Givenchy Le Rouge a-porter reds: Vermillon Creation and Rouge Atelier swatched

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Givenchy Le Rouge a-porter is supposed to be a sheer version of Givenchy Le Rouge.



It comes in the same leathery package, only the package itself is longer and thinner.



Well, I don’t know about you, for me there’s something really cute and sexy about such thin lipstick packaging. I couldn’t tell you what it is exactly, but it’s definitely there for me. And additional pleasing element. And this design by Givenchy is truly awesome. So, I want to love this lipstick. But will I? Let’s see.


The first thing that strikes me once I try to apply Le Rouge a-porter is an overpowering tropical scent, the same as in Le Rouge. Ugh, I was so hoping they would make it less conspicuous in this version. But no. Well, this scent is almost a deal breaker for me in Le Rouge. It’s too much for me, I can wear it only with difficulty. The good news is in Le Rouge a-porter this scent DOES go away, but you’ll have to wait a lo-o-ong time for that.


Hm. This texture really puzzles me. It’s very sheer even for a sheer lipstick, don’t even hope to get what the shade looks like in a stick, you’ll need like fifty layers to achieve this result. On the other hand, this lipstick is not as shiny as you’d think sheer lipstick would be. It’s like you take a creamy lipstick and make it a little bit less creamy. That’s what it’s like. Not like other sheer lipstick out there at all. I mean, I love sheer lipstick, and I’ve tried all kind of them, this is not what it usually is. It’s not that it’s better or worse, it’s just… different. So, instead of sheer texture just think a lighter creamy texture here, and you’ll be safe.


Givenchy Le Rouge a-porter feels creamy too, it doesn’t feel light on the lips like sheer lipstick texture usually feels. Interesting How’s that possible with such sheer colour? I don’t know. This texture is a weird kind of animal. Prepare to be surprised.


In terms of shades I went for the reds. They look stunning in this thing sleek leathery packaging. Wow.


301 Vermillon Creation



It’s this bright red with, maybe, just a touch of orange in it, that I happen to love.



Vibrant. Hot. My favourite kind of red. Not too dark.



Givenchy always nails this red shade. Love it.


302 Rouge Atelier



Bright sultry red. Sexy. Darker than Vermillon Creation, no orange in it.



This is probably more of a classical rouge shade. Vampy.



If you like red, this shade is all good things. Go for it.


Just look at this. 301 Vermillon Creation is on the left, 302 Rouge Atelier is on the right here.



Up close. So pretty. And so different in terms of texture in its kind.



Givenchy really knows how to make red lipstick. I think these two reds are amazing. Beautiful. If it weren’t for the scent, I’d be all over them)

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