Estee Lauder Kendall Jenner Restless lipstick swatched

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This lipstick is a very limited edition of Pure Color Envy lipstick. It’s online exclusive. So, it’s not going to hit the stores. The shade called Restless is Kendall Jenner’s – American fashion model and TV personality – pick. See, her signature is printed on each lipstick box and on top of each lipstick cap.



So, let’s take a closer look at this exclusive Estee Lauder Envy lipstick edition.


The first thing I’d like to tell you is something I myself didn’t notice up front and was very much confused. If we look closely at the packaging, we’ll see that the full name of this lipstick is – Pure Color Envy Matte Sculpting lipstick. Please, mind the word ‘matte’. We’ll talk about it in detail soon.


For now let me say, that Envy lipstick by Estee Lauder is usually a classic cream lipstick texture with a little shine to it and a sculpting element. Obviously, in this particular edition, something must different, as long as the word ‘matte’ showed up on the box.



The package looks the same as permanent range Pure Color Envy lipstick package – it’s the same shape and the same navy blue colour. But it feels different, it’s not just plastic, it’s velvety. You’ll know it, once you grab it. Also, the cap is magnetic. So, you just need to get it close enough to lipstick for it to be drawn to it.



Well, for starters, there’s this ever so strong kind of sweet scent to this exclusive edition. Overpowering. Seriously, it’s so strong I, personally, couldn’t wear this lipstick for the life of me. So, if you’re scent sensitive, you really have to try it before you buy it.



Let’s talk about application now. There’s a dry harsh feel to this lipstick, it’s not pleasant to apply, not smooth enough.


Next. Pure Color Envy by Estee Lauder is said to have a sculpting element to it. Well, I don’t know about sculpting, but I definitely don’t get any caring or smoothing feel here. In fact, it gets my lips all dry. I’ve never had this issue with permanent range Envy lipstick by Estee Lauder. Weird. Maybe, it’s the whole ‘matte’ thing in it. There’s just something about this formula – this matt version formula – that doesn’t agree with me.


Speaking about ‘matte’, instead of getting this lush vintage Old Hollywood matt kind of look I get here a dried down deserty kind. It feels and looks unpleasant on the lips.


Well, the one thing I’ll give them, they weren’t kidding, when they said ‘matte’, it’s ever much so. No glint or sheen of any kind to it.


I think it’s not to its benefit, unfortunately, because some kind of shine could actually help the shade, in my opinion, and make it more flattering.


Now let’s take a closer look at the shade. It’s called 340 Restless.



It’s stated that it’s poppy and orange mix. I don’t see the poppy side of it. What I see is dead on orange. Not coral. Not red orange. Not brick. Just ORANGE.



Well, I think that coral is actually overused these days as lip color, it’s everywhere, but orange is even worse. Too orange lips so don’t look good on everyone out there. In fact, bright orange lip shade is really hard to pull and make work, it requires a whole big thing built around it – clothes and shoes and all the trimmings and the right kind of attitude too.



And Restless here is non-compromising orange, maybe, it’s due to its matt texture, maybe it’s the shade itself, but it’s ever so-o bright. Not in a good way.



The bottom line of it all, I think Estee Lauder team has done a good job designing this exclusive edition of Pure Color Envy lipstick. But… qualitywise, that is, in terms of application, feel, comfort, and shadewise, it doesn’t work for me. If anything, it works worse than Pure Color Envy lipstick proper. And one can definitely find more appealing shades in their permanent range.


This edition is a disappointment to me. Big time disappointment. So, I just hope that, if you have it or get it, it works better for you 🙂

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