Dior Addict new formula and 4 new nail shades swatched

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Dior has recently relaunched their Dior Addict range and released 4 new nail shades to support this relaunch.


I used to like Dior Addict quite a bit. Sheer lipstick is my favourite lipstick formula of all. I love its shine and its comfortable feel. And Dior Addict used to be one of my top choices, although not my favourite one, so I’m eager to see, whether it could withstand this reedition, and whether it’s still good.


Also, Dior got me all excited about these new four nail shades that came out together with Dior Addict new range, because they promise that these nail shades will have some kind of special luminous look and shine to them. I’m all for it 🙂 Let’s see, what it’s all about.


We’ll start with the lipstick.


What I liked about it before the relaunch was it being shiny, sheer and having this comforting feel to it. Not quite lip care, but something soothing and nice. Oh, also, the colour range was wide.


Has any of this changed? I hope not.


Well, for starters, there are thirty eight shades in the new range. That’s great 🙂 A lot of shades is a good thing. Everyone can find what they like.


Next, the packaging. It used to be silver, right? Typical Dior makeup silver packaging with black lettering. Well, get ready to be surprised. In a good way.


Just look at this new packaging of Dior Addict. It’s not just silver.


It’s holographic and beautiful. It’s… stunning. Amazing. Splendid. Awesome. Spectacular. Brilliant. It rocks. It does. You’ll see.



All these beauty is only on two sides of the packaging though – front and back. The left are right sides are just white. I’m not big fan of this white part of it all. Still…



I’m in awe. You got me here, Dior. This is one of the best packaging designs on the luxury makeup market in permanent ranges I’ve seen in a while. Good job.


The lipstick packaging itself also changed. The cap is a little bit different in terms of where the word ‘Dior’ is positioned, the letters got smaller. And they did something to the tube with the lipstick, so it gets in and out of its cap more smoothly. It’s almost magnetic, but not quite magnetic. I like that.



CD logo showed up on the tip in this Dior Addict reincarnation. We’ve already seen it in new Dior Fix It concealer, so, I have a feeling this is a new design thing by Dior. Well, in Dior Addict this logo disappears almost completely after the first application, still, it’s a pleasant design bonus 🙂



There’s no scent whatsoever to this lipstick. It makes me happy. Better no scent at all than the one that’s too strong or that you don’t like. Wouldn’t you agree?


Dior promises that new Dior Addict has gel formula. We’ll see about that.


What it does have, just like the old formula, is this wet shiny look that most sheer lipstick formulae have. GOOD.


Now the texture. It is different now, it’s gel like, lighter than it used to be. Which means, unfortunately, as you might have guessed already, that it completely lacks this comforting feel the old texture had. On the bright side, the new texture is ever so light, so that you almost don’t feel new Dior Addict on the lips. To me, it’s not a bad thing. I honestly can’t tell you the texture in this relaunched version is better or worse. It’s just different. I’m as happy with it, as I was with the old one.


Of the whole huge range I got two shades. But having tried this new Dior Addict, I’m actually ready to get more 🙂


The first shade 561 Wonderful



is this very light pink.



Shiny, pearly. Really, very very light.



It’s a shiny pink nude. The kind of shade for those who don’t like it, when their lips look made up.



With this shade your lips will just look well groomed and nice. Baby pink.



Some people out there might actually find there’s not enough pink in this pink 🙂 Keep it in mind.

IMG_0906 2IMG_0961 3


The second shade 685 Oversize – love this name! makes me think of travelling – is almost the opposite of Wonderful, although I didn’t mean it that way, when I was getting them 🙂 It just happened.



Oversize is a very bright purple pink.



Purple is the key word here.



Very purple. It’s not even fuchsia. It’s too purple to be that.



I’d say, this shade is like Wonderful in the sense that some people will love it, some people will not, because this kind of purple pink doesn’t look good on everyone.



Here, take a look.

IMG_0951 2IMG_0961 4


Also, here’s what I noticed. While both shades are sheer and shiny in accordance with what Dior Addict is supposed to be, still there’s a big difference in coverage between Wonderful and Oversize. 561 Wonderful is really very sheer, it’s so sheer I went a little bit heavy handed on 685 Oversize trying to get enough colour out. Well, I didn’t need to do that, as it’s thicker in coverage than Wonderful.



Interesting that there’s such variety in coverage in one lipstick range. It probably depends on the shade, so, be careful and look closely before you buy. See Wonderful on the left here, Oversize – on the right.

IMG_0961 2


Ok, that’s that for the lipstick. Nail polish now. Together with Dior Addict relaunch Dior released four new nail shades. Dior promises some new shine and depth to these four shades to support the idea of shine in new Dior Addict. I mean, they say, there’s something different in these shades formula, that there are pearly pigments added to them. Well, they definitely set up high expectations here. Oh, they also say that these four shades will universally match Dior Addict lipstick. All 38 shades?? Really??


The first shade is 552 Smile.



It’s orange.



Medium orange.



Can someone, please, tell me, what’s different about this shade? Does it have any special depth or shine to it compared to other Dior nail shades?



I don’t think so. It’s just orange. That’s all I can say.



If you like coral or orange nail shades that are not too bright, you’ll like it. But there’s nothing special about it whatsoever.



Where’s the pearly pigment? 🙂 I don’t know.



Next on our list is 588 Tribale.



It’s beige.



Medium beige.



Not nude kind of beige. Darker. Rosy beige, I guess, would be the right way to describe it, but not too rosy.



Well, I’m happy to tell you I DO see the difference here. It does look kind of pearly in a new way.



It’s like it’s pearly without actually being pearly, but just having more shine to it than usual.



If you like nudes, you might want to add this one to your collection. It’s not my kind of beige, I like it darker and closer to grege. But it’s interesting thanks to this pearly pigment or whatever it is 🙂



Moving on. 868 Wonderful



Let me just tell you up front that Dior got me all mixed up with this name Wonderful. They used to have a lip shade in Dior Addict range and a nail polish shade called Wonderful, that were both bright pinks. If you had any of those, like me, forget all about it 🙂 While lipstick shade called Wonderful is ever so light pink now…



…this nail polish shade is cherry red with this new kind of pearly look to it.



I like this shade a lot. It’s interesting, quite different.



I can’t say I’ve seen anything of the kind in any luxury brands permanent nail colour range.



It’s a pretty artsy darker kind of red with this shiny pearly bonus. Great. I like it a lot.



This one is a nice one. If you like reds on your nails, take a closer look at this one.



And the last one – 892 Be Dior






Bright purple but darker.



Just like in case of 552 Smile, I don’t see what’s so special about this shade. There’s no pearly shine or pigment to any of these two shades.



Anyway, I’m not quite sure, why Dior wants Be Dior in their range, as they already have 338 Mirage in their permanent range, which is also purple.



Be Dior is darker, but that’s the only way it’s different from Mirage. I think, only huge purple nail colour fans would really want this shade in addition to Mirage.



But it’s up to you to decide. I, personally, prefer lighter lilac nail polish.



In terms of quality, all four shades are typically Dior. Not the best nail colour on the market, but quite good.


Here’s what I don’t understand about these four new nail shades though. Dior stated that they are intended to have the same special shiny effect to them as Dior Addict lipstick new formula. Yet, I see this special pearly pigment kind of look only in two nail shades out of four. How come? Anyway, if you ask me, I only really like cherry red Wonderful here, because it’s special. Not something we’ve seen again and again and again.


All in all, I have to say like new Dior Addict lipstick. Let me remind you that it’s different than the old formula, still it’s good, different good, but good. I’m happy with it, and I’m going to wear it and, probably, get more shades. It’s worth it. I’m very pleased with the fact this good sheer lipstick formula didn’t suffer any damage in this relaunch.


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