Tom Ford Lip Color Shine Chastity, Quiver and Ravenous swatched

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Sheer lipstick is my favourite lip colour kind period. It gives me all the shine and all the comfortable feel I want on my lips. So, I’m always looking for new great sheer lipstick formulae to use and enjoy.


I’m finally getting to seriously going into Tom Ford makeup trying to understand, whether I like it or not, and if I do, then how much. And I’m starting my ever so close inspection with Lip Color Shine – Tom Ford’s version of sheer lipstick. Let’s see how it plays out.


Black textured packaging with golden letters. Quite nice.



Chocolate brown tube with golden edges.



I love the brown. It’s off the beaten track. Not the usual black and navy blue that have successfully captured luxury makeup market long time ago. The package is thinner than classic cream Tom Ford lipstick package. Be careful though, its corners are quite pointy.


So far so good. The design in nice.


Oh-oh. THIS is not good though. The strongest possible sweet scent.


I don’t know about you, but I can’t use makeup products with too much scent. It bothers me.


It’s not that the scent is unpleasant, it is, it’s just too strong.


But… luckily, it subsides and becomes bearable. Almost goes away once the lipstick settles on the lips. Maybe, it lingers somewhere in the background. Great, I can do that.


Next. Texture. Bits and pieces of lipstick snap off when you apply, I mean, snap off big time, a lot, still you can get smooth enough application out of it.


Now, here’s why bits and pieces snap off. The feel and texture of this lipstick is very different from what I’m used to expect, when I hear sheer lipstick formula. Tom Ford Lip Color Shine doesn’t really feel like sheer lipstick, although it’s very shiny and provides the wet look. But it feels rich, lush and creamy. Buttery almost. Even more so than classic creamy texture. Interesting. I can’t complain, it’s not bad at all, it’s just not too common and something to know before you buy.


Just as I usually start with sheer lipstick, when I try out a new brand, so I start with pink most of the times, when I try out a new lip range. So, here I have three pinks by Tom Ford.


We’ll go from light to bright.


01 Chastity



An ever so light pearly pink. Chastity is a great name for this shade. Nude lip kind of shade.



This shade has already become a classic, but I consider it too light for myself. In fact, it doesn’t universally look good on everyone out there, although somehow the general presumption is it should.

IMG_0255 2


Beware and look closely, whether this shade is really your kind of thing. Probably, fair skinned beauties and blondes have a better chance to pull it.

IMG_0232 2IMG_0255 2


Next. 03 Quiver



Another great name. I love good shade names, helps me to remember them.



Quiver is pink with some beige and mauve in it. Now we’re talking. This pink will look good and different on almost all of us.



A nice, becoming, well rounded pink. Not too bright. Not too pale.

IMG_0255 3


Easy kind of shade. Works everywhere and in any situation.

IMG_0243 2IMG_0255 3


And, finally, 04 Ravenous.



The third name of the shade, and it’s right on the money. This shade is ravenous. Sultry. Sexy.



It’s a bright cool pink. I like this kind of pink. Like it a lot. Such a great way to do it. And when it’s paired up with this wet shiny look, it’s a killer.



And as it’s not red or black cherry, it’s pretty much suitable for any occasion. Even office or wherever else you might want to wear it.

IMG_0255 4


It’s this rare bright shade, that becomes a lot of people and is versatile enough to match different eye colour and hair colour. Do you like bright pink? You do? Then what are you waiting for? 🙂

IMG_0253 2IMG_0255 4


These are the three shades I got.



Here they are side by side. Left to right: 01 Chastity, 03 Quiver, 04 Ravenous.



What I like most about Tom Ford Lip Color Shine is this lush creamy feel on the lips. Seriously, it feels more caring and soothing than a lot of colour and care products out there 🙂 I generally prefer lighter textures in sheer lipstick world, so this one here is an odd man out to me, but not in a bad way. I’ll like it and wear it. And get more shades. And enjoy that it’s different.

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