Opi Venice collection fall 2015 swatched

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This season Opi prepared fifteen – 15! yay! – shades for us to see, feel, wear and, hopefully, enjoy. Fifteen is a whole lot of shades, so there’s a chance everyone can find something to their liking here.


Before we go through the shades, there are a couple of things I’d like to tell you.


First. Don’t you find Venice is a great name for nail polish collection? I do. I mean, it’s so medieval in a way, romantic, special, decadent, to some extent. Venice is a city of love, of fashion, because it’s in Italy, and of beauty. All that makes for a great atmosphere and message for the collection. I’m very excited on hearing this name.


Now, before I even get to the collection proper, let’s try and predict some of the shades we’re going to see in it, shall we? What did I tell you in my post called fall 2015 make up trends about nail shade, that by the look of luxury brand collections, is a big trend this fall season? Yes. Blue. Well, my prediction is confirmed yet again, as in Venice collection by Opi three shades out of fifteen are shades of blue. I mean, it’s a fifth of the collection, so, that tells you something 🙂


Let’s talk about quality for a minute, while we’re not distracted by all the beauty of the shades. Opi nail colour is good enough professional market quality. It’s not as good as luxury market nail polish, but guess what, I use it with Chanel base and top coat, and then it works just fine. And it’s always nice to dip in professional market, because they have so much more shades there 🙂 They have all the crazy shades, freaky shades, unique shades, out of the common run shades, the shades you love and can’t find in your favourite luxury market brand permanent ranges.


Ok. Ready? Here it is.


Venice by Opi. At the first glance among the fifteen shades I can immediately discern several basic colours. So, how does Opi see Venice? Blue – well, we’ve talked about blue, there’s no escape from it this season. Coral – before you say – oh, no, not again – let me tell you it’s a very special kind of coral, elegant coral, not the coral you imagine the minute you hear it, so bear with me. Then there are several nude shades. Very light. Then we have a couple of purples that are as different as they come. And a couple of reds. And this one pretty complex shade that is special and in its own category. And then black.


One more thing, and then we’re on to the shades, promise. Generally speaking, I like elegant luxury market like makeup shade names. But Opi does a good job of coming up with some fun names that make me smile. I like that 🙂




The blues come first. As I’ve already mentioned, there are three.




NL V37 Venice the Party? is a bright metallic blue or else turquoise. This blue has most green in it of all the three blue shades we’ll see in this collection.



This shade is not for everyone. That’s a fact of life.



It’s vibrant and super blue and shiny, not dark. But if you’re going to try this kind of blue, fall 2015 is the time to do it.



One thing is true – this is stand out kind of manicure, that will look equally funky and sophisticated with jeans and blue cocktail dress. It’s your choice.



Yes, Opi, party colour it is.




NL V33 Gelato on my Mind is creamy baby blue



Again, the name is right on the money here.



This shade is easier to pull. More people can wear it.



It’s light, not pearly at all, not sparkly. It’s a nude shade in the blue manicure world. It’s not aqua. It’s this very tender blue.



Nice and easy and elegant. It will look great with grey clothes and grey smoky eyes.




NL V39 St. Mark’s the Spot is an ever so bright metallic classic blue, not turquoise, blue. Not navy blue. Lighter and brighter.



Of the three blues, this is the closest to navy blue, but it doesn’t quite get there. Instead it remains this bright and darker shiny blue shade.






If navy blue have been your colour of choice in manicure, try this for a change. I think, you’ll appreciate it.



It’s a modern and artsy twist on navy blue manicure, that has almost become a classic.




Moving on. Corals.




NL V27 Worth a Pretty Penne is a metallic coral beige



This shade is balancing just about in between beige and coral. It looks more coral or more beige depending on the light you’re in.



It’s metallic, that is shiny, and sparkly, on top of that.



But luckily for me, not sheer. Full coverage. Two coats are enough.



I’m no big fan of coral nails, but this shade is so elegant and subdued and so well done, I love it. It’s great.




NL V25 A Great Opera-tunity is a light coral shade



It’s cream. That is, no pearl, no sparkle, no extra shine.



It’s a very meek kind of coral. Like coral blush. Not hot. Not too girly. Interesting. Understated.



The corals in Venice collection are truly impressive. These are mature corals. Not beach corals. Wearable corals.



This one here is pastel coral. Nice and pretty.




NL V26 It’s a Piazza Cake is bright spicy coral



I love this one! It’s an elegant coral. Bright but not orange or neon.



Makes me think of spices, of warm coral colour dresses. Sophisticated.



I can’t believe Opi did it, but it’s the second coral out of the three I actually love and want to wear.



It’s a great fall alternative for orange, if that’s what you enjoyed in your manicure in summer, and you just don’t want to let go of it.








NL V35 O Suzi Mio is an ever so dark ink purple



Sultry. Dark. Vampy. Halloween like.



Even if you don’t like purple nail shades, but enjoy darker off black manicure, you might like this one.



No pearl, no sparkle, just this dark mirror shiny shade.



Speaking about Halloween, this here is a great Halloween shade. If you like darker reds, try this for a change. Might be quite a pleasant surprise.




NL V34 Purple Palazzo Pants is cream baby lilac



Funny name 🙂 Good alliteration there with all the ‘p’s’ up front.



It’s like baby blue in lilac world.



You know this shade. It keeps reemerging in nail colour realm. Pastel lilac. No pearl, to sparkle.



Subdued and simple way to go off the beaten track, if you like nude beige and pale pink on your nails.








NL V29 Amore at the Grand Canal is cherry red



It’s not black cherry. It’s red. But it’s super sexy and darker. Amore at the Grand Canal indeed 🙂



Elegant and hot. Womanly and sultry. Office and night club. Strict or playful. Glamorous. Works for any occasion.



A great way to do red. A classic.



I’d say, try it, regardless what your nail colour preferences are.




NL V30 Gimme a Lido Kiss is metallic bright red shade that looks raspberry in certain light



Cute name, isn’t it? This here is in no way a classic red. It’s an artsy red.



For starters, it’s metallic. Pearly. Bright and vibrant. Happy and modern. Interesting.



I like it, when the shade is not that simple. Also, this red gives a sudden raspberry shine depending on the light. In some moments it just looks like metallic raspberry all of a sudden.



Whatever this shade is, it’s not boring. So, you might enjoy it. Take a closer look at it.




Nude shades




NL V31 Be There in a Prosecco is an off white shade, an ever so light beige



It’s a warm beige with just a touch of yellow in it.



Nude manicure shade. Well groomed nails shade. Manicured but not coloured nail shade.



There are a lot of fans out there of all the above.



I’m not ecstatic about nude nails, but I like this shade. Noble. Also, will match just anything, whatever you choose to wear 🙂




NL V28 Tiramisu for Two is very light beige



Another nude manicure shade. Only this one is cool, not warm.



I have the biggest sweet tooth possible. So, the name of the shade appeals to m big time. In fact, I love desserts so much, the name itself makes me like this shade 🙂



It’s a good one.



There’s a little bit more beige here than in Be There in a Prosecco. Still, it holds true, that it will match just anything, you can wear it for days in a row and look stylish and good.




NL V32 I Cannoli Wear Opi is white cream with a blue undertone



Another desserty name. Love this.



It’s easy to describe this shade. It’s white. When I say, it has a blue undertone, I’m just trying to give you a very detailed information and an idea of where it’s leaning.



If you like white manicure, this shade is right up your alley. It’s good coverage and is not streaky, so, by using it, you can avoid the two big catches of white nail colour.



Oh, yes, you know what I’m talking about.




Special shade

NL V 38 Baroque… But Still Shopping! is platinum, in between gold and silver with tiny golden sparkle and bigger golden glitter



Well, for starters, this name is just much so fun.



Next, this shade is a complex shade that is special, some thinking went into creating it. You won’t see it often. So, to me it’s definitely a ‘go get it’ shade.



It will give you posh and dressed up manicure in a matter of minutes. It provides full coverage and glitter at the same time. I love this. It’s in between silver and gold, so, if you like any of these shades, go right at it.



The thing to know about this shade is, as with any shades with glitter in them, you need top coat. Two layers of top coat, in fact, to keep all the beauty in place.





NL V36 My Gondola or Yours? Is black



There’s something hot and sexy about this name. I can’t tell you what, but it’s definitely there.



It’s black. And very shiny. It feels almost gel like in texture. But it will give you full coverage in two coats. You know how I feel about black manicure. It will never be my favourite, but I do wear it now and again.



And nowadays it’s become so much of a classic, that you can just wear it for days in a row, like nude shades, and presume it’s black and matches everything.



Also, black is always good for nail art like manicure, it’s a good counterpart for other colours. And it can be very vampy. Especially, when it’s called My Gondola or Yours 🙂




That’s how Opi sees Venice.





I like these fifteen shades a lot. I think, the blues are great. And, surprisingly, corals. And reds. And that crazy silver and gold with glitter. It’s the kind of collection, where everyone can find something that’s just right. Pastel or bright. Metallic or cream. Glitter or no glitter. Venice is special. This collection by Opi is special too. You can see for yourself, whether Opi’s view and impression of Venice matches you own. This fall is fun with these fifteen nail shades…

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