Deborah Lippmann I Know What Boys Like swatched

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Blue manicure is very much a trend this fall. Blue is the colour of the season in manicure world. Suffice it to say, that Dior and Chanel released blue nail polish shades this fall. I’ve already shown you Darling Blue from Comspolite by Dior in my post called Dior Cosmopolite fall 2015 swatched, I’ll show you two jazzy blue nail shades by Chanel from their Blue Rhythm collection early next week. As of now, I’d like to turn to the brand that’s always good quality in nail colour territory, and remind you that Deborah Lippmann has this beautiful blue shade in her range, that’s ever so hot and trendy this fall.


For starters, this nail polish, as pretty much any nail polish by Deborah Lippmann, is really good quality. It’s easy to apply, gets me full coverage in two coats, lasts long, shines, doesn’t damage my nails, to cut a long story short here, it gives me everything I want from nail colour.



Now let’s talk about the blue manicure trend before we get to the shade proper. I like blue nail polish a lot, I like all kind of blue shades – light blue, turquoise, navy blue. What’s special about this particular fall 2015 trend? It’s not the first time we get blue nail polish releases by luxury brands, you know. Well, what special this time around is the shade they went for this season. It happens to be a really good one. Very flattering. Elegant and artsy. Interesting. And easy to try even for those who’ve never tried blue on their nails before.


This shade that is the shade of the season is a medium blue. It’s not too light and flippant, not too dark and sultry. This shade, seriously, will look good almost on anyone. It’s a sophisticated kind of blue. And if you are going to risk blue on your nails at all, it will be really good to start with this one. This blue is elegant with a modern twist to it. It’s sexy without being crude. It’s womanly and bold. And… this particular shade of blue doesn’t come into fashion too often, but it can grow on you and get to be your signature shade or one of your favourites.


Anyway, if you are not ready to try any of the limited editions from seasonal collections, try this shade by Deborah Lippmann 20077 called I Know What Boys Like.



It’s beautiful. Ever so well balanced. Special.



To me personally, it’s not too artsy to wear to work. And it can definitely be worn to a special occasion, if your clothes and makeup are in tune with it.



Can you imagine how great it will look with jeans?



I mean, it’s all here, in this shade. It’s like I’m out in an open sunlit space all of a sudden surrounded by bluebells and other blue flowers mixed with and accentuated by green grass.



This is one of the shades I’ll keep coming back to, that’s for sure.



Oh, and, yes, with this nail shade here I think I DO know what boys like.

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