Blue Rhythm de Chanel swatched

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Blue eye makeup and blue nail shades are two biggest makeup trends of the fall. In fact, it’s so big Chanel even released a separate collection called Blue Rhythm (notice the word ‘blue’) on top of their Les Automnales fall 2015 collection.


I’ve already talked some about this whole blue eyeshadow and nail polish thing in my post called Fall 2015 make up trends. The thing you need to know about this big blue movement in makeup world this fall is that it’s not cute Barbie blue shade that’s ever so hot now. It’s a deeper brighter blue. Sultry blue. Seductress blue. Smoky eye like blue. The same goes for blue nail polish. Not cute pale blue. No. It’s smoking hot blue. Really dark or really bright, that’s what’s all the fashion now.


Chanel here does the utmost of blue eyes and nails in their Blue Rhythm de Chanel collection. It’s jazzy and sexy. And cool. See for yourselves.


First and foremost we have two eyeshadow quads. One is… blue, as you might have guessed. Limited edition 244 Tisse Jazz tells you the whole story of a seductive blue eye look.



I like the quality of these quads by Chanel. Actually, I’ve come to like them even more after they were relaunched a year or so ago. I think, they got to be even better – soft and easy to apply, nice to the touch and feel, good pigmentation, so that you don’t need to use up half the palette to get some colour on your lids. Not too soft, so that you could define, line and draw to your liking. Just the way I like my eyeshadow.


Back to 244 Tisse Jazz







Here we have two blue shades and two supportive shades aimed at helping create a number of looks.

IMG_1242 2




Blue shades first.

IMG_1242 3IMG_1257


On top we have a pearly light blue. It’s not the colour of the season, but it can add depth to your bright blue eye makeup. Or you could use this shade on its own, if too bright blue is not your thing and you are not going there no matter what the trend is.


And there it is. The colour of the season. Bright and dark. Jazzy and mysterious. Blue stretched to the limit of its sexy ability. Some people would say only bright eyed beauties can wear this. I get that. That’s a classic concept of blue eyeshadow makeup. The world is changing though, and rules do change too. Makeup is no exclusion. Now anyone can try on and wear this bright blue makeup shade on their lids. And guess what, it does work on more people than you think. It can work with hazel eyes and brown eyes and green eyes and grey eyes and any colour eyes. It just depends on how you do it. The key to making it work are all the supportive shades in the palette. Mix and match, and you’ll find your perfect bright blue, that will be exclusively yours and look so good on you, that you’ll want to wear it again and again. Speaking about supportive shades…


There are two in this palette.

IMG_1242 4IMG_1261


Pearly shiny white.


And deep and matt black.


Whatever your attitude might be to bright blue eyeshadow, I’ll tell you what, if you ARE going to try it, now is definitely the time to do it. So, good luck 🙂





If blue smoky eye look is a no go zone for you though, you might want to pay attention to the second part of Blue Rhythm de Chanel collection. In this second part they are offering a classic black smoky eye look. It’s not like it’s something we’ve never seen before, but the quality is good, so, if you haven’t picked up any of those makeup items or shades before, take a look, it’s classy and classic, so it’s something that always works, and that you’ll use more than once and not just this fall.


The second eyeshadow quad is definitely that.

246 Tisse Smoky



You thought you knew what hot is, huh? And you thought you’ve tried all possible smoky eye combinations? Well, see this.



IMG_1281 2




If you like smoky look, this palette will let you go to new heights. It’s so well done. And so easy to apply and use. What’s great about it, is that it’s work-to-night club in a stroke of a brush kind of thing. Layer the shades and dare to imagine looks you’ve never even thought of before. Here they are, the two cult smoky eye shades.

IMG_1281 4IMG_1305


Matt white.


And dead on black.


And as a bonus, you get the whole grey silvery part of the palette here, that can be a great going out and big dress up occasion option used on its own.

IMG_1281 3IMG_1300


Sparkling silver


And silvery grey


Beautiful. Great quad.





Next in this collection we have something I, personally, like a lot. Mono eyeshadow. Two shades, as you might have guessed already. Why do I like mono eyeshadow so much? It’s a winner, when I’m in a hurry. Nothing can beat it. Nothing is as fast and looks as fabulous. Just pick your shade, and your eye makeup is all done in a matter of minutes.


And Chanel mono eyeshadow is something special in terms of quality. Seriously, I’ve tried it all in luxury makeup market, but every time I touch mono eyeshadow by Chanel, I just can’t believe how wonderful this texture is. If you’ve never tried it yet, do try it, you’ll be amazed.


Ok, so, who can guess the first shade? Uh-huh. Blue.


116 Swing













It’s not really navy blue. It’s dangerously dark though and has a handful of sparkle in it. The name ‘Swing’ is clearly a continuation of jazzy and rhythm topic of the collection.

IMG_1191 2

IMG_1218 2


This is the kind of darker blue that makes me want to use it, even though I rarely wear such shades. It’s a good one. If the shade is too overwhelming for you, try it as an eyeliner. It works. You’ll see.

IMG_1191 3IMG_1218


The second eyeshadow is part of the smoky eye half of the collection, obviously.


118 Midnight







The shade is somewhere in between dark charcoal and black.

IMG_1208 3

IMG_1220 2


Midnight is a very becoming name for this shade. Turning into a languid night creature with it is no problem at all. If you like smoky eye makeup, you know what to do. If it’s not your cup of tea, eyeliner it is 🙂

IMG_1208 2IMG_1220


By the way, looking at these two shades of mono eyeshadow, makes me think – of course – that I want to combine the two in one look.



It’s going to be almost too hot, but the world can bear it, I’m sure 🙂



And… believe it or not, we have two more eye shades here. Clearly, eyes are the focus of this collection. Cream eyeshadow texture. You like it? Let’s go then.


I do think, that Chanel does one of the best cream eyeshadow texture on the market, so I’m excited.


Two shades. Two finishes. Two parts of the collection. And guess what? No blue 🙂


The first one is 102 Mysterio.



Classic Chanel luminous eyeshadow texture.



We’ve already seen this one in La Perle collection by Chanel.



Well, it’s back. And it’s still this beautiful light sparkling greyish silver shade. Lovely.

IMG_1356 2


What can I say? Mysterio it is. A awesome shade to have, it can be used in all kind of situations.

IMG_1323IMG_1356 2


The second shade is Luminous matt in texture.

98 Melody



It’s this matt, subdued and nude like beige with an orange touch.



Soft and satiny, no shine or sparkle to it.

IMG_1356 3


If you like nudes, you’ll like it. I mean, however hard you layer this shade, it’s not getting any brighter than this 🙂

IMG_1341IMG_1356 3


A good everyday shade. And a good counterpoint to Mysterio.





I was not kidding, when I said – eyes are the focus here. We have four more products to go, and all are eye products.


Le Volume mascara in 70 Blue Night.



I love Le Volume. It’s so-o good.



Although it’s supposed to give volume, it gives it all to me – length and thickness and volume.



Basically, it’s this dramatic kind of look with eyelashes really standing out. That’s what I like.



The shade is this darker deeper blue with some grey in it.

Копия IMG_1417 3


It’s a very well balanced blue that anyone can wear, even those whose eyes are not blue at all. Blue Night. This name is right on the money.

IMG_1404 2IMG_1417 3


There’s one more thing for our lashes in this collection. An artsier one.



Sparkling Mascara Top Coat – usually we only see it in Christmas collections, and then it’s gold 🙂



This time around it comes in 190.490 Jazzy Blue.



It’s super vibrant turquoise.



Very bright. And very shiny and pearly.

IMG_1417 5


It’s so bright some people won’t go for it. But remember, that you can always use it only on your lashes tips to give your eye makeup an interesting twist.

IMG_1413 2IMG_1417 4


Sparkling Mascara Top Coat is not an everyday kind of thing and not a makeup essential in any way. But it’s one of those products that bring variety to our makeup routine. It’s a fun thing to have.


Please, see how different Blue Night mascara and Jazzy Blue mascara top coat are.



IMG_1417 2


Finally, we have two eyeliners – of course 🙂 in two different textures.


The first one is Stylo Yeux Waterproof in 916 Perle de Lune.



It’s a matching eyeliner for Mysterios cream eyeshadow that originates from the same collection – La Perle.



It’s this sparkly greyish silver shade, not too light, with a touch of grege lingering in the background.



A nice shade to illuminate your eyes, whatever colour they are. A good match for almost any clothes. And a winner paired up with Mysterio eyeshadow.




Копия IMG_1489 2

The texture of this automatic eyeliner by Chanel is soft and good. It’s the easiest eyeliner texture out there. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about, even I can draw lines on my lids with it.

IMG_1472 2IMG_1489 2


The second eyeliner is Ligne Graphique de Chanel in 60 Dream Blue.



It’s a liquid eyeliner.



Not so easy to use and deal with. If you have issues with drawing lines and making them straight, take a pass on this one.



The shade is this deep stunning blue, not navy blue, it’s too bright to be that, but not light blue either.


Копия IMG_1489 3


Once again, it reminds us what kind of blue exactly is so popular this season. And rounds up the eye look from Blue Rhythm de Chanel.

IMG_1482 2IMG_1489 3


Who said though, that’s the whole collection? It’s not.


We still have blue nail shades to see.


There are two. 665 Vibrato



It’s this bright vibrant blue.



Really bright.



Not for everyone, I’d say.



I mean, I like such shades. Some people might find it too blue for their manicure though.



I have to confess, I’m a little bit tired of blue manicure this season. Still, Vibrato is a good one. And Chanel has one of the best nail polish formulae out there for sure.



If navy blue is your only blue manicure shade, this season is the time to go outside your comfort zone.



Vibrato might be too much, but you can go for Darling Blue by Dior (see my post called Dior Cosmopolite fall 2015 swatched for reference) or I Know What Boys Like by Deborah Lippmann (Deborah Lippmann I Know What Boys like swatched post).


If you can’t talk yourself into even trying Vibrato, there’s 681 Fortissimo.



A stunning navy blue shade. Metallic. So, it’s not just flat and dead on navy blue.



It’s dark but not too dark.



Tell you what, I usually naturally go for brighter and artsier nail shades, but this season and in this collection, if I had to pick, I’d go for Fortissimo.



It’s splendid and luminous and understated and shiny and elegant and just everything.



This shade, absolutely seriously, is the most beautiful navy blue nail shade I’ve seen. Ever.



And that tells you something, given how often I change nail colour 🙂



That’s it. Blue Rhythm de Chanel.


Nothing for lips you’ll say? Not really. Well, there’s Plumping Lip Gloss that I’ll show you in a separate post, because it will obviously be permanent.


Also, Le Volume Ultra-Noir de Chanel was released in this collection that’s going to be permanent too, so, I’ll show it in a separate post too. Or, shall we say, I’ll show it together with Plumpling Lip Gloss? Deal?


As for Blue Rhythm de Chanel, I have to tell you, I enjoyed it, although my eyes are not blue. This collection is well put together. Well rounded. Well matched. Interesting. And trendy, given all the blue. It’s a good chance to dip into blue a little, even if it’s not your makeup colour of choice. Why not? Trying something new is always exciting. There’s just something about this Blue Rhythm. Something bold. Something jazzy. Talk about the Great Gatsby epoch. That’s what this collection reminds me of. Makeup of that period, dresses of that period… The Roaring Twenties. Fall 2015 is just as good time to go in full swing with blue rhythm and make this whole blue trend your own in the way only you can visualize and apply.

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