Roar by Deborah Lippmann fall 2015 swatched

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It’s fall time. And I’m curious to see, what we have in store for us in nail colour territory. I’ve already seen nail polish selections by all big luxury brands for this season. You can learn more about them from my separate posts about fall makeup collections. Now I want to know, what best professional nail lines have to offer this fall. The first I go to – obviously – is Deborah Lippmann. Her fall 2015 collection is called Roar. It’s such an edgy, bold name. Ok, my interest is piqued. Let’s see it.


Traditionally, we have four shades – 3 creams and 1 glitter – in this seasonal collection. Exciting. Deborah Lippmann is so famous for glitter nail shades.


Here we go.


20354 Miss Independent (crème)



Ink purple.



Hear me, it’s not plum, not lavender, not lilac, it’s ink purple.



Dark. Sultry. Nice.



Witchy 🙂 Makes me want to wear it on Halloween, you know 🙂



This shade will be a good alternative to plum and black. If you like any of those shades, try Miss Independent. It will shake up your manicure routine nicely.



All in all, it’s a good, darker, well balanced shade. What I like about it is that it’s elegant in its own way, so, you can even wear it to the office.


20355 Respect (crème)



Of course 🙂 Red brick.



This is the shade. Seriously, red brick is the biggest trend in both nail colour and lip colour this fall. So, it was bound to happen.



This one here is a pretty classic take on red brick. It’s a combination of red and orange in almost even proportion.



The quality of Deborah Lippmann nail colour is always good. It dries, it lasts, it shines and does everything I want it to do. This bright red brick shade was a little bit tough to apply, because of an incredible amount of colour you can get from every single drop of polish, but it’s workable.



I have to tell you, I’m quite happy with this red brick trend. It’s such a classy nail shade, so elegant, and it gets always pushed in the background by all the corals out there. But not this season, obviously 🙂



Try to swap your usual red for red brick this fall. You might come to like it a lot. Who knows, maybe, it’s your shade?


Pay a special attention to this trend, if your hair is red. This shade will look dangerously hot on your lips and nails.


20367 She Wolf (crème)



A lighter shade. See, what Deborah Lippmann is doing here? One bright shade – red brick, one dark shade – ink purple, and this is a light shade. It’s grey with some beige in it. She Wolf is grey on the way to being grege, but it doesn’t quite get there.



Nice and calm. Everyday shade.



Sporty girls will like it.



Are you a fan of nude manicure? Then this here is a pretty exciting twist on your usual beige and such nail palette.



If you like grey manicure, this shade is worth trying too.



The good thing about it is that it will match almost anything, and it’s not beige or white 🙂


20356 Can’t Be Tamed (glitter)



Well, we’ve had bright, dark, light, now we get glitter, of course. This glitter in the bottle looks like a bunch of small golden sparkle, darker gold though. Black kind of gold.



And I have to confess, it looking that scared me. I just don’t like transparent nail shades. I need full coverage on my nails, I just do 🙂 So, on seeing this shade, I was like – oh no, it will be sheer with a handful of golden sparkle here and there.



Well, I should have known better than doubt Deborah Lippmann. This nail shade IS full coverage. In two coats you get an amazing jewellery kind of look on your nails. I’m stunned. And impressed. I’m in awe.



Not only you get this look, the texture of this nail shade on your nails is pretty smooth, not this harsh kind of thing that I happen to hate.



I mean, this golden thing is truly impressive. It’s fall, but this shade makes me think of Christmas. It’s so beautiful. What I also like about it is that it’s not just this boring mass of gold. This shade sparkles with all possible colours, once you are in any lit room. You get green and red and yellow and blue and lilac flashes on your nails. And more. Date, night club, red carpet event, any kind of special occasions – this shade was made for them. And for nail art and… You decide what this shade is for you.



Even though this glitter is so thick in coverage, any glitter makes me want to try it on top of other nonglitter shade. So, that’s what I did here. I topped all three other shades in the collection with Can’t Be Tamed. I have to tell you, the coverage of this glitter is so thick you don’t get too much variety, but you get very subtle difference in colour depending on the shade you use as a base. To me it’s worth it, it might be not worth it though to many people out there.


Here, take a look and see if you like it 🙂


Miss Independent topped with Can’t Be Tamed







Respect topped with Can’t Be Tamed







She Wolf topped with Can’t Be Tamed







See what I’m talking about here? An ever so subtle difference.


Well, while I was at it, among other things, Can’t Be Tamed got ME wanting to do this.







That’s it. Roar by Deborah Lippmann. I’d say, it’s not that these shades are unique, but they are solid, nice and definitely fall like. And Can’t Be Tamed is a dear. Honestly, it’s awesome 🙂 So, I’m quite happy with this collection. I think, it’s a good one.


P.S. And I love those small little things on the bottles with the word ‘new’. Cute 🙂

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