Estee Lauder Little Black Primer swatched

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Tell you what, I don’t even generally wear lash primers. I want mascara to do the whole job. And I do like my lashes dramatically long and full. I know, I know, it’s ever so idealistic of me to believe that mascara can do it on its own, but a girl can dream, right?


Other than just wanting to skip the primer step and have a do-it-all mascara, I don’t really like much any of the primers I’ve tried. So, I’ve been holding off on Estee Lauder Little Black Primer. Clever name, by the way 🙂 But then, finally, my love for makeup overpowered my primer related suspiciousness. So, here I am, trying it. What gives me hope it will actually be good, is the statement by Estee Lauder, that we can wear Little Black Primer as a mascara base or on its own. I like the ‘on its own part’. It gets me all interested.


Little Black Primer comes in a standard Estee Lauder navy blue package with golden lettering. I read into what it says on the box and see the following: Tint. Amplify. Set.



Oka-a-y. Set, huh? Whatever they mean by it 🙂


The shade is called LBP (Little Black Primer, obviously) 01 Black


The primer package is all Estee Lauder – navy blue tube and golden lettering, just like the box.



Here we go with the first look at the brush. Looks like a mascara brush.



Uh-huh. Like a curling mascara brush.



The shade is black, as promised.



Looser than usual mascara texture.

IMG_0204 2


Now to the effect this product produces. Surprisingly and very unexpectedly, I like it. It leaves lashes soft, doesn’t glue them, doesn’t clump. It does ‘amplify’ them though, that is, makes them stand out more, look fuller and longer, but in a very subtle kind of way.


Hm. I like this much better than Dior primer. You know, the white one. Diorshow Maximizer.


Although the two are completely different.


Dior primer will give you a super intense catwalk look and dramatically long made up lashes.


Little Black Primer by Estee Lauder is a natural look kind of thing. If you don’t like made up lashes look, but want a little bit more length or volume, this is perfect. You don’t even have to top it with mascara. Just add your favourite shade of lip gloss on your lips, and you’re all ready to do.


To add a little bit of drama, use your favourite mascara over it.


This product is so not generally my kind of thing. But it’s so well done, I actually love it. Natural lash look will be part of my rotation now thanks to Estee Lauder.

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