Chanel new Gloss Volume and Le Volume Ultra-Noir swatched

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This plumping lip gloss and ultra black mascara have been released as part of Blue Rhythm de Chanel collection, that I’ve told you about in my post called Blue Rhythm de Chanel swatched.


There’s a reason, why I saved these two products for a separate post. They are going to be permanent in Chanel range, obviously, not limited editions. There’s nothing blue about them, which is mostly the topic of Blue Rhythm de Chanel. Although, there’s the second side to this collection, which is all about smoky eyes, and both these products could fit in well there.


I still have a reason to have these two products together here and all on their own, but I’ll save it for later after you’ve seen both up close and personal. Let’s go.


Le Volume Ultra-Noir de Chanel in 90 Noir Khol



I love Le Volume. In my opinion. it’s one of the best ever. I really like longer fuller lashes, catwalk lashes, and Le Volume can get me all that in a second. Without any additional tools and trimmings.



So, I was excited to see what Le Volume Ultra-Noir would do.


It comes in the same package as Le Volume proper.



As hard as I tried to detect the difference in the brush, I couldn’t really do it. It looks the same as Le Volume brush. Hm. I wonder, what it’s all about then? Can it really be, that the whole new effect is achieved only through this ultra black pigment? Let’s see.



You know what? It works! Big time.



I don’t know how it works, whether it’s due to this black pigment or what, but this mascara is ultra lengthening and thickening and volumizing and everything. It pretty much gives your lashes the dramatic theatrical kind of look that Le Volume does, only even more so. If you like doll like lashes, this is your thing. It’s awesome.

IMG_1622 2


Do you like natural look? And thinking – wow, this is so NOT for me? Bear with me, and I’ll tell you, how this mascara can give you one of your best natural looks ever.

IMG_1617IMG_1622 3


By the way, I’d like to forewarn you. Le Volume Ultra-Noir does a little clinging to eye lashes and minor clumping, but it’s what it takes to achieve the final stunning result, so don’t get thrown off, just use up the brush to the maximum to distribute mascara evenly on the lashes. Trust me, you’ll get there, and it will be worth it, in the end.


The second product I’d like to talk about here is Chanel Gloss Volume Plumping Lipgloss 156.900



I’m no big fan of plumping lip products, generally speaking. My lips are not thin, so it’s not like I need them much. Although, sometimes they get me all hooked, like Lancome Gil Lip maximize from French Ballerine spring 2014 collection. I just love its feel and look and sweet scent, there’s something about it that makes me want to wear it, despite not needing to maximize my lips.


Anyway, back to Chanel.



Their Gloss Volume is transparent, very shiny, comes with a typically Chanel lip gloss spongy applicator. There’s no scent to it.



I’ve applied it, and for several minutes… there was nothing. I was like – so where is the whole plumping thing? You know, how those plumping glosses usually feel, cool and kind of tingling and stuff on the lips.





Well, Chanel does all that. It just somehow doesn’t kick in right away. But once it does, it does it real good.



This plumping lip gloss fulfills its promise and gets your lips plump. Gives them this shiny and rosy kind of look.

IMG_1580 2


And actually Chanel Gloss Volume doesn’t feel harsh on the lips like some of those lip maximizing things out there. It handles its task in a soft kind of way. Great. As much as I’m not even a fan of lip plumping products, this is a good one.

IMG_1726IMG_1580 2


Now, natural look lovers, are you still with me? I hope so. I hope you liked Gloss Volume. But here’s more for you. Having applied both Le Volume Ultra-Noir de Chanel and Chanel Gloss Volume, I realized they are a great match. Paired up, these two make for a beautiful natural look. You know, when your lashes stand out kind of, and your lips shine, and that’s all there is to emphasize and bring out all your natural prettiness. Seriously, if that’s up your alley, you’ll love it.


I can’t say natural look is my favourite choice. I’m somewhere in the middle. Not too made up, but kind of made up and well groomed is my thing. But I’m definitely going to include this mascara and plumping lip gloss in my makeup rotation.

IMG_1622 3IMG_1580 2


I’m going to love wearing these from time to time. Fresh, innocent and coquettish? Or womanly, sophisticated and elegant in a subdued way? You name it. Le Volume Ultra-Noir de Chanel and Chanel Gloss Volume can do it.

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