Deborah Lippmann I’m Every Woman lipstick and Naked nail polish swatched

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Two nude shades by Deborah Lippmann. I don’t even like nudes that much. Why did I get these? For starters, I do wear nudes from time to time. Just for a change. And also I think both lip colour and nail colour by Deborah Lippmann is great quality. So, I want it all 🙂


As much as I’m not a fan of nude makeup and manicure, I do like this nail polish and lipstick a lot.


Naked nail polish



…is a cool beige, not a warm beige which is ever so common and everywhere wherever I go. GOOD. I like cool beige so much more.



In fact, I think, it’s more becoming. Or let’s say, more people can wear it and look good than warm light beige.



Naked provides this nude, easy, elegant, manicured and well groomed kind of look, which we all want to do from time to time.



I mean, if you’re going to do nude nails look, this is the right way to do it.



And yes, it matches everything, any clothes, any styles, any makeup, so you won’t have to worry about that.



As usual, Deborah Lippmann nail colour performance is awesome. Colour, shine, easy application, strong hold – it’s all there.



Great shade. Great quality.



I’m Every Woman lipstick



…is not too sheer, has this delicate shine to it and a really nice and calm well balanced beige shade. Truly nude. Subtle and pretty and sophisticated. And very becoming. Easy and special at the same time. Because we’ll all look our own selves, when wearing it.



This particular shade somehow doesn’t have Deborah Lippmann signature lip colour desserty scent to it. I don’t know why. Or if it’s there, it’s much weaker than in other shades.



Also, I’m Every Woman is a little thicker in coverage than some of Deborah Lippmann lip colour shades that are generally very sheer.



It feels just as comforting and soft on the lips though, as all Deborah Lippman lip shades do.



Nice texture. And flattering shade.



All in all, Naked and I’m Every Woman is a great combo. Great way to do nudes. Great way to be natural. And easy path to subdued elegance and beauty. There’s something about these shades. Jeans or gown, sandals or high heels, these shades have you all covered. And isn’t that awesome?


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