Two beautiful nail shades by Opi

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I have to tell you, I gave up on Opi nail colour long time ago, because the quality of it was just not good enough for me. But… in their spring/summer 2015 collection they had a shade that actually got me hooked. I’ve been debating with myself for a while, whether I should even try again, given it’s Opi. And, of course, my craving for new and beautiful things, got the better of me. While I was at it, I picked up another shade from this collection for completely different reasons. But we’ll talk about it a little bit later.


First and foremost, let me tell you that Chanel Base and Top Coat that I use now and wasn’t using more than five years ago, when I last used Opi nail polish, makes all the difference in the world. With Chanel Base and Top Coat Opi nail colour works, it does. It dries fast enough, it lasts, it doesn’t streak almost. I’m very happy. My main problem with Opi nail colour was it takes ages to dry and doesn’t last. Well, it does now paired up with Chanel 🙂 Of course, Chanel Base and Top Coat jerks up the cost of your Opi manicure so that it goes right through the roof, but to me it’s definitely worth it. Especially as this base and top coat will get you through many manicures, and not just one.


Anyway, this is the shade by Opi that so utterly got me that it made me go back to the brand I don’t even use. Ready?


Here’s a warning for you. It’s artsy 🙂


Opi NL H76 Pineapples Have Peelings Too!



Generally speaking, puns in Opi nail colour names kind of bug me, but this one is cute, or, maybe, I’m prejudiced too much by the shade to see the obvious. Hopefully, not.



This shade. Man oh man. A beautiful pearly light gold with bigger colourful glitter. Oh. And oh again. If there’s creativity in nail colour world still left, here it is.



It’s special. Interesting. Artsy. Crazy in a good way. And my favourite thing about it is that you get all this beauty in one step pretty much. Without going to a salon. Without using three different shades. Without having to top you manicure with glitter top coat. It’s all there in two coats. Or three, if you want a lot of glitter 🙂



I mean, I can’t in all honesty call this manicure elegant. It’s too artsy for that. But it’s such a great thing to have in a rotation for when you’re fed up with everything else. And you know what, it can be elegant, if you pair it up with a stunning golden or yellow dress or jacket. Magnificent shade. Love it.


The second shade from the same collection by Opi I picked up for totally different reasons.



NL H74 This Color’s Making Waves is a metallic blue shade, or else, turquoise, with both blue and green in it, but blue definitely winning, also there’s a handful of super fine and tiny bronze sparkle in it.



I got it because bright blue manicure is ever so hot this fall season. Given it’s a different blue that’s hot right now – just straight ahead blue without any green in it, not turquoise.



But here’s the thing – maybe, you don’t like just blue. Maybe, you prefer aqua shades or turquoise shades or green shades, for that matter. Then this here is something for you. And for me 🙂



I like that bright but noble blue nail shade, that’s ever so popular this season, like it a lot, but, hey, I’m all for variety, so this shade by Opi I’ll use too, when I’m fed up with that other blue 🙂


Well, what can I say? I guess, I have a new brand in nail colour world to use now, or else, it’s an old brand coming back to me. Equipped with Chanel base and top, I can get hold of the shades by Opi I like and make them actually work. The good thing about those professional nail colour brands like Opi is wide colour range. Much wider than luxury brand nail colour ranges. And some truly artsy shades, like the ones described here in this post.

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