Deborah Lippmann Sexyback lipstick and nail polish swatched

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Are you fed up with hot pinks yet? Well, don’t be. Just when I was thinking I might be – although I love pink lip and nail colour, one of the classics, obviously – I hit these two amazing products by Deborah Lippmann, and I’m ever so impressed and inspired. I love these. Here, let me show you.


Both lipstick and nail polish shade is called Sexyback. You can get the two separately, but at this point of time there’s also this set available, where you get a smaller version of this nail polish (fashion size in Deborah Lippmann terminology) together with the lipstick.



For starters, good job designing this package. Looks awesome. And hot. I don’t know why, but it does.



Sexyback lipstick comes in a typically Deborah Lippmann black velvety tube.



This lipstick has this signature Deborah Lippmann sweet dessert like scent to it that pretty much goes away after a while. So, even if you’re scent sensitive, the chances are, you can wear it.


Sexyback lipstick feels good on the lips. It has this comforting and soothing kind of feel that is definitely present in Deborah Lippmann lip colour formula.


As most of Deborah Lippmann lipstick shades, Sexyback is sheer and shiny.



And it’s this bright, hot happy pink with some purple in it. It’s on the way to being fuchsia, but not quite fuchsia. This shade has a little bit of a vintage feel about it. It’s reminiscent of those lush bright lip makeup times. Beautiful shade. So flattering. Anyone out there can try it. You’d be surprised how well it will work.



It’s one of those rare shades that can get you all optimistic and lively by just being on your lips. One stroke of it can work wonders to the way you feel. It’s a very rare quality in makeup. I mean, makeup does help me feel good and jerks my spirits right up, but this specific shade is one of the few, that has this additional rare quality about it that somehow gives me an extra layer of happiness.



It’s girly and womanly at the same time. Modern and timeless. Vibrant and elegantly subdued. It’s everything.

IMG_0396 2


And, of course, it IS sexy. There’s just something about it 🙂


If you like it double hot, pair up Sexyback lipstick with Sexyback nail polish.



As all nail colour by Deborah Lippmann it’s really good and solid in terms of quality. This nail colour formula is good. It wears, it shines, it’s easily applicable, it’s sparing on the nails.



The shade – Sexyback – is pretty much the same as in lipstick, only it’s not shiny and transparent.



It’s this hot vibrant pink with some purple. Full cream like coverage. Bright. Hot. Seductive. And elegant at the same time. Wow.



I dare say the same here I said about Sexyback lipstick. Almost anyone will love this shade.



And it will make a dangerously good match for this lipstick. The great thing about it is that, wherever you go and whatever you do – office or picnic, disco or opera house, jeans or ball gown, this lip and nail duo will look stunning and easily round up any look you choose to create.



Wow. I mean, wow. These here are two amazing shades. Go, Sexyback!

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