Halloween manicure and makeup

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Halloween is stepping on our toes. And it got me thinking – on this dress up fun going out night, what manicure and makeup will look best? What shades, textures and looks are the hottest and special enough to go well with the whole spooky concept of this holiday?


We’ll start with the nails, then move onto makeup. Ready?


Well, probably the most obvious choice for Halloween night would be… Anybody? Of course. Black.



What can be darker and more sinister and sexier too than this shade? And even if you’ve never thought of wearing black nail polish before, what night can be more appropriate to give it a try?



As someone who’s never worn black nail polish for a while, but does wear it now occasionally, I have to tell you, it has its benefits. I’ve shown you Givenchy already. Here’s Opi NL V36 My Gondola or Yours?



One of the biggest benefits of black manicure is that it goes with anything you choose to wear. And will be a great addition to any costume or outfit you have on.



Ok, all said above is good, but what if you hate black manicure? Or like it, but don’t dare wear it? It’s just not your thing period? How about this? As an alternative to black on this night you can go for grey. I’d say, darker grey will look especially cool, but it’s your choice, of course 🙂 Here’s Chanel 631 Orage, for example.



And, as long as we’re talking about black manicure here, it’s one of the best base shades for glitter. Because it’s dark and gives you such a stark and beautiful contrast. And how can your nails be more dressed up than when you’re wearing glitter on them?



I mean, fundamentally, Halloween is a carnival night. So why not go full on festive on it?



For example, last Christmas Givenchy released this glitter top coat 23 Folie Scintillante. When paired up with black nail polish, it looks amazing. Like a starry night. Beautiful.



My next obvious pick for Halloween manicure is orange, because pumpkin is one of the first things that come to mind, when we think Halloween. 20083 Lara’s Theme by Deborah Lippmann is very orange.



Orange is a bold shade. So once again, this time of parties and costumes is a good time to try to wear it. Also, if you wear something darker for Halloween, say, black or something, orange manicure will provide a beautiful colourful spot in your look.



And it will look awesome and stylish with coral lip shades, that so many people out there like so much. Oh, and if orange nails are not your cup of tea, you can always go for coral.


Purple. Do you know, that in old old times purple of all colours was considered to be witchy? Seriously. I’m not kidding. Well, witchy is very much Halloween, wouldn’t you agree? You can opt for dark ink purple like NL V35 O Suzi Mio.





Or just darker purple. And as plum is loved by many, darker plum manicure is always a good option. Sultry. Here’s one. 20354 Miss Independent by Deborah Lippmann.





Next. Navy blue.



For starters, blue is the colour of this fall season in manicure world. Almost everyone has done bright blue. I’d say though, that navy blue is more suitable for the occasion. It’s super trendy, it’s darker, it’s elegant. A lot of people wear it and like it. It’s not purple, but it’s kind of witchy too, wouldn’t you agree? This one is pretty – 681 Fortissimo by Chanel.




And as blue eye shadow is another fall 2015 trend, you can always match your navy blue nails to blue eye shadow, especially if your eyes are blue.


Reds. When you hear Halloween, and you’re done thinking ‘oh, pumpkin’, what’s your next association? Horror movies. Dark spirits. Blood. Uh, there it is. Shades of red make total sense on this night. My three top picks in red nail polish world would be… For starters, bright red. Blood red. Obviously. Here’s one. 193 Rouge Bistrot by Lancome.



Blood red is another great shade to ‘dilute’ all the dark colours of a costume or a dress you might be wearing this night.



Then darker reds. Vampy. This word is very suitable for Halloween, by the way. See this one NL V29 Amore at the Grand Canal.



All darker red shades work perfectly for this occasion.



And if you don’t really like darker reds that much, do brick red. Say, 20355 Respect by Deborah Lippmann.



Red brick a very trendy manicure colour this fall.



Finally, black cherry. Here’s one – 443 B Mon Essentiel by Lancome.



This super dark red, most red of all is a classic, and it’s a great way to make any look womanly and dangerous at the same time.



Me being me, of course, Halloween makes me think of all kind of freaky nail shades too. That is, the shades that will stand out big time in ordinary life, but will blend in with the rest of the glamour on Halloween. You know what these shades are for you. Green. Yellow. Whatever. You’ve never tried it? You’d never try it in your life? What about on Halloween? That’s the night of all nights to do it. The two freaky shades I favour are these two by Deborah Lippmann.

20292 Xanadu



Half transparent blue with blue sparkle.

IMG_2670IMG_2634IMG_2677 2


I don’t even know why, but somehow, this is spooky.





And 201291 Weird Science



An ever so bright and shiny lime green



There’s something spooky about this one too.



Finally, although I’m no good at nail art, crackle nail polish manicure is something I can actually manage. It looks so artsy, so great, and if you go for darker shades, it would make your look very special. For Halloween I’d go for black with silver crackle manicure. Manucure Couture Les Fauves 2 Duo Griffe d’Argent.



Now we’re talking. That’s Halloween all right.



So beautiful and so easy to do.



Or black with gold crackle manicure. Manucure Couture Les Fauves 1 Duo Griffe Doree.






Just look at this 🙂



Both silver and gold are glamorous and super luscious.


Well, first of all, just as in case of manicure, I’m sure, there are a lot of makeup shades in this world you haven’t tried. Fuchsia eyeshadow? Yellow eyeshadow? Blue lipstick? Something off the beaten path to the point, where you’d never wear it other than on Halloween. Why not? Colour up the party and your look.

Here are some of my picks.

Make Up For Ever



Artist – Shadows 2



9 Artist Shadow Palette



Dolce&Gabbana Shine Lipstick




185 Light Blue



Dolce&Gabban 104 Summer Hue Eye Color Duo



Blue lipstick and fuchsia eye shadow, huh? 🙂


There are some freaky shades in professional makeup lines. They have wider ranges. In fact, any kind of makeup that’s not what you usually use is good. This is the time to try something new, something you’ve meant to, but have been apprehensive to try to. Well, and if you can’t picture yourself with any of these shades, use bright eyeliners. They can add a zest to your look.


Smoky eyes. I mean, it’s like orange and black and red nail polish, right? What can be more vampy, more witchy, more Halloweenish than smoky eyes? Are you saying – no way? Now way I’m wearing this? Well, let’s remember that smoky eye makeup doesn’t have to be black. You like the idea of doing purple manicure for Halloween? How about adding purple smoky eye to it? It can also be brown and khaki and silver and gold… Think about it. And look at this. Urban Decay Naked Smoky





Arrows. Black arrows, red arrows – yes, I did say ‘red arrows’ – classic or modern, this makeup technique is such a nice thing to wear on Halloween. Oh, yes, you’ll look like all those movie stars. Or those dark and shady night creatures. Both are good, when we’re talking Halloween. Arrows are a great makeup option for those who don’t like to paint themselves brightly. If you add bold arrows to your usual natural look, everyone will notice it. Trust me.  Here are my two favourite ways to do arrows. Professional with cream eyeliner in a jar and an angled brush.



And Lancome Artliner 24H



this black shade is 01. Felt tip brush.



Moving on. Darker shades for both eyes and lips. Black lip gloss? Make Up For Ever has it. Darker shades for both eyes and lips were made for Halloween. Doesn’t have to be black, of course. Can be purple, brownish, grey, blue, whatever. Remember these two products form last year holiday collection by Givenchy? Eye palette and lipstick.




IMG_3001 2IMG_3038


They have Halloween written all over them.





Dark red or dark purple lip. Halloween is around us, when we wear these colours. They are hot. And even if you don’t generally wear these shades, why not try them for Halloween? Maybe, you’ll come to like them so much you’ll keep wearing them after Halloween. Bright or darker lips are a perfect focus point. You can build your whole makeup around them. And look splendid. Seductive. Gorgeous. My favourites here are blood red, darker red and cherry, darker purple and plum. Let’s take a look.


I’ll start with this super freaky shade by Armani that somehow is in their permanent range 🙂 Rouge d’Armani Sheers plum 602.





Two red shades by Givenchy. Blood red. Le Rouge 319 Rouge Intense.



IMG_6479IMG_6457IMG_6484 2


If you don’t like blood red, darker red, plum or purple, what do you do? Red brick. Hot this season. And an easier shade to pull, if you aren’t used to wearing red colour.





Another blood red, but shiny. Rouge Dior Brilliant 999





Two darker plum shades by Armani, that Armani calls pinks for some reason 🙂

Rouge d’Armani Sheers pink 512 that has more purple in it.



IMG_6817IMG_6825 2


And Rouge d’Armani Sheers pink 510 that has more red in it.





Finally, there’s this really dark red by Chanel. Rouge Coco Shine 112 Temeraire





And, finally, what do we do for skin on Halloween? Generally speaking, I’m no big fan of glowy skin. It’s a delicate thing to pull in makeup. There shouldn’t be too much of it. It’s not universally flattering. But those darker costumes we so often wear for Halloween change it all. Glowy ephemeral skin becomes you on this night. It does. Just add some highlighter to your skin makeup.

Can’t stand the glow? When you think of dark creatures, what does their skin usually look like? Right. It’s pale. Almost snow white. You could do that. Go for a lighter shade of base than what you generally use. Especially if your hair and eyes are dark, you won’t believe how beautiful you’ll look. Don’t forget to do red lip with pale skin. You’ll be the queen of this night.


Pretty much, these are the shades and textures and looks I want to do on Halloween. There’s a lot variety here, which is what I love so much. Why not take the opportunity and on this night go outside you usual ground and plane a little bit and do something fun in your manicure and makeup? You have all other nights of the year to look your usual self. You can make your choice – go all the way into the fantastic costume world or add just one super strong touch to your look and be as elegant as ever on Halloween with something wicked just lingering about you hinting at what the holiday is all about.


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