Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette swatched

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Urban Decay is most famous for their Naked palettes. So, we’re used to thinking nude makeup, when we think Urban Decay. Well, they obviously decided to go the other way 🙂 and released Urban Decay Naked Smoky eyeshadow palette. I wonder, how nude makeup fans feel about this sultry smoky twist?


Anyway, there we have it. Twelve smoking hot shades for a sexy look. Urban Decay eyeshadow is typically professional in texture, soft and easy enough to apply.



Well, for starters. This packaging is amazing. I mean, just look at this smoky design. Just look at it. It’s one of those cases, where I’d buy for the package itself, and it doesn’t happen too often.




The palette itself is all smoky too. Wow. Stunning.



The brush is dual ended, a bigger brush and a smaller brush end, and it’s all about creating cloudy transitions rather than precise lines. Well, that’s definitely in tune with smoky eye concept.

IMG_1676 2


There’s a leaflet inside telling us how to do smoky eyes Urban Decay way.



It’s a good thing for those who need and want to learn and like to know exactly what it’s all about before they even start using the product.



I tend to first jump and the shades and THEN see what the brand is advising 🙂 But that’s just me.



Now, when I look at the shades, I go – hm. Obviously, it’s not all as simple as we thought.



This palette is much more versatile than what first comes to mind, when we think ‘smoky eyes’. It’s not just black and grey. I see potential for bronze and purple smoky eye look here. And some nude shades, a sort of continuation to their whole Naked palette theme. And all kind of textures – matt, satin, pearly. Well, as we all know, multi dimensions are key to smoky eye makeup. My general impression is – interesting. Let’s take an even closer look at it all.





Twelve shades obviously lead me to believe there are four looks presupposed here by Urban Decay.


First, there is this whole bronze thing.

IMG_1669 7

IMG_1762 3


I have to tell you, I like bronze smoky eye look quite a bit. It’s not as rock’n’roll as black or grey smoky eye. It’s softer, more womanly in a way. More sophisticated. Not so on the nose. And it’s a great match for golden cocktail dresses and evening gowns.


It’s a very pearly smoky eye version. Two out of three shades are pearly, in fact.


High is this beautiful pearly rose beige.



I love this shade. I think, rose beige is a very becoming shade. Looks good on almost anyone out there. Very complimenting and easy to make your own.


Dirty Sweet – I love this name!



Talk about rock’n’roll and bad girls J It’s a darker gold. Not this shiny sparkly gold. It’s sexy gold. Glamorous.


Radar is bronze with golden sparkle.



Not pearly. The only one. The most sultry of the three.


I mean, I think, this bronze smoky eye combination is a killer. Hazel eyed and green eyed beauties could benefit from it big time.

IMG_1669 7IMG_1762 3


The second look is all about grey. Not black, grey. Here.

IMG_1669 6

IMG_1762 2


The first shade Armor is gorgeous.



It’s not blue grey. It’s steel grey leaning to purple and beige, but not going there all the way, with silver sparkle. Great shade. Another pretty one, that will look good on all of us.


Slanted is a pearly silvery grey with just a hint of blue about it.



Dagger is a matt dark grey with an aura of blue hovering over it, but not really landing.



OMG. These three grey shades promise beautiful smoky eye look. A little bit more subdued than its black version. Obviously, blue eyed and grey eyed beauties can get all over this look. Makes me think about a grey office dress paired up with this eye makeup. Too hot for work 🙂

IMG_1669 6IMG_1762 2


The third look is classically black smoky eye. But there’s so much more to it than just that. Boy, talk about dimensions.

IMG_1669 5

IMG_1763 3


Black Market – another name I love!



Such a great way to name this iconic matt smoky eye black.


Smolder is this matt dark purple, plum.



Pairing it up with Black market is a great dimensional idea. It’s almost too sexy. Dangerous combination. And it doesn’t end there.


Because there’s also Password which is matt grege, that is grey with a good deal of beige or even light brown in it.



Well, these shades make me think two things. First, it’s a very complex and good way to do smoky eye look. Second, it’s a very professional way to do it, and not everyone can probably pull it. If you can though, it’s a classic. The most sultry and sexy and everything. And yes, you do know, how it affects people around you 🙂

IMG_1669 5IMG_1763 3


Finally, there’s the most nude of smoky eye looks presented in this palette. Urban Decay calls it brown. I think you can make it beige too, if you prefer subtler eye makeup.

IMG_1669 4

IMG_1763 2


Here we have:

Whiskey is this matt brown.



It’s warm with a tingle of bronze in the background and not really too dark.


Combust is surprisingly a very pink and mauve kind of beige.



Hm. If it were up to me, I’d pick a different match for this brown. But once again, it might be good for dimensional aspect.


Thirteen is such a pale matt beige it almost looks off white when swatched.



To me, this fourth look is the most puzzling of the four 🙂 I guess, you could go two ways here. Urban Decay suggests going the rich brown way. These colours though make me want to go the beige way. Romantic smoky eye, huh? Well, why not?

IMG_1669 4IMG_1763 2


Nice palette. I like it. A great thing for anyone who loves smoky eye look and wears it a lot.




I don’t have to tell you, of course, but I obviously want to go beyond the limits here and combine, say, this rich brown with bronze pearly shades, and then the deep purple shade with silvery greys. There’s so much more potential here than the four looks suggested by Urban Decay. Everyone will be able to come up with their own look that they’ll love and uniquely wear and enjoy.

IMG_1669 2



IMG_1669 2IMG_1759


IMG_1669 3



IMG_1669 3IMG_1763


And that’s something I love most about such palettes with a bunch of shades in them. Urban Decay Naked Smoky gives you a chance to decide, what smoky eye makeup is to you.


What is it to me? Personally, I was no big fan of smoky eye look until a certain point of time. My relationship with the whole black eyeshadow world is similar to that with black nail polish. I couldn’t really get it. It looked good to me, when other people wore it, but I couldn’t imagine wearing it myself. And then one day… Chanel came up with their l’Ete Papillon collection for summer 2013. Remember, they had this black Stylo Eyeshadow loaded with silver sparkle called Black Stream? Yes, that one. Once I tried this stylo eyeshadow by Chanel, I loved it. Everything about it – creamy texture, cool feel on the lids and how fast I can make my lids up with it. So, I got all the shades and was trying them out. And once I wore Black Stream, which I did out sheer adventurousness and because I wanted to test the shade, this smoky eye look was universally praised and loved by people around me. Which made me think – maybe, I CAN pull the whole smoky eye thing, after all 🙂 Since that time, I do smoky eyes from time to time, and I’m happy to have yet another look in my collection.

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