Two amazing top coats by Opi and then some

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In my post called Two beautiful nail shades by Opi I’ve already told you how I broke up with this brand several years ago and then came back to it. Chanel Base Coat and Top coat made all the difference and solved all the quality issues there were in Opi nail colour for me.


Well, what can I say? Opi has some really good stuff. And when I say that, I mean first and foremost two top coats from their Soft Shades collection. These top coats are awesome, easy and can turn any manicure into a work of art in no time. I mean, I haven’t been this impressed with any art manicure stuff for a while now. Take a look.


NL T68 Make Light of the Situation is a snowy top coat. It’s kind of pearly and kind of sparkly and can turn any nail colour into a whirlwind of going out, clubbing, special kind of thing.



NL T64 Petal soft is a transparent top coat base with small pearly creamy rosy dots and… white flowers. My heart goes out to these flowers so much. I mean, o-o-oh.



Both top coats are so great and will look so different, depending on what colour you use underneath. Here, let me show you.


I’ll start with NL H66 My Gecko Does Tricks – oh, yes, it does – nail polish by Opi from their summer 2015 Hawaii collection. First and foremost, look at this beauty all by itself.



Pearly and shiny lime green. So beautiful.



I know, green manicure is not everyone’s kind of thing, I love it though.



Anyway, on its own this nail polish is a summery tropical kind of shade.



But just look what these two top coats can do to it.


We’ll start with Make Light of the Situation top coat, and My Gecko Does Tricks turns into…



Wow. I mean, wow. Nail colour changes completely.



It’s still green, but it’s darker, not pearly, has all this sparkle on, it’s elegant almost in an artsy way as opposed to that pearly shiny summery thing that the nail colour was without it.



Opi, you got me here totally. This top coat is spectacular.


Now let’s see what Petal Soft top coat can do to the same My Gecko Does Tricks nail colour.



I’m speechless, frozen in awe. This here is so beautiful.



It’s like I’ve been to a salon and sat through a very long art manicure session.



All this is one swing and… and… perfect. And when I think of all the colours I can top with these beautiful flowers… wow.


By the way, I’d say, there’s no need to use transparent top coat on top of Make Light of the Situation, and you absolutely have to top Petal Soft with a transparent shiny coat – better two coats – to make all the beauty stay in place.


Next shade I tried to pair up with the top coats I’m showing you here is 084 Olivia Was Here by Anny.



I’m going to write a separate post about Anny nail polish, so, I won’t spend long here talking about its quality. Let me just say for now that, just as in the case of Opi, Anny works mighty fine with Chanel Base and Top Coat.


Olivia was Here by itself is a bright fiery red.



Not too dark.



Not too orange. Red.




But once it’s topped with Make Light of the Situation… it turns into Christmasy red.



Santa Clause must be somewhere around, when I’m wearing this nail colour paired up with this top coat.



It’s like I blew a bunch of snowflakes on Olivia Was Here red, looked up and saw snow piles and Christmas lights all around me. Stunning.



Let me try Petal Soft now. White and red should go well together. And from Christmas I go straight to… Japan.



There’s something Japanese in this red with white flowery pattern.



Sakura, geisha in a red gown with white flowers… Japan.



So, I’ve tried pearly artsy green, I’ve tried noble and bright red with the two top coats featured in this post, let me finish my test drive with trying something… pastel underneath them.


NL H65 That’s Hula-rious! By Opi



– from the same Hawaii collection summer 2015 as My Gecko Does Tricks –



is an ever so mild and tender bud like green.



It’s the kind of green that romantic beauties like and that even those wear, who don’t like green manicure.



Here I go with my snow globe of a top coat – Make Light of the Situation – and this soft and cute green turns into… a pearly fairy tale.



Seriously, if fairies were painting nails, I’m sure this will be the shade they’d prefer.






Let’s try Petal Soft now. Okaay, I was wrong, if fairies had manicure, they’d top this shade by Opi with Petal Soft.



Just look at these white flowers and pink little dots on this green.



Oh, I know! Fairies would go one day with That’s Hula-rious shade topped with Make Light of the Situation and then next day with That’s Hula-rious topped with Petal Soft. Yes, I’ve got them all figured out.



I mean, you’ve seen it all here, right? I don’t need to tell you what these two top coats are and what they can. It’s like you had a magic wand all of a sudden and could do anything you want to any nail colour in the world. Well, guess what, with these two top coats by Opi you have TWO magic wands.


P.S. I mean, seriously, just picture these white flowers or these snow flakes on black nail colour! Ok, Ok, I rest my case.

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