Dior Fix It Backstage Pros corrector swatched

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This new concealer was released around the time Dior makeup collection was released this fall. I have to tell you, my starting point in trying this is not too positive. I’ll explain why.


For starters, I’m no big fan of Dior Skin Flash concealer, that was their big thing before this one. I just don’t think this concealer conceals enough. It’s half sheer, and even when I layer it, it doesn’t give full coverage. I understand the concept of a natural look, still concealer is there to conceal, that’s what its main function is, so I want it to do its job.


My second reason for not being ecstatic about this release up front is that it’s listed under this Dior Pro Backstage line. I’ve said it many times already, and I’ll say it again. The goals of makeup backstage professional and us trying to make up every day and look and feel good are as different as they get. Backstage at a fashion show or at a photo or video shoot lighting is completely different, everything is different from what it is, generally speaking in the rest of the world out there, so, those professional lines and products rarely work well in real life.


Still, I’m always on the lookout for a good concealer, so let’s see what Dior has in store for us.



This concealer, according to Dior, is 2-in-1 – prime&conceal. Hm… Primer and concealer in one little stick of a thing. Sounds good 🙂 , but not too real.



Dior says we can use this concealer for out face, eyes and lips, that is all over. I have the same reaction here – sounds good, but too good to be true.



What I like about this concealer though is that it comes in my favourite creamy stick texture. It’s so much better than all those liquid concealers with a brush. Although I’m a little apprehensive about the texture, because this creamy kind of texture might just be too harsh to use under the eyes to hide black circles.



Well, let’s see.



Tiny Dior logo on the tip showing up once you do your first swipe is cute 🙂





The shade I got is where I usually go with concealers, it’s the shade in the middle, 002 out of three shades available. My feeling is this shade is almost too light to be a medium shade.



It’s beige, obviously, but unfortunately, it’s leaning towards yellow. While I prefer it, when it leans to pink, it’s so much more flattering.



Texturewise this concealer is very soft and nice, maybe, it will actually work under the eyes, although I doubted it at first.


My only concern about this concealer – and it’s a major one – again there’s just not enough coverage capacity. I mean, it’s half transparent. And even if you layer it, you don’t get full coverage.


Ugh, I knew it would come to that. Pity.


I’m asking myself once again – what is the function of concealer? To hide and cover. And why is it half transparent then? I don’t know about you, but I want better coverage. So, Dior Fix It is more of a disappointment to me.


I’d say, it’s quite good, good enough to be my second choice, maybe. I still like YSL Anti-Cerners better though, because it gives full coverage, and that’s what I want from a concealer. So, I’m sticking to my guns – that is, my favourite concealer here – and keeping this new one by Dior in mind as a back up.


P.S. I did a separate post about YSL Anti-Cernes called Correct me if I’m wrong – best corrector out there, so you can read it, if you’re interested.

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