Make Up For Ever 9 Artist Shadows Palettes fall 2015 swatched

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You know how I’m not too keen on professional makeup, because of how different catwalk and life are, and how we need basically different products than the ones makeup artists want and use. Still, there are exclusions almost to any rule. Here’s one for you. Ok, not one, two 🙂


This fall Make Up For Ever released these two limited editions eyeshadow palettes that I did get and want to talk to you about. You’ll see why.


Let’s go.


Make Up For Ever

Artist – Shadows 1


9 Artist Shadow Palette



Nine shades.



The package design is funky and cool with a signature Make Up For Ever lips logo.



There’s a booklet inside the box to tell us how to use and match the shades. It’s a good and detailed guide for those who like to study such things. I’m pretty adventurous, so I usually dive right into it, start trying and making up and THEN read some of the guidelines 🙂



This number 1 palette is all nude shades.



I did look into the booklet, as I wanted to tell you what’s in there, and found out, that the nine eye shades in the palette are matched up in bunches of three vertically. That’s puzzling to me. I’d prefer to have three matching eyeshadow colours left to right in a palette, but, maybe, it’s another professional artist thing? Maybe, it makes sense to them to have these shades arranged top to bottom? I don’t know.


Anyway, the quality of eyeshadow in the palettes is quite good. Not the best out there, but it’s soft and easy to apply and has a good lasting power. Some shades might be more tough to work with, because there are different textures in the two palettes, but all in all, it’s fine.


As I’ve already said, this number 1 palette is all nudes.

IMG_0485 2


Let’s see the shades, three at a time, the way Make Up For Ever recommends.


The first three.

IMG_0485 3IMG_0489


On the very top we have this pale pearly yellowish beige shade. It’s clearly a base shade. You won’t get much pigment or colour from it. Base. Or corners of the eyes and under the brows highlighting shade.


In the middle there’s this pretty grege. Satin in texture. With an elegant sheen to it. I love it. I think this shade will look great on most of us out there. And will look very different too, depending on each individual eye colour and complexion. Good one. Are youe eyes grey? Then go for it.


And then, finally, there’s a matt black eyeliner shade.

IMG_0485 4


IMG_0489 2


This trio can be used to create smoky eye look or a very natural looking eye makeup. Obviously, if you go heavy on the black shade, you’ll get smoky eyes, if you use the two other shades and then add black one as an eyeliner, you’ll be more on the nude side of things.



Next trio from this palette.

IMG_0485 5IMG_0492


On top we have a base shade again. It’s another version of pale beige, only this one has more yellow in it. The result is the same though. There’s almost no colour there.


In the middle there’s sparkly bronze beige kind of thing. Very pretty. I like it. Try it, if your eyes are green, it will look amazing. These are nudes though, so everyone else can get their fair share of this shade too and look stunning 🙂


On the bottom we get another grege. But it’s very different from the one in the first trio. The one in the first trio has more grey in it and is understated, not too bright. This one is warmer, more beige than grey in it for sure. It’s hotter too. It’s a sexy shade. Will work well with bronze beige. Has some sparkle in it, but not as much as bronze beige. Just a handful.

IMG_0485 6


IMG_0492 2


This trio is a warm sandy kind of thing. Beiges in it are browned. Very elegant and sexy in a not stand out kind of way. Sophisticated and chic. Very nice. A great option for going out make up, especially, if you’re about to wear a golden dress 🙂



The third and the last one trio in this palette.

IMG_0485 7IMG_0501


On top here there’s pale gold instead of just beige. It’s a base shade, so, the fact that it’s pale gold tells you something about the rest of the shades of this trio for sure.


Bronze or light golden brown with a good deal of fine golden sparkle. Very nice. Very appealing.


Full on warm brown with a touch of bronze and some golden sparkle. If you like warm shades in makeup, you’ll love this one. Try smoky eye look with this shade, as opposed to black. It’s something. Wow.

IMG_0485 8




The further we go, the hotter it gets. This is bronze, brown and gold lush trio. Special occasion trio. Are you ready to have all eyes on you? Then this is your choice.

IMG_0501 2


That’s the first palette. Nine shades. I’m not a fan of nude makeup, generally speaking. So, I can’t say I like the first trio very much. But the second and the third are exciting. I think, this palette is worth it. These nine shades give you all the options in the world, if you choose to disregard the trio rules and mix and match of your own accord instead.


The second palette is artsy. Bright. Bold. I like that. I like that a lot.


Make Up For Ever

Artist – Shadows 2


9 Artist Shadow Palette



Nine shades, as you might have guessed 🙂



The design of the box



…and the booklet


…is the same, but the colour scheme is different.


These shades can look too vibrant and artsy to some of you,



but let’s take a closer look at them, before you shrink back.

IMG_0539 8


The first trio. The first row in the palette top to bottom.

IMG_0539 2IMG_0540


Are you scared of this pink yet? 🙂 Well, don’t be, I have an idea to help you make it work.


This first shade on top is a pearly white – or palest pink, that looks white – base shade. Some people might want to use it as an independent shade. Hey, I do it myself sometimes 🙂


In the middle there’s an ever so bright pink. Well, for starters, you don’t have to go very heavy handed on it, so it doesn’t have to be this bright. Second of all, why do you think we have this white pearly base shade in this trio? You can mix it with pink and get a softer and pearlier version that will be what you personally like. Sounds good?


On the bottom we have a very bright violet with very fine sparkle in it. The same principle works here. If this is too much for you to even try, mix it with pearly white. You can get a surprising result.

IMG_0539 3




Call me crazy, but I like these three shades. First of all, it’s something new and fresh and interesting. Out of the common run. Second of all, you can always alternate between pink and violet and not use them both in one look. Or use them as eyeliner as opposed to eyeshadow. Also, it’s a matter of matching it up with clothes. Such bright shades can work surprisingly well with some outfits. Take my word for it. And what if… we mix pink and violet? Hm…

IMG_0540 2


The second trio. Another artsy one 🙂

IMG_0539 4IMG_0545


Here we have on top a very pearly sparkly silvery beige. Another beige shade that I want to try and use separately, maybe.


In the middle we have this very bright blue. It’s not a classical blue eyeshadow shade, it’s leaning to aqua, but doesn’t quite go there. Very pretty. As bright as it looks, this shade is very becoming. Seriously, even if your eyes are hazel, try it as an eyeliner, you won’t believe how good it can look.


On the bottom there’s a deep sultry emerald green with lighter emerald sparkle. A stunning shade. Hard to pull though. It will work as eyeliner on more people. As eyeshadow it’s a try it, and if it’s not working, leave it kind of shade, I’m afraid.

IMG_0539 5

IMG_0546 2



Obviously, the same rule applies to these shades as to the first trio. You can mix bright blue and deep green with the pearly base shade, if you’re tentative and think those two shades can be too much for you. I think, if you use just a little bit of these two and more of base, you can create some beautiful looks, especially, if your eyes are green or blue.

IMG_0545 2


If you’re thinking – no way I’m wearing any of those shades, I’m happy to inform you that the third trio in the palette is a much more conventional colour combination. Take a look.

IMG_0539 6IMG_0555


On top we have here this pale gold. Another marvelous shade that you can always use by itself, not just as a base.


In the middle there’s a classical bronze shade. Soft bronze. Not too orangy. Even though bronze is not my favourite in makeup, this take on it is quite good, I think.


Well, this palette is artsy, after all, because, quite unexpectedly, the last one and the darkest shade in this trio is… dark plum leaning towards ink purple. Before you go – what? – think about this. What if you applied this deep purple shade and topped it with bronze to give it this beautiful glow? Uh-huh. Yes, it can work. Purple can be eyeliner too. And, yes, you can try and do purple smoky eye look. Why not?

IMG_0539 7




If the two other trios are funky and artsy, this one is definitely sexy. All this bronze and deepest darkest purple used in one look will be a steaming hot combination. Add dark manicure – plum or ink purple – and you have a perfect seductress look. Dangerously perfect, I’d say.

IMG_0555 2


As I’ve already said above, this palette is exciting to me, because it’s different. To me it’s creative and the case, where I’m going to try all possible combinations till I find the ones that work for me. I mean, I just can’t be content with using nude shades all the time. I need some variety. And this palette can give it to me.


I think Make Up For Ever has done a great job this fall. Both palettes are great, each in its own way. Both are worth it for me. They are a very good reason to remember, that makeup is actually fun. It’s not just something we automatically do heading out of the house to go and have an important meeting. Makeup can create a whole new world in five minutes, change our mood, give us support and assurance. It’s awesome. And these two palettes here… take the concept of fun makeup to a whole new level.

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