YSL Pretty Metal fall/winter 2015 and new launches swatched

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Can I tell you up front how much pain it is to try to take a good picture of this shiny golden packaging of YSL makeup? I’m going to skip those boxes and go straight to the products. It would be much easier, and you know what those shiny golden boxes look, right? 🙂 Do we have a deal here and can we get to all the makeup YSL has prepared for us this fall? I hope so. Let’s get going.


I’ll first tell you about fall/winter collection proper. Then I’ll move on to three new releases that came together with it.


For starters, we have this eyeshadow palette that is in all the promo photos of this collection out there.


Couture Palette Metal Clash



Very stylish design. I so don’t like this puffy kind of plastic in luxury market boxing, but it’s the second time already, when YSL does such a good job working with it, that they get me. Love it. Very artsy.


I like YSL eyeshadow. It’s soft without being too soft, so that you can use pretty much any of the five shades as both eyeshadow and eyeliner.


As quality is quite good, when it comes to these limited edition eye palettes by YSL, to me the question is always – are the shades good? Having seen the promo photos, I couldn’t wait for this palette to come out. In the promos this palette looks so artsy and YSL like. Bright golden green with lilac. Wow. Are you excited yet? Do you get what I’m saying here?


Well, not so fast. Let’s take a closer look at the shades.



Oh no. Instead of this yellow green and lilac I see here gold and brown in place of yellow green and this muddy purple, which is this fall season trend for sure, but which I dislike so much, because there are ever so few people in the world it actually looks good on.



O-oh. This palette proves to be very far from what I expected it to be. This fall season just doesn’t stop disappointing me. I’m going to be strong though and tell you about each shade, and you decide for yourselves.

IMG_8307 2




In the top left corner of the palette and on the very left in the swatch there’s what I hoped would be this great yellow golden green, but proved to be sparkly darker gold. C’mon, people, not just purple is going to be muddy this fall season? Gold is going to be muddy too? Really? Ugh.


In the top right corner of the palette and second on the left in the swatch there’s this cute – thank God – very light and pearly lilac. It’s nice. I like it. A rare shade. The kind of lilac that can be elegant, and not just girly.


In the small square in the very middle in the palette and in the very middle in the swatch there’s what is generally an eyeliner shade in these YSL palettes – ink purple. Dark and unflattering. I’d say, use it only as an eyeliner, and even then black or brown or plum will work so much better. Personally, I’m skipping this shade altogether. It can look not too nice.


In the bottom left corner and one but last on the right in the swatch there’s this other shade that looks like a great golden green in the swatch and is in reality a very boring brown shade. I mean, it’s Ok, too dark to be used as an eyeshadow, to my mind. Could be used as an eyeliner, but don’t we have enough brown eyeliners in our life? I do 🙂


In the bottom right corner of the palette and on the very right in the swatch there’s, finally, an artsy shade that is more in tune with what YSL usually does in makeup. It’s a pretty bright purple or plum with a lot of purple in it. I like this shade, but don’t layer it too heavily, it’s very bright. Unless this bright and vibrant purple is just what you’re going for 🙂


All in all, this palette is not what I expected it to be. Especially compared to all the photoshopped promo photos. Pity.


For this fall YSL also has three lip gloss shades and three lipstick shades. Here they are.


Gloss Volupte first. Let me remind you, that this lip gloss that was relaunched by YSL a year or so ago, still has this overpowering mango scent to it, which is a signature YSL lip product scent. It’s so strong and lasts so long, that I almost never can wear YSL lip colour. Maybe, you like it. Just remember it’s there.


Also, when this lip gloss was relaunched, it was relaunched with a new bouche a bouche brush. Here it is.





It’s different than most lip gloss brushes. To tell you the truth, to me this brush is no worse or better than any other just spongy tip. But it’s there 🙂


Three shades. All are subcategorized by YSL as golden, I’m not sure I know why :-), as there’s no gold really in any of the shades. Not even in sparkle. In fact, the shades are cold, if anything, not warm. I like the shades this fall season, if it weren’t for the scent…


Gloss Volupte 51 Rose Lurex



Let me start by saying there’s nothing golden about this shade. Done with this subcategory name. On we go. This shade is not pink, although it’s called Rose Lurex 🙂 What’s going on with the names here? In fact, it’s this nude white pearly transparent shade with pink sparkle. At some point I couldn’t understand, what such shades are for. Now I like them. You can find out more about why I like them now from my post called Modern nudes that you can really make your own. What I like best about such shades is that they look different on each and everyone of us, as opposed to making us all look kind of the same.


Next shade. 52 Violet Sequins



Nothing golden here either. But violet in the name of the shade kind of works. The shade is cold violet with violet sparkle. I love this shade. It’s very rare. Most of the times, when luxury brands do lilac in lip gloss or lipstick ranges, they slide right into fuchsia or purple. While this cold lilac shade is so awesome! The key to making it work is not to use it with purple eyeshadow, which for some reason we often feel like doing and naturally go to. Try to pair it up with metallic silver eyeshadow instead or pink eyeshadow, yes, pink 🙂


53 Rose Strass



Nothing golden, as you might have guessed 🙂 It’s purple with pink sparkle. I wouldn’t call it rose or pink. It’s like you take Violet Sequins, which is completely cold, and add some pink to it, but not enough to get away from it being purple. It’s warmer than Violet Sequins, still it’s purple. Or, maybe, some would call it purple pink. I like this shade too. It can be used just like Violet Sequins to give you a little bit different kind of look in nude purple lip territory.


In the swatch here we have left to right: Rose Lurex, Violet Sequins, Rose Strass.



All three shades are awesome. You like nude glossy lips? Try any of these three shades or all of them instead of you usual beige gloss. You’ll be surprised 🙂 These are beautiful shades. And pretty rare too – for some reason they don’t get released much and don’t get included in permanent ranges. I love them all. Good job, YSL. If it were not for the scent, I’d be all over these shades 🙂



That’s that with lip gloss. Next we have three shades of Rouge Volupte Shine. Two things I’d like to say before telling you about the shades. First, beware the mango scent 🙂 If you love it, good. If you’re scent sensitive, remember, Rouge Volupte Shine has as much of this scent as Gloss Volupte, maybe, just a little less.


Second, it’s interesting that YSL decided to do lip gloss and sheer lipstick in this fall/winter collection. You know how in luxury market usually everyone does lip gloss and sheer lipstick in spring and summer and then cream lipstick and tints in fall and winter. So, this fall YSL goes kind of against the flow with their lip colour texture. Personally, I’m all for it, lip gloss and sheer lipstick are my favourite textures 🙂


So, three shades of Rouge Volupte Shine.


34 Rose in Sound



It looks like coral pink, but when swatched, shows much more pink than coral. It’s a warmer pink, but sheer and light. Pretty. Girly. Easy.



Once again, it’s a little bit off the beaten track. They don’t release much of this kind of pink. I like it. It’s a fresh take on our everyday pink. It’s not bright, but conspicuous.



If you like coral, but don’t like pink, this might be the first pink you’ll like 🙂 Try it, it’s worth it.


35 Fuchsia in Grunge



It’s more purple than fuchsia. Or else it’s fuchsia with ever so much more purple in it than pink. Bright vibrant happy purple with a touch of pink.



If you like plum lips, this might be your shade, when you want to go lighter than plum. I love this shade too. It’s modern and chic not in a boring kind of way. Another great one. Very YSL.



This shade might seem bright, but try to shake up your routine with it, it might just get to be one of your favorites 🙂


36 Rouge in Rock



Bright shiny red with a good deal of orange in it without getting to be coral. This is my favourite kind of red. It’s not this dark sultry red, it’s a super bright and lighter kind of red. I love it too!



What’s going on here, huh? YSL decided to let me down on the eyeshadow side and make it up for me on the lip colour side? This red is beautiful and sexy and special and everything I want from red.



Another shade that gets released rarely. Fiery red. Awesome.


Please, see left to right in the swatch: Rose in Sound, Fuchsia in Grunge, Rouge in Rock.



Really really nice.



It almost never happens, but I LOVE ALL SIX LIP SHADES by YSL this fall. All three shades of Gloss Volupte and all three shades of Rouge Volupte Shine. I love them so much I’m going to wear them DESPITE THE MANGO SCENT 🙂 Seriously, they are all worth your consideration.


Ok, YSL, I’m not upset over this eye palette anymore 🙂


That’s all YSL has for this fall. Well, not really…


They have several new launches too that are going to be part of their permanent range.


First, there’s Couture Brow colour. I don’t really use such products much, so I didn’t get it. There are two shades: 1 Brun Dore and 2 Blond Cendre.


This product looks like mascara with a smaller brush, it’s for brow design and shaping.


Then there’s Poudre Compact Radiance



According to YSL, this powder will give us matte finish & blur without additional coverage.



It’s snow white, which makes me apprehensive, because my skin is not pale.



I can’t help thinking – how many people are out there with snow white skin? Well, maybe, YSL did design the kind of powder that’s going to look different once applied.



Speaking about application, I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to apply with this little white spongy thing that comes with it 🙂



Anyway, I swatch it, try it and…



Nope, I can’t use it. I like the feel of the powder, it’s soft and nice, but it’s just too white.



Look, I’ve rubbed it in here, and it’s still white.






This powder to me feels more like a whitening powder release. If your skin is paler or if you want to look paler than you are, then this will work. But if your skin is medium, not too light, then this is not going to look natural on you. I’m puzzled. Why release such product in fall, when a lot of us have a tan? Dior did the same. In their fall collection they released a pretty light highlighter shade. You can see swatches in my post called Dior Cosmopolite fall 2015 swatched.


Anyway, my conclusion is – this powder is not universal. Unless your skin is very pale, you can only use it as a highlighter. To make it universal it would take releasing one more shade that will be darker.


Another new release by YSL from this fall is Couture Kajal. YSL tells us it’s 3-in-1 Khol Eyeliner Eye shadow. Sounds good.


It’s soft, creamy, but not too soft, good texture. YSL says we should hold it sideways, so as to keep it from going blunt, because there’s no way to sharpen it once it does. I remind you, that I’m ever so awkward, when it comes to eyeliner. I can’t say I can easily make a straight line with this, but if you are any better than me, which you probably are, you’ll be able to do it. I’ll keep practicing though, and I think I’ll get there. Also, it struck me, that there’s not much product in this kajal. So, be forewarned 🙂


There are four shades. I have three.



1 Noir Ardent



It is black grey, somehow it’s not bright shiny black. I don’t know why YSL made this choice, I’d just like you to know, that they have 🙂



So, it’s this subdued kind of black. Hm… Even so, classic and artsy black arrows, smoky eyes – it’s all in this product, right here.


2 Bleu Cobalt

When I pulled it out of the box, I was like – have I mixed it all up and gotten two black ones?



I mean, I expected it to be blue. But it turned out the packaging it all the same – black – for all shades, and then only the creamy tip itself is blue, green or whatever it is 🙂


Blue Clobalt is… blue.



Pretty much, it’s what you expect from a blue eyeliner. It’s bright without being too bright. Just bright enough.



All said above applies to this one too – arrows, smoky eye look, it will work especially good, if your eyes are blue. Artsy and cool.


3 Bleu Petrole

Darker blue with some grey in it. It’s the one shade I don’t have. If I get hold of it, I’ll add swatches here.


4 Vert Anglais

English green? I’m intrigued. I love green. I hope it will be amazing green. Emerald green of something. Ugh. Instead it’s this muddy kind of khaki.



I guess, more people can use it, it’s a more mainstream shade, but I’m disappointed. I pictured something stunning, and it’s not like it’s too common, it’s just that I don’t particularly like this khaki. Once again, it looks sort of blurry with something mixed to it, brown, maybe, I don’t know.



I have to admit though, that this shade will match hazel, chocolate brown and green eyes.


Here’s a swatch with left to right: Noir Ardent, Bleu Cobalt, Vert Anglais.



All in all, I like this kajal. It’s better than Guerlain kajal that was released as limited edition in their collection back from two years ago or so. Another look at the shades here:



Well, as much as I was afraid, that this collection will be yet another one of all those big let downs, it proved to be Ok. The same goes for new releases. I’d say it’s fifty fifty. Some products I don’t like, but some products are great. And that’s fine. It almost never happens that I like everything in a collection. My heart goes out for lip gloss and lipstick, and kajals are quite nice. And the eyeshadow palette and powder are a complete miss for me. It might be the other way around for you though, who knows 🙂


P.S. By the way, did you get, why exactly this collection is called Metal Fall? I didn’t 🙂 What’s Metal about it? I have no idea whatsoever.

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