Anthony Vaccarello for Lancome Hypnose Eye Palettes swatched

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Fashion designer Anthony Vaccarello collaborated with Lancome to create these three limited edition Hypnose Eye Palettes.


Anthony Vaccarello’s clothes design is modern and edgy. So, I wonder what these eye palettes are like.


There are three of them in black boxes with golden lettering. How very not Lancome 🙂



Honestly though, this packaging is ever so cool. Typically designer. The boxes are thicker than usual Hypnose eye palette boxes due to this additional black faux leather case that each palette is enclosed in.


Here, let me show you.



There’s nothing practical about it, it’s done purely for aesthetic and design purposes. Love it.


See this taily thing?

IMG_2740 2


You just tug at it, and the palette slides out a bit, and then you can hold onto it and pull it out fully. It’s black and has golden letters on it too.



I mean, this is awesome. I like this whole effort of going edgy with design here. Making it special.


There are three palettes: ST9 Golden Black, ST10 Blue Mania and ST11 Green Fever.


What do I see right away, looking at these palettes? And even at these palette names alone? But of course. Hazel eyes. Blue eyes. Green eyes.


It’s a good way to do a capsule collection, because with these three palettes you cover pretty much everybody.


So far so good.


Eyeshadow in these palettes is solid Lancome Hypnose quality. Soft without being too soft. Easy to apply with good enough pigmentation.


So, what are these three colour arrangements all about?


Hypnose Palette ST9 Golden Black



Inside the palettes look Lancome like. Five shades in the same arrangement we’re so used to.



Two brushes that are different than the usual though.



One is a brush proper.

IMG_2754 2


The other one is a spongy applicator on one side…

IMG_2754 3


…and a flat shovel like spongy applicator on the other side. Hm-m.

IMG_2754 4


So, ST9 Golden Black.

IMG_2746 2


Darker gold kind of pearly shade. It’s like gold mixed with brown. Decadent gold. Baroque gold

IMG_2746 3IMG_2763 2


Black with super dark brown saying hello somewhere in the background and tiny golden sparkle

IMG_2746 6IMG_2763 3


Brown with a golden sheen to it, not quite pearl and just a handful of golden sparkle

IMG_2746 8IMG_2763 4


A loose bunch of very light golden sparkle

IMG_2746 10IMG_2763 5


Copper like orangey gold with a delicate sheen to it, pearly, but in a very refined way. More satin than pearly, actually.

IMG_2746 11IMG_2763 6


This palette is a very refined way to do gold.



With Christmas about to knock on our door, gold always gets hot. And this gold is not typical. So, I like it. It’s more of an elegant kind of gold. It can help you create stunning going out looks, if you pair it up with nude lip. Looking at this palette I can’t help seeing cocktail dresses, evening gowns, high heels and jewellery.

IMG_2746 2



Next palette.



Hypnose Palette ST10 Blue Mania




Here we have:

IMG_2795 2


A brighter blue. The shade that’s ever so hot this fall. Not dark. Bright and vibrant.

IMG_2795 3IMG_2800 2


Navy blue eyeliner, so dark it’s on the verge of being black, but not quite it.

IMG_2795 5IMG_2800 3


Navy blue with light blue sparkle in it

IMG_2795 7IMG_2800 4


Turquoise. Bright. Doesn’t quite go off into aqua though. It’s still a shade of blue, not green.

IMG_2795 9IMG_2800 5


Matt pale blue base shade. It’s not really white. It’s blue, but ever so delicate.

IMG_2795 10IMG_2800 6


Well, for starters, this is a great palette for blue eyed girls.



Just like the gold palette, it’s not that simple though. This blue is off the beaten track for sure. It’s special. It has a twist on it that makes it sophisticated. Well, and this fall this bright blue is all the fashion, so everyone can try it on. And who knows? This bright blue trend can come back at any point. So, this palette is a good thing to have.

IMG_2795 2



Hypnose Palette ST11 Green Fever







The five shades are:

IMG_2813 2


Pearly golden green. Elegant and classy.

IMG_2813 3IMG_2830 2


Khaki eyeliner shade. Very dark. About to look black, but not really doing it.

IMG_2813 5IMG_2830 3


Khaki with golden pearl. Another sophisticated green shade.

IMG_2813 7IMG_2830 4


A happier and brighter pearly green. Grassy and girly green.

Копия IMG_2813 8IMG_2830 5


Matt white base shade. Just base, there’s nothing more to it. Well, maybe, under the brow highlighter.

IMG_2813 9IMG_2830 6


I love green so-o much. Green fever is a great name for what I feel for green, actually. If green fever exists, I have it.



This here is another womanly and sophisticated palette. Very flattering. Just like with the blue palette, everyone can try on these shades. They’re done and matched in a clever way. Due to all the golden sheen, these shades can be used as a substitute for gold, if you don’t like gold. Eye makeup with this palette can bring out the best in brown, beige and golden outfits. This Green Fever is very chic.

IMG_2813 2



What can I say here? Good job on all three palettes, Anthony Vaccarello and Lancome. These are great. There’s something truly classy about these. This is what luxury market is supposed to be. These palettes are a great interpretation of classic golden, blue and green eye makeup. Design, quality and shades – it’s all worth it. I’m very happy 🙂 Fashion meets makeup here – and it’s definitely a win win.


  1. Suzanne Breban says

    Please can I ask for your help to locate Anthony Vaccarello ST 09 golden black I would dearly like to add this one to my collection and Lancome Customer Services are not being very helpful. Please help if you can with this. Thank you. Sue x


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