Estee Lauder Envy lipstick – all three variations swatched

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In recent time Estee Lauder has had this big launch of their Envy colour&care lipstick, followed by launches of Envy Shine and Envy Liquid variations. It’s no surprise, as colour&care products are so trendy now in lip colour world. I decided to compare all three Envy lipstick versions to see, whether I like any of them. And I do have my own personal favourite now. But let’s not jump ahead ourselves here.


Envy liquid – Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Liquis Lip Potion – is the latest edition to Envy range. It’s a liquid lipsgtick. But it has a matt finish, once it’s on your lips.



The thing I have to say up front is that Envy liquid has an overpowering chemical sweet powdery scent, that gets weaker in a little bit, but doesn’t go away completely. I’m very scent sensitive, so, to me this strong scent almost makes this lipstick a no go.



In terms of texture, it’s hard to layer smoothly, you have to have perfect lip condition or perfect lip base to make it work. But you can layer it and kind of fix everything that’s not smooth with the second layer.



I’d say Envy Liquid is Ok, if you prefer matt finish, but like liquid texture, and if you can get over the scent.


I expected the shade I got – 320 Cold Fire – to be red, but it proved to be bright and super vibrant coral. In fact, it’s so bright it won’t look good on everyone.


Oh, an Envy Liquid does feels kind of nice and soothing on the lips. It’s not the best lip colour&care product on the luxury market by a long shot, but it’s Ok.



Moving on to Envy lipstick proper (Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting lipstick), that was the very first in Envy range by Estee Lauder. It’s a classic creamy texture lipstick with care element to it.


It has a shiny creamy finish, as opposed to the matt look finish of Envy Liquid. It does feel comforting on the lips, but once again, it’s not the best lip colour&care thing out there.



It has the same scent as Envy Liquid, but, luckily, this scent is weaker in this formula. I doubt I could wear Envy liquid, this one I could wear.



The shade I got is 340 Envious.



It’s red. Darker vampy red, on the way to being cherry red.



If you like classic red lip, you’ll like the shade.



Finally, there’s sheer Envy formula – Envy Shine (Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Shine Sculpting Shine lipstick).


Let me say up front, that of the three Envy variations, this here to me is the winner by all means.



This lipstick has a magnetic cap, that is drawn to the rest of the pack, once you get it close enough. It’s kind of fun 🙂



Envy Shine has no scent – finally 🙂


The texture is shiny sheer, but you can layer it almost to the point of full coverage with extra shiny finish, if that’s your preference.


It feels kind of creamy and comforting on the lips. Once again, it’s no full on care thing, but there’s something there.



The shade I got is 350 Empowered.



A beautiful red shade, a little bit brighter and more orangey than Envious, which I, personally, like.


Please, see the swatch of all three shades. Left to right here I have:  Envy 340 Envious, Envy Shine 350 Empowered, Envy Liquid 320 Cold Fire.



And closer yet:



There we go. If I had to make a raiting of the three, I’d say: Envy Shine is number one, I’ve already told you why above 🙂 Envy is number two and Envy Liquid is lagging behind and is number three. Envy is an Ok cream lipstick, there’s nothing special about it and not enough care stuff in it. Envy Liquid I couldn’t use due to the scent, and I just think there are better samples of this formula out there. That’s it, the whole Envy trio by Estee Lauder all laid out for you.


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