Guerlain Neiges and Merveilles holiday collection 2015 swatched

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Snow and miracles? Sounds mighty fine. I want both. Snow. And miracles. And Christmas. I know, I know, it’s too early. But holiday makeup collections are here already. So, I can anticipate and dream. The first holiday collection of the year I got my hands on is by Guerlain. Let’s see what they’ve got.


Meteorites Flocons Enchantes



You know what, as much as I love Meteorites, this year Guerlain has done so much more than I expected. These aren’t just Meteorites. It’s Christmas ornament – a beautiful globe with golden snowflakes hidden in the lid.



And once you get this lid off… you know how Meteorites consist of small round colourful spheres. Well, these year some of them are shaped like SNOWFLAKES or STARS, whatever you choose to see.



Did you hear that? Snowflakes! Stars! It’s awesome. I mean, they got me already at the magic crystal ball packaging stage, but this… It’s almost too much Christmas to bear. Look, there are snowflakes even on the inside of the box.



Oh, and it has this furry puff with a bow too 🙂



And there’s a mirror in the lid of this thing. As we all know, Meteorites usually don’t have a mirror. It’s just a mirror. No stars in it. They are just a reflection of the whole starry stuff 🙂



The powder has this signature Meteorites violet scent to it. By the look of all these pretty little things it’s made of, it seems it will come off all gold on the skin, but it behaves like all Meteorites do. Just evening out your complexion, not much shade to them.



This product is really something. I love it. Wanna get in Chritsmas mood? Even if you’re taking a pass at Meteorites this year, just go to a store and hold this limited edition beauty in your hand. Christmas mood on beckon and call guaranteed.


Guerlain Meteorites Voyage Enchante Skin Perfecting Powder



Enchanted Voyage. Cool 🙂 So, this seems to be a thing in luxury makeup market. Snow white powder that is supposed to match all complexions and just even out the tone and hide imperfections. YSL released this kind of powder this fall. I’ve already talked about it in my post called YSL Pretty Metal fall/winter 2015 and new launches swatched. Now we get this by Guerlain. Before I say anything else, let me just point out, that if there is the time appropriate for releasing white powder, it’s holiday season 🙂


Well, Guerlain Meteorites Voyage Enchante is white all right. The packaging is decorated with this splendid white enamel pattern.



Guerlain is obviously on the roll in terms of design in this collection.



Oh, and it does have this violent scent to it too. Like the whole Meteorites line. You know what, I’m rather scent sensitive, but I can easily bear this scent. It’s pleasant.


So, white powder.



I don’t really think it DOES match all kind of complexions. Actually, my skin is not snow white, not too fair, not too bronzy either, it’s somewhere in the middle, and I don’t think it suits even me, to tell you the truth. This powder is a good thing to have, if your skin is snow queen white or really fair. Otherwise I don’t see why you’d want it. Just stick with your favourite tone shade 🙂 If your skin is fair enough though, you’re lucky, because this powder is as good as the rest skin tone and powder by Guerlain. They have some of my favourites skin makeup products period in their line.



Guerlain Terracotta 03 Naturel Brunettes



Remember the coral and turquoise sleeves on Terracota from Guerlain summer collection this year? Well, the sleeve is back. And it’s white.



Not just white though, it’s glittery.



Some would say this white sleeve looks cheap, I’m sure. I kind of like it, especially the glittery finish and, of course, it well suits Christmas mood of the collection.


You know how Terracotta shades are divided into Brunettes and Blondes. This one is Brunettes.



It means, it’s darker. Also it’s yellowish. Be careful, if there’s any sallow in your skin. Then this isn’t your shade.

IMG_3180 2IMG_3242


Here’s a deal breaker for me in Terracota though. Super strong tropical scent. I mean, I could never wear it on my face. Never ever. Please, be careful, if you’re scent sensitive and definitely try before you buy.


This snowy glittery sleeve is super wintery though 🙂


Let me say this. This is not the first year I’m asking myself – isn’t summer bronze frenzy enough? Do we really have to get bronzers in holiday collections by Guerlain too? I do understand, that Terracotta line is one of the best selling products by Guerlain. And that there are places on Earth, where it’s hot in winter. And people get tanned. Still, it feels like there are too many bronzers in our lives. I’d prefer seeing something else in holiday collections. But that’s just me.


That’s that for the face. To the lips now.


Rouge G 867 Merveilleux Rose



Snowflakes on the inside of the packaging.



Marvelous Rose? How poetic. Let’s see it. Oh. There are snowflakes on the packaging. SNOWFLAKES. Ok, Guerlain, you got me. This is truly Christmas collection. And really luxurious.



I love Rouge G. Great texture. Satiny creamy lipstick finish. This formula is nice. Has this powdery vintage makeupy mild scent to it.



The shade is this medium and very becoming pink with just a touch of purple in the background. Aspiring to be mauve, but staying over in the pink territory.



There’s something new in Guerlain lip colour world. Intrigued? Matt lip gloss. Doesn’t make sense? It’s either lip gloss or matt? 🙂 Look here



Guerlain Maxi Velvet M72 Fleur de Givre. Frost flower. O-oh.



I don’t like white plastic packaging in luxury makeup world. I just don’t 🙂 Given this package by Guerlain is pearly white. Still don’t like it.



The shade is along the lines of Rouge Merveilleux Rose, but darker. And this pink has even more purple in it. It is matt. Guerlain keeps their promise. Spongy applicator of a brush. Wide and flat.



It’s like if you want to have lipstick effect, but prefer lip gloss texture. And did you notice how the tube is matt too? You’ve got to give them credit for it. For taking all the effort with design. It pays off, I’m sure! The same light makeupy scent here as in Rouge G.


So, Guerlain made this matt lip colour, right? And then it’s like they went – wait a minute, what if some people don’t like matt finish? And they created this thing here. Guerlain Gloss d’Enfer Top Coat 902 Reflets Etoiles.



Star reflection



It’s pretty much a transparent shiny gloss with coloured sparkle. I can detect blue and pink and golden sparkle in it. And then there’s more 🙂



So, if you don’t want matt texture, just top Guerlain Maxi Velvet M72 Fleur de Givre with this top coat. I mean, it’s a pretty thing and universal. Any lip colour can be transformed into this sparkly whirlwind of snowflakes in a second. And it’s very holiday like. So shiny.



And then we traditionally get eye shadow and blush palette that we always see in Guerlain holiday collections.



Palette Ors et Merveilles eyes and blush palette. Gold and Miracles.



Snowflakes on the inside again. And two brushes.



Blush brush.

IMG_3349 3


Eye shadow spongy applicator. Classic eye shadow sponge on one side and pointed one on the other.

IMG_3349 2


The packaging is matt gold. Not shiny gold we’re used to. Love this.



The palette is super compact and small for something that has nine shades in it for eyes and cheeks.



Two levels.


The top level contains five eye shadow colours. Satiny nice texture.

Light brown with golden sheen

IMG_3361 2IMG_3400 2


Dark brown with golden sparkle

IMG_3361 3IMG_3400 3


Light pearly golden shade, almost yellow

IMG_3361 4IMG_3400 4


Loose golden pearl with a bunch of golden sparkle

IMG_3361 5IMG_3400 5


Light matt pink. There’s very little colour to it. You have to work hard and layer big time to have any colour show up. Base like shade.

IMG_3361 6IMG_3400 6


Honestly, looking at these shades, I can’t help thinking – isn’t Guerlain tired of releasing roughly the same eye shadow colours every year in their holiday collections? It’s always brownish and gold. Sometimes there’s brownish purple. Sometimes pink. Still, it’s too similar. I want something different, Guerlain, c’mon!



On the bottom level there are four blush shades. Remember, it’s a face product by Guerlain, so… it smells like violet. And it’s good quality.



The first is my favourite blush shade. This innocent romantic matt super light pink. It actually looks like natural blush on your cheeks. Great shade.

IMG_3363 2IMG_3373 2


Then there’s medium pink with something mauvish about it.

IMG_3363 4IMG_3373 3


Super bright pink. Warm. A very bold blush shade. To me, this is too bright. I’d have to layer it with powder or something. Or I guess, I could mix it with the tender pink and make it work 🙂

IMG_3363 3IMG_3373 4


Medium pink with a bunch of golden pearl and shine to it. A very nice shade. This golden sheen is pretty. Try it. For Christmas 🙂

IMG_3363 5IMG_3373 5


Finally, there’s one shade of nail colour.

La Laque Couleur 903 Nuit Merveilleuse



Miraculous Night



Super vibrant violet. White packaging again. Naughty naughty, Guerlain.



Almost neon. Would be neon, if it weren’t darker.



Very shiny too, almost in a pearly way.



It has a fancy combination of glitter and pearl in it to achieve this kind of finish. Textured almost. Not in terms of how it feels, but how it looks.



The nail polish is good solid quality. Application is easy, it lasts and shines. Doesn’t damage nails.



Looking at the whole collection – Guerlain Neiges & Merveilles – I have some questions, as usual 🙂


How does the violet nail polish fit in? What is it supposed to match? What other shades from this collection?


Also, I think eye shades correspond well. And lip shades correspond well. But do they go well together? Doubtful.


A couple of years ago luxury brands went into pink lip thing for Holiday makeup. Before it was all golden eye shadow and red lip. Well, how does pink lip match brownish golden eye shades, that are still there? Let’s say, it doesn’t match it as well as red. Maybe, it’s time to change eye colour concept for Christmas as well as lip colour?


The design of this collection is gorgeous though. I have to give Guerlain credit. It’s one of the rare cases, when design is so overwhelmingly good, I’d go for it, whatever shades they chose to encase in these beautiful boxes. I just have to have this piece of Christmas. So early in the season too!


As for the shades proper, I like some of them. And I do think they could be better matched. It’s not the most exciting Holiday collection shadewise.


Once again though, Guerlain gives me Christmas here, and isn’t that the main goal of any holiday makeup collection?

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