Lancome Ombre Hypnose Stylo 06 Turquoise Infini swatched

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In their summer 2015 collection Lancome released cream eyeshadow in a stick, that is said to be limited edition for summer in some conuntries (say, four shades of these are part of summer collection in US), but as far as I understand, eventually this eyeshadow will be a permanent edition to Lancome makeup range worldwide.


There will be eight shades of this stylo cream eyeshadow – I’m pretty sure these eight shades will make it to your country at some point too 🙂 I’m going to try to guide you through the shades here and give you a rough idea of what the shades actually are (these are not the names of the shades, but my feel for what they are, the numbering is what it will be according to Lancome though):


01 golden beige


02 pink beige


03 grege


04 darker beige or light brown


05 khaki like green


06 Turquoise Infini (official name of the shade by Lancome) peacock blue or turquoise, this is the one I swatched here, so read on, if you’re interested 🙂 )


07 navy blue


08 plum


There we go. All eight shades. Now let’s get to the one I ventured to get to see what this product is actually like.



Once again, it’s 06 Turquoise Infini



It looks very much like Chanel stylo eyeshadow.



There are two big differences I can see and feel right away though.



First of all, Chanel has a blunt tip in their stylo eyeshadow, so that it’s pretty much designed to be used as an eyeshadow. Lancome has a pencil like tip, as if giving us a hint, that it can be used as an eyeliner too.





Second of all, if you’ve tried Chanel, you know it has this cooling effect in its texture, like a mint candy, only for your eyelids, which is ever so pleasant in the summer and not so pleasant at all in any other seasons, unless you live in a place, where it’s hot all year round.





Well, obviously, with any stylo eyeshadow there’s no escape from this idea of using it as an eyeliner, but I have to tell you, this eyeshaow by Lancome is very soft in texture, which is great, when you use it as an eyeshadow, not so great, when you try to use it as an eyeliner. It’s more like smoky eye, eyeshadow thing, even if it’s tip is pencil like 🙂 Also, once this tip goes blunt – and it will – there’s no way to sharpen it. Still, while it’s sharp enough, you can use it as an eyeliner. I tried, and it works.



The shade is peacock blue or darker and elegant turquoise. Some can even call it aqua, although there’s definitely more blue in it than green. When I hear turquoise, I imagine something bright, but I guess, ‘infini’, that is ‘infinite’, in the name of the shade, somehow makes it more sophisticated and subdued 🙂 As a result, it’s more of this interesting blue shade, pretty noble, not too artsy, that not only blue eyed beauties can use. It’s a good shade to have in a permanent range. As an eyeliner almost anyone can use it, if your eyes are brown or hazel or green, this shade will be pretty bold as an eyeshadow, but it will still look good and interesting.



All in all, I think the quality of this stylo eyeshadow is good. The best thing about it is that it’s soft and doesn’t hurt my eyes, when I apply it. Lancome did a really good job, and I like stylo eyeshadow as a form of eyeshadow. It’s a pity, few brands have it. It’s so fast and easy, no brushes, no additional tools, just you and the eyeshadow and your gorgeous look. And you’re ready to go in a minute.


It’s a good release and a good product. I might just get more shades, although for now the range is very neutral, which makes sense, because these are permanent shades. I’d like to see something more exciting, as a limited edition, maybe? I certainly hope so 🙂

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