish yet. It’s not a matter of shade. It’s a matter of quality. My last try was Intemporel by Chanel. And it’s not bad. I’ve written a post about Chanel Intemporel collection, so you can check it out, if you’re interested. But the streakiness of Intemporel! It’s too much of an issue. So, I was hoping, Dior might be it. The perfect silver.



Well, Mirror is a nice light shiny pearly silver. But the quality is really really bad.



With this shade application is almost an impossible mission to accomplish. The nail polish is too thick, its formula makes it go all around the nail of its own accord. The streakiness and clumpiness and everything else of the kind is amazing and not in a good way.



I mean, I can’t believe they seriously put Dior logo on this. It’s such a disappointment.


982 Black Out



Black. Just black.



This shade was already released last fall as a limited edition shade, so it’s not exciting in any way.



If you like black nails, you can get it. Although there are better nail polish formulae out there.



Here’s my question though – if black nail polish is so popular, why not stick it in the permanent range?



You know how I feel about black nails myself – can do it sometimes, not my favourite though.


That’s all we’ve got for nails this season by Dior and that’s the whole Cosmopolite fall 2015 collection.


Well, now that you’ve seen it all, I have to tell you that this collection to me is yet another one this fall that I don’t like that much. I so wanted to love it. But no.


Thinking about the collection, I can’t help asking myself – why Cosmopolite? Why is Dior fall 2015 makeup collection called that? It would seem to me, that luxury brands should have more than a bunch of shades thrown together and kind of matching. There should be an idea behind it. Some kind of meaning. A concept. Well, I don’t see any here. How come it’s Cosmopolite? Was there a staff creative meeting or something, where it was like – who knows some fancy words? Hey, I’ve got one! Cosmopolite! – Cosmopolite? Why, it sounds nice – cosmopolite. So be it. How do we make the name kind of work? Oh, I know, we’ll call one of nail shades Cosmopolite. Done and done! Moving onto the next issue.


Unless that’s how it happened, I don’t know what to think 🙂


Well, I’ll be waiting for those collections of this fall I haven’t seen and tried yet and hoping, hoping for the better 🙂

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